"Chechil" Beer Snack - The Ultimate Beer & Cheese Pairing

Experience and enjoy our delicious Chechil Beer Snack by pairing it with your favorite Beer. Chechil is a smoked, braided, salty, string-cheese beer snack that is enjoyed by beer drinkers and enthusiasts across the globe. It originated in Armenia and is very popular in places such as Europe, Central Asia, Russia, and many other countries. We are the first and only Chechil manufacturer in the US that deliver fresh batches of Chechil to all of our customers and retailers. Chechil is an All-Natural product that is made with ‘pasta-filata’ type of cheese from pasteurized cow milk. It’s taste is salty, chewy, and with a hint of Hickory Smoked flavor. The cheese strings are tied together in braids, and when un-braided and peeled, there becomes many individual pieces of string-cheese that can be enjoyed with a favorite beer or wine. Each piece weighs 8 oz. and comes in a vacuum sealed pouch for ultimate freshness of up to 3 months.

Chechil Girls


Chechil In Bar

During our visits to Russia, Armenia, and the Central Asian Region, we had the pleasure to enjoy Chechil in all local bars and restaurants. Once we tried it, we could not get enough of it! The problem occurred to us when we arrived back to the US…we could not find this amazing beer snack anywhere! So we traveled to Russia to specifically learn about this cheese. We visited three production plants to learn the process of making Chechil, and also acquired the secret recipe so we can share this delicacy right here in the US. The process of making Chechil differs from any other kind of cheese, this is what makes it so special and unique.

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