They thought it would be too expensive to build a factory here.

Guido would've been here by now if his car hadn't broken down.

I won't even tell Lucius.

The robots never get sick or complain and they can work 24 hours a day.


This suite is three times larger than my condominium.

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He said that it was nine o'clock.


I am so sorry.

I don't want to fight with you.

I write you a long letter because I don't have time to write you a short one.


Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.

She bought him a dog. However, he was allergic to dogs, so they had to give it away.

Kyung kicked Shean in the nuts.

You're a wimp.

Would you like to go to the butterfly house with me?

I feel relaxed with you.

Will you make a list of issues to discuss?

Since it began raining, I ran into the house.

What's-his-name was in church today.

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I thought that he was rich.


"Mercy, not to Siberia!" "No mercy, to Siberia!"

I had been reading for an hour.

However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.

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They're almost done.

I saw a beautiful waterfall there.

The coat is not mine.


He is a man who loves ceremonies.

I have no memory of what happened.

Carolyn has bought a house in Boston.

That woman has a mouth.

I'm not so normal.

She keeps a human skull on her desk.

I'm sorry. It was just a slip of the tongue.

No deaths were reported.

Eat fruits!

Well, what are we going to do?

She isn't used to sitting up late at night.

Rarely have I met such a graceful dancer.

That was pretty cool, I think.

I don't know whether the story is true or not.

Who's upstairs now?

You're making a huge mistake.

I don't think I'm unimaginative.


Molly wasn't allowed to help Derek.

Was my sentence incorrect? Or inelegant? Or both? Or neither one nor the other?

You can cry if you want.

A lot still remains to be done.

You really seem to like beer.


I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Butler doesn't have a house to live in.

The next act is worth sticking around for.

I am in Russia.

He got over the difficulties.

Can I write it like that?

Super Mario Bros. was released thirty years ago.


When did you first notice that your wallet was missing?

It's just a stalking horse for raising taxes.

I've got a party tonight.

She is gaining weight.

It will clear up in the afternoon.

Humans may have co-evolved with cats and dogs, and they may identify with either.

Amedeo doesn't know who Marek thought was going to win the race.

Thanks for your help, Graeme.

His statement was based on fact.

Will you lend me your bicycle for an hour?

Tell me the story.


He took his time doing his homework.

I have to do my laundry today.

That is not safe.


Let's ditch him.

The police have arrested Pandora.

The evidence is reliable.

I was more angry than sad.

One of Neptune's moons, Triton, orbits the planet in a direction opposite to Neptune's other moons.

My wife is so happy!

Every "why" has its "because".

Have you already eaten at home?

Mr Wood came to the door and spoke to Tony's mother.


You're better than they are.

Take whichever flower you like.

She was the last to cross the finishing line.

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

I was sitting next to him.

I really wanted to go to Beverly's concert, but it was sold out.

Carsten says that the three of you are his brothers.

Suyog pinned a white corsage on Ann's dress.

He promised he would tell us.

Right now, all I want to do is get something to eat.

A household is a group that shares the same living space and finances.

What rotten luck!

No wonder nobody likes you.

Mike and Ken are friends.

Suresh's goal is to become famous.

You ought to help her.

I don't think that's going to happen.

When you are constantly told no smoking, no smoking like that, you start thinking, maybe smoking really is a threat to public morals or something.

The universe was born more than 12 billion years ago.

It made me feel close to him.

I may grow old, but I refuse to grow up.

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There are no problems to report.


Helen seems conceited.

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This isn't what it looks like.

His words are meaningless.

Hurry up, the train only stops here for a short while.

I can't imagine my life without him.

You're always wrong.

Nicolette must be lonely.

What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?

I worked hard to get into my preferred school.

I want to be young again.

Are you allowed to fish here?

He hurt his left hand with a knife.

I'm raking in the cash.

I'm getting hot

Reading the letter that he sends me every month is quite funny.

The doctors say it was a miracle that Bruno made it through the night.

Don't let Cynthia leave.

Phillip isn't as old as you think he is.

The news paralyzed him.

She sells books.

That occurred to him at once.

Is it true? Paul kissed Lily on the lips?

Who are you and where do you come from?

Reading classics is not easy.

I finished the wine and set down the glass.

The Death Valley National Park is known for its dark skies.

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We got an offer.

Have you met anyone else?

Can I copy your notes?

I would like to live in Iceland.

This store's hamburgers taste better than that one's.

Are you going to vote for me?

What do you think I told her?

I'm sure I know him from somewhere.

The living room is a tip.

Could I ask you a question?

Feel free to disagree, Jeffery.


Would you mind telling where you got this?


Kitty's alibi has been corroborated.

Why did you interfere in an affair that did not concern you at all?

On my fourteenth birthday, I ate ice cream cake.

But Bill interrupted the story saying: "Banana".

I couldn't think of a better place to have a picnic.


Where did you sew them?

My brother takes a new book out of the library every day.

People must love one another.

Those children are waiting for their mother.

The more I try to forget about my ex-boyfriend, the more I think about him.


All schoolchildren are half price during Christmas break.

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Everyone ought to be the master of his own destiny.

Has he gotten married before?

I've already tried it.

Kristin could barely sit up.

His misfortune gained him sympathy.

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I saw him talking on the phone.

You will never get far without the co-operation, confidence and comradeship of other men and women.

Only those who believe in the future believe in the present.

Children usually look up to great athletes.

I was thinking of her.

Help me help you.

It's not all that bad.

He has a knowledge of English.

Everybody was staring at him.

I love his daughter.

Fred begged his father to buy him a new bicycle.

Mother put a bandage on Jim's cut.

I'm afraid of owls.

I can't to do with her any more.

The loss of their mother affected them greatly.

I worked with Laurence.

Samuel's business is doing very well.

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Isidore walked with his shoulder into the wind.

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Anton fixes things.

Where did you find it? Somewhere in the forest. I couldn't say precisely.

When they were in Leicester it was obvious that they had a very warm relationship.