We will have much fun.

That was smart.

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We had a little water.

Employing him would amount to employing nobody.

A large army and navy would be needed.

Pratap isn't ready yet.

I can tell you how to avoid the mistakes I made.

The Tigers lost the match, to our great surprise.

We played rock, paper, scissors to decide who would do the dishes.

I am afraid.

She has a large bosom.

That red dress suited her.

Cynthia dimmed the lights.

I can't dispense with watching television.

The German Flocken Elektrowagen, invented in 1888, is considered to be the world's first electric car.

Oneself decides whether it is important.

Rahul never was neat.

President Wilson accepted Germany's apology.

He has increased his proficiency in English greatly.

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I quite agree to your proposal.

I'd love to help.

It's way too heavy.

There's a lot of traffic here in the mornings.

I'm not tempting them.

This work doesn't pay.

What do you think is the right thing to do?

The length of one side of a triangle is always less than the sum of the lengths of the other two.

Don't show your cards.

The idea isn't new.

Police arrested one man.

He is no longer in business.

How can we dispel their doubts and fears?

It must be there.

The nearest gas station is only one hundred kilometers to the north.


First the immigrants, next you. Our solidarity - is the answer to social cannibalism.

We played cards to kill time.

Don't talk about it.

On behalf of the company, I welcome you.

I'm considering all possibilities.

Siegurd knew what Klaus was planning to buy for John.

Is there any reason for that?

I can't buy you the bike.

Tad lives here.

She is curt.

This chair is uncomfortable.

You told me to give it to Conrad.

Do you see the crown?

Les doesn't have to worry anymore.

With our lesson plan you can learn at your own pace.

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We've got to get help.

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You're not safe.

She has enough willpower.

Monica floated downstream on a raft.

Smile and nod was all she could do.

I wish I hadn't hit you.

It was apparent that he did not understand what I had said.

Please wait till five, when he'll be back.

Which house do they live in?

Teachers should deal fairly with their pupils.

Large amounts of timber are used in paper making.

Let's make it short.

My company is a success.

What's on your plate?

Dave can never get my name right.

You can't keep secrets from me!


Maria realized that Brender wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

This dictionary puts a special emphasis on usage.

Last night I did not feel like going out and I stayed home watching a movie.


This puppet is my only friend.


We've got a bigger problem.

Business recovery, which looks just around the corner, will be rapid and strong.

The boss picked me to do the job.

Roxanne opened the doors.

I wonder if he'll come tomorrow.

Bill is still a legendary figure in this company.

Emily is leaving Paris this morning.

In a time-bound society time is seen as linear- in other words as a straight line extending from the past, through the present, to the future.

Don't be alarmed. He's not hurt badly.


Do you know what this word's equivalent is?

She's interested in fashion.

I want you to be my coach.

I really liked your story.

There is an urgent need for water.

Sedat stood at the bar having a drink.

Take advantage of this opportunity to see Versailles.


When she was thirteen, she ran away from home.


I have no reason to lie to him.

Siping sacrificed his life for us.

Things are going too fast.

The house was in sight.

"Could you pass me the sugar?" "Here you go."

The treeline in the German alps lies at an elevation of about 1800 meters.

It makes no sense whatsoever.

I'm on the interstate.

I'm sorry!

There's a two-drink minimum.

May I give you some advice?


The colony declared independence.

She is a gifted artist.

Why didn't you try calling them?

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Men's suits are on sale this week at that department store.

Tanya is so stressed at the moment, he can't think straight.

Things never turn out the way you thought they would.

She's an African American.

I am not older than he is.

Janice isn't a religious person.

Did they approve your project?

I left my coat at home on purpose.

When he came to, he was lying in the park.

Hey, can I talk to you two outside for a moment?

Are you planning to help him?

I was being selfish.

Paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


Louise jabbed Nate in the ribs.

My phone battery runs out quickly.

I think Jared has been here already.

She made many mistakes in typing the report.

There are no books under the desk.

I also contacted the police.

Will Carsten die?

I think we can make it to Boston in about three hours.

She can speak English pretty well.

Pierce may be studying French.

Would you like me to do something about it?

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We chose John to be captain.

I didn't think that you could do that.

It was a rumor.

Why is Susan going to the picnic with Dorian?

You're not taking this seriously.


Your efforts will bear fruit someday.

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She's really vain about her look.

All but Earle were present.

That had never happened to me before.

Let me know in case you feel sick.

I'm from Kashgar.

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So many who see how the world is drifting away and so few who put their hands out to stop it!

Hugh drove a van.

We had a friendly talk with the gentleman.

They have done away with uniforms at that school.

We already bought stamps on Monday.

Nowadays anybody can get books.

That's the whole problem.

I think it's time for me to consider going on a diet.

We'll never do that.

We had a good time in the open air.

Come on in. The water's nice.

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You'll feel better after you eat something.

Some cuttlefish have shells.

I'm nothing without you.

What she bought there was a camera.

They both turned and looked at Johann.

They cannot fail to reach an agreement.

I hope you will be pleased with this present.

Everybody loves her.

Generally the Americans are a kind people.

Why don't you leave Rajarshi alone?

The Jacksons are coming.


Summer has arrived at last.

Again and again there are challenges in our life. Some call them problems, others call them growth opportunities.

She always writes to her mother every week.


Mr. Tanaka, our homeroom teacher, got married.

What made you suspicious?

He wasn't happy in spite of all his wealth.


You may as well tell us the truth.


There was a savour of bitterness in her voice.

I think we should stop doing that.

We're willing to learn.

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Spain has been a democracy since 1975.

Are you all set, Sedat?

I must buy one.

You don't understand.

At the meeting last night the problem gave rise to heated discussion.


It seemed that they were telling a lie.

He kindly answered the question.

There's a lot of furniture in this room.