All you do is string together a bunch of farfetched ideas. I can't understand a word of it.

I don't want to know all your old boyfriends' names.

Pratt and I have been friends since middle school.

I couldn't hear Laurel.


I never regretted anything I did.

The marsh is knee-deep.


I never realized how stressful this job would be.

I got a call about this.


Words are either windows or walls.

Pat didn't speak to Syun at all last night.

Don't repeat yourself.


The magazine is published bimonthly.

It rained that day.

Please ring him up.


Both the boy and the girl are clever.

I forgot to turn off the television before going to sleep.

Dion ate the whole watermelon by himself.

Americans can be very competitive.

I'm sure you can figure it out.

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Look at the fire.

This woman had the task of cleaning the cabin, and not of taking care in the evenings of the mental health of the passengers.

No prior experience is required.


Visitors are usually asked to remove their shoes before they enter a Japanese house.

Rajesh isn't as tall as you.

It took Shahid months to recover from his motorbike accident.

Giovanni works in advertising.

She took full advantage of her stay in London to improve her English.


I had him in that discussion.

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You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Stanislaw is a person you can trust.

I came from Iran.

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Kent is in here somewhere.

Why don't you eat some vegetables?

The helicopter gently touched down.


Why couldn't you tell us that before?

Alex is a crypto-fascist.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-446-2581.


Luc is zealous, isn't he?

He acts as if he were a king.

A heavy frost is expected.

Do you have a contingency plan?

He went to Austria to study music.

That fish pie is fastfood.

Irwin is fierce.


What should I do with him if I find him?

Japan's fiscal year runs from April 1 till March 31 in the following year.

He was on the verge of revealing the secret when a sharp look from Martha shut him up.

Earl is waiting for a friend.

I have to wait here for Jakob.


Tell Murat that I'm here.

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Don't be impatient!

It makes little difference whether you go today or tomorrow.

Are you in need of help?

Japanese is often said to be a difficult language to learn.

I will prove them wrong.

"Where's Gabriel?" "She didn't make it." "I'm sorry."

She went on working till he called her.

Marshall is in the back yard.

Do you like doing homework?

How much will you get?

I was dancing.


Mayuko reads a good deal.

Wow, that's cool.

She's going to talk her father into buying a new car.

I saw the pictures Agatha took last weekend.

What would you like Alberto to do?

Every man has his faults.

I'm so sorry about this.

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He sleeps on an expensive mat.

He didn't fear death.

Why should I worry about Jock?

His face turned white.

We have plenty of time to do that.

You must rewrite this text.

Gold gives an air of beauty even to ugliness: but with poverty everything becomes frightful.

Is that rule applicable to us foreigners?

It's stifling hot today. There's no wind at all.

Promise you won't tell her.

I was happy to see him.

This country is rich in natural resources.

I'd like this done as soon as possible.


My father encouraged me to learn how to play the piano.

He is the same famous actor who recently won an award.

Don't forget to turn off the gas before going out.

The students are sitting in a circle.

This costs too much.

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I guess I never realized how much I rely on Merril.

Pierce did everything he could to help Manolis.

Don't you have school today?

The apology was rather ham-handed.

Little is known about Pluto.

That's not clear.

I'm here because of you.

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Please wrap these gifts up together.


Fashion is not my specialty.

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Teri told me he was really happy there.


I guess you'd like to know how it all happened.

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As always, I could only hope the police wouldn't stop me.


The answers to those questions are yes and no, respectively.

After the politicians had been elected, they threw their election platform into the fire and pondered how they could make themselves rich as fast as possible.

Who would buy something like that?

I'm not available right now.

Do you have any ivory crepe blouses in medium?


We're not going back there anymore.

Young as he is, he is equal to the task.

We know you can handle it, Arne.

Was Joe with you yesterday evening?

I miss her every day.

He spoke kindly with me.

You can't take that away from me.

I am really sorry to hear that.

Leif and Milo know each other, but they're not exactly friends.


What's the story behind the picture?

I need a massage.

Debbie cringed in fear.

I'm miserable.

You think that people are okay, but I allow one to think that people and all societies are bad. No one wants other people to tolerate their mischief. People give grief to people because their viewpoints vary.

I've got important business.

This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

Jin looks distraught.

Sidney wanted to learn how to play golf.


I'm not afraid of anyone.

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Why do we have to pay taxes?

I couldn't stand it any longer.

Nobody will believe that rumor.

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You're even crazier than I thought.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

The very air we breathe is polluted with smog from the factory chimneys.

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This is really too much.

Sun rise was incredibly beautiful.

They look totally different.

Would you like to have some tea?

Both buildings burned down.


"Zip it Alan! I've had enough of your excuses!"

Let's compare this dictionary with that one.

I'm stuck on you - really far gone.

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Communication fosters understanding and helps us understand each other.

It was shocking.

Your plan to buy another PC is out of the question.

She had the boys paint the house.

My car is parked just around the corner.

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Do we really have to go to Boston?

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I'm not sure why Jem is against the idea.


Amarth had reasons to be angry.


I know it's easier said than done but in my opinion you should challenge it.

We have a lot to talk about.

Not everyone was celebrating.

His brother studies very hard.

It's an amazing song!

I could not persuade him that it was true.

I love summer rain.

This is a safe place.

I don't have a lot of time.


I've got a car.

I've got nothing to do with it.

I am thinking of getting it translated into English.

Let's not go to class.

Change is the only constant.

Both sides should compromise.

Has Russell told Leads that he's poor?


An important function of policemen is to catch thieves.