I think we need those.

I'm not going to tell him that.

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Praise is always welcome.

Does this look familiar?

Varda is an assistant professor.

Your business is flourishing, I hear.

Beckie is reluctant to talk to his mother about her going into a nursing home because he knows she will be violently opposed to the idea.

Love is not what you think.

Don't take the trouble to come and meet me.

That could've hit me.

They will not do it.

One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.


We're escaping.


Ned took out the garbage.

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Her unusual behavior caused our suspicions.

That kind of thing isn't important.

The sight of him is hateful to me.

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Exposing skin excessively to the sun causes sunburn, sometimes blisters.

Spending time with friends on the beach is fun.

Smith argues that no international laws can be applied to this case.

Utah has some beautiful national parks.

But, but... she's not my mother!


Most experts think a lot of his theory.

Mr Yoshimoto taught us many trivial matters.

Nothing beats a good burger with fries.

Of course, there are no longer bawdy houses, where these unfortunates are displayed openly to debauched satyrs.

Vilhelm thought Mosur was coming back.

I found it difficult to solve the puzzle.

I left my cell phone at home.

Miles has had his chance.

This game was put off.


It was the beginning of the end for them.


I was to go to school.

I love art.

They drifted down the river.

You were there when it happened.

We had to attend just as a matter of form.


Distinguishing Truth from everything else is a theme filling many pages in the history of philosophy.

This isn't enough.

The bank shuts late on Fridays.

To him wealth is the great prize in life.

It was necessary that my uncle should be informed.

Those kinds of methods are out of date.

Tears poured from her eyes.

The girl seems to be rich.

Is something troubling you?

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You don't have to do it here.

I'm so sorry about it.

Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun.

I hear you're a poker player.

Darryl is oblivious.

Even Dwarfs Started Small is a 1970 film by German director Werner Herzog.

I was late.

How's your schedule looking?

I had pain all over my body.


I think you should pick Steven.

I've finalized my work.

Socorrito couldn't understand why I did what I did.

I waited for Rand for three hours, but he never showed up.

Wasn't she your girlfriend?

He complained of the dish tasting bad.

Franklin and I have been friends for years.

You seem excited.

She is in harmony with all her classmates.

My father will urge you to love your books and quills.

Shop till you drop.

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You can't keep hiding from me, Christopher.

Is Kirk a common name in your country?

Tovah didn't arrive until it was already too late.

Of course you have to pay! What did you think?

I have no plans to buy one.

He used to be a nice boy.

I've never won anything before.

OK, I'm convinced.

Should I bring him in on this?


Louise, what's wrong with you tonight?

My job is to wash the dishes.

Roy tried to hide his anxiety.

I'll see you soon, Sandra.

I furnished him with food.


Please give me three of each kind.

Ramon asked us not to make any noise.

"Hey, what's going on?" "I am gay!" "Really?" "No, Michael, you dense ass!"

Tiefenthal is staying with his mother.

I'm afraid this is going to hurt.

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I think it just might work.

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He was annoyed at having to show up before the public.

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The sand on the beach was white.


What ever are you doing here?

I don't want to think about anything else right now.

The bold man glanced at the gangster with hatred and contempt.

Quit picking on them.

Have you hidden anything?

Stevan keeps a hunting knife in the trunk of his car.

Can I go first?

You never say that you love me.

Let us come aboard.

This book is amazing.

From the buyer's point of view, the prices of these CD players are too high.

That's the reason I bought this book.

Private detectives were hired to look into the strange case.

Her husband is one of my friends.

Deal with it.


Who's paying?

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Be careful not to overcook the carrots.

The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.

Valentin is also a cancer survivor.

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I've got some gasoline right here.


Roxanne is staying with one of his friends in Boston.


The story about Alf eating my cat isn't true.

I never thought they'd be this stupid.

Marilyn could've done something.

To tell the truth, I despise him.

I often catch cold in winter.

I learn French at school.

Where are the stables?


He is the owner of four very big farms in the interior of Sao Paulo.

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I'm going to do some reading.


I have put off writing to him till today.

I think you've bought enough stuff for one day.

I had my watch mended.

Your waiter will be right with you.

I do worry about it.


Don't be a bad boy.

One day, I'm going to marry him.

It has not stopped raining for several days.


The sun rises.

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Rand made it himself.


One out of three persons in this city has his own car.

It's a lie and a falsehood.

Large amounts of timber are used in paper making.

The children were wrapped up in their game.

This mountain is covered with snow all year round.

Ghosts don't exist.

You need a lot of water.

He looked like he was going to start crying again.

You are too old not to see the reason.

What are you going to do with this car?

I am studying French by myself.

My sister can't start the day without reading her horoscope.

When will dinner be ready?

Lum wanted to pee.

We meet once a month.


Not everyone has as much money as you.

They stand in need of help.

I paid two thousand yen for the book.

If you have nothing to say, keep your lips sealed.

There's a cab outside waiting.


Dean told me he thought I was wasting my time.

Josip isn't going to stop us.

Finishing the report by tomorrow is next to impossible.

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He is a jack of all trades.


The rockets cost twenty reais a box.


The kidnappers gagged Kristin and locked him up in a closet.


She comes to visit us every now and then.

Coconut oil does wonders!

I'll pick them up later.


I'm sorry, I misunderstood.


In order to distract the population from their true intrigues, the politicians devised some half-hearted reforms.


I don't want to go back home. I want to party.