Why did I write all those letters?

The dove symbolizes peace.

Walking along the street, I saw the accident.

You're lucky nobody saw you do that.

Books are my best friends.

You shouldn't have threatened Darren.

A bus driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

What's your favorite Beatles song?

It's a nice country to visit, but I wouldn't live there.

The sky at dusk is red.

Thanks to you, the job went well.

Let's have a drink first.

I have never drawn anything in my life.

With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain.


Do we even have a choice?

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I'd like a daiquiri.

I have the ace of diamonds.

What do the rest of us have to do to convince you?

He was quick on the draw and shot him before he even got his hand on his holster.

I'm not sure how I got a shilling in my change from the cashier.

One of them went to hide.

Svante always feels hungry at least one hour before lunch.

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He was never sick.

Hey, what's that smell?

I'm not that drunk.

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Every little bit helps.


It's not as cold today as it was yesterday.

I don't know when Ole left.

So, are you going to buy that or not?

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Are there any more free spots?


Win hasn't updated the antivirus software on his computer in a long time.

She is beside herself with joy.

Be fruitful and multiply.

They covered the table with a cloth.

I couldn't sleep because of the noise.

We used the transcripts of the recordings of telephone conversations.

I'm out of shape.

He is far better off than he was three years ago.

Juergen is an outstanding actor.

We have lunch at noon every day.

That's not something I can do.

Sigurd laid his head on the pillow.

I had planned to stop at the supermarket on the way home, but it was closed.

I think everyone has a favorite color.

It's going to get steadily hotter from now.

Call me at six tomorrow morning.

He walked across the garden.

Where was the black cat?

She's the real racist for saying that.

Why do you have so many handkerchiefs?

Books and friends should be few but good.

She is pregnant.

The breakage goes from the ankle to the knee. It's like the bone just disintegrated.

The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position.

Pretending to be a friend, the man robbed old people of their social security checks.


The godless woman must be punished.


There's no urgency.

Julian is too young to travel alone.

Common sense tells me that this isn't the way to do it.

I'm calling from my mobile.

Brodie is a good athlete.

I hope that he will succeed.

Beautiful woman, isn't she?

Novorolsky had the munchies, but since there was nothing in the house to eat, he went to the convenience store not too far from where he lived.

Pay heed to your food.


I am looking for someone to share knowledge with.

I forbid smoking in my room.

The problem with many things is the pre-conceived ideas we have about them!

Darci hates it when people do that.

It is certain that Jim stayed at home that day.

I left around 2:30.

I'm disgusted with Barton.


We shall meet again in Petersburg, as if there we had buried the sun.

An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.

She was different from most women in the neighborhood, for she was able to read and write.


This is not some cheap Izakaya, so we don't accept that customers sing loudly.

I thought that I told you to stay where you were.

I'm sending her to California.

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"Whose soldiers are these?" "They are Alaxander the Great's."

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I want a list of all Alberto's relatives.

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I'd like to visit Boston before I die.

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Ken goes to school by bus.

Oliver pulled out his wallet and took out some money.

He's considered to be a great politician.

My room is upstairs on the left.

Your idea is absolutely impossible.


Melanie is busy right now.

Try as I might, I just cannot stay awake in front of the TV at night.

I think Seth just needs a hug.

You should beware of overconfidence.

We're psyched.

Earnie needs to use a cane.

All plants need water and light.

Eddy hardly ever asks questions.

They both blushed.


The weather turned better.

We cannot make a change in our schedule.

I see that you properly understood Kafka, maybe even better than he understood himself.

Shyam was surprised to hear Jayesh had gotten married.

Mott said that she wasn't Stu's daughter.

Speaking the same language in between several cultures sometimes is a source of more confusion than to speak different languages, since we are less aware of the different meanings that the same words can entail.

I had a girlfriend when I was in the fifth grade.

She divided the cake into six pieces.

You really annoy me.

Sylvan isn't really sick; she's only putting it on.

This was harder than I thought it would be.

What the fuck are you doing?

Don't wanna regret.


The eating of delicious food is one of the most intense and poignant pleasures of life.

They didn't know what to do first.

Put the book on the bottom shelf.

I wrote the composition in haste, so it must be full of mistakes.

That's a class act.

The stars twinkled above her.

These animals are friendly.

He may have already departed.

He was court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

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Do you want to leave with him?

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The management has agreed to have talks with the workers.


I don't know how to write with the left hand.

Shatter is obviously distressed over something.

Why not love one's own wife? We even love others'.

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I can't be calm while talking about this.


His reply was short and to the point.

My father is going to China.

To rob Peter to pay Paul

I can't take all of the credit for it.

He talks very cheerfully.

This message is for them.

How foolish I was not to discover that simple lie!

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I was astonished.

Dan and Linda had a chance encounter at an airport.

Four times five is twenty.

He survived his wife.

The whole class is present today.

What should happen next?

I wonder why it's so crowded here today.

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It was a good race.

This world is a distant three hundred million light years away from the world where you live.

I don't want you to forget me.

He lost his way in the snow.

Jennifer and Saul don't trust each other.

The incident took place at midnight.

Oh, here they come!


I really hope not.


I feel empowered.

Those interested in the employment vacancy can send their resume to the human resources e-mail.

I wish we could go back home.


I think it's time for you to grow up.

I've got him with me.

Merat is trying very hard not to fail.

There's nothing that can stop us now.

I don't like the food at that deli.


Andries loved what he was doing.

She has a very strong personality.

We need to focus on our strengths.

This class consists of forty pupils.

After I had thought about this elementary question fundamentally, I came to the conclusion that the difference, which is often described as "considerable" or "substantial" by distinguished people, between the indispensable words "important" and "essential" isn't significant, but rather is irrelevant.


I don't think Amarth knows what he's supposed to do.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

Scot was at the end of his rope.

The new store opens next week.

Every year, many older people die in road accidents.

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That's why I asked Donald to leave.

The computer is placed to the left of the women.

The fire started in Dan's room.

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Herb explained the situation.