Don't come back until you've done what I've asked you to do.

I'm not sure I agree with her.

She looked out through the hole.

The grape harvest is done manually.

Don't leave me alone!


If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

Coolidge won the 1924 election easily.

The two teams were tied at the finish.

Lou seems to know a lot about me.

Kirsten removed a card from his wallet.

I'm a country boy now.

Jacques was patient.

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That's a big blow.


Uncle Bob fixed my clock. It keeps good time now.

I had been reading a book when he came in.

Some woman.

Shuvra reads the newspaper every morning.

Is it OK to talk to them first?

If you have a problem with any of this, I need to know now.

That dude was a jerk.

What else can Morris do?

Why do horses wear blinders?

A guide conducted the visitors round the museum.

The problem is all parents wants their children to go to Harvard.

The lamp on the desk had an out of kilter lampshade.

Do you know Win by sight?

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We laughed at Frances.


No animal can exist without plants.

Is it true that you received a present from Taninna?

You can dig dirt from the ground.

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Market Square is the historic centre of the city.

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It is the educational system that needs to be reformed in this area.

I have no knowledge of that question.

How long have you been in love with Lar?

I can't take any more of this.

Jarmo wasn't consulted.

Mother has made me what I am.

He's tripping balls.

It's not hard.

Have any of these people ever done anything for me?

Naresh checked the list to make sure he had everything.

Why didn't somebody tell Lloyd?

The tree's root system stretches over thirty meters.

Do you know Mr. Takahashi?

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If you need anything, let me know.

I speak good Japanese.

Each time the comet passes close to the Sun, it loses some of its material. Over time, it will break up and disappear completely.

Our progress was put in check.

This is in effect less expensive than that.

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It may be the last time.

Was it all worth it?

She became deaf from the explosion.


I hope you told Ji that.

They do not speak English.

I don't believe in astrology.

You couldn't say that was a plan with any sense of reality to it.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.


My mother had no choice but to part with her diamond ring.

Why did you turn it upside down?

My French teacher is the same age as me.

Why won't you listen?

The reason I came to Boston is to meet the woman I hope to marry.


I'm not sure I'll be much help.

It's a gradual thing.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I'd like to help you, but I have problems of my own right now.

Unfortunately he was a bit slow of apprehension.

The fitting room is being used now.

She said she was OK. In fact, she was terribly injured.

A boy risked death to protest.

I made some modifications.


Can I sit next to Pat?

There are sushi restaurants in almost every country in the world.

Hotta and Marsha failed to reach an agreement.

Can Alexis really speak French?

It was unseasonably hot in Boston the last time I was there.

We can make it from here by taxi in time.

The accident took place the day before yesterday.

Bjorne loves children.

I calculated my BMI and found out my height is 20 centimeters less than ideal!


I suppose then an 8-Gigabyte hard drive will be adequate.


She's the real racist for bringing it up.

How happy I am!

I always confuse John and his twin brother.

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Lions and tigers are called big cats.

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Laura rarely shows emotion.


Kyu is getting defensive.

Edward is quite crazy.

They love this song.

She was taken in by his gentlemanly appearance.

The bug has been corrected.

I want you to try it.

We don't want to pressure you.

I miss you badly.

I want to find true love.


She is better at speaking English than any of her classmates.


Randolph hasn't updated the antivirus software on his computer in a long time.


Please add Elliott to the list.

They tortured him.

You could search the world over and never find another man more honest than Brodie.


He's well respected for his management skills.


I want you to meet everyone.

It has rained in the forest.

You can't give up now, not after all the effort you've put into this.


Can we talk to him now?


This is a present for you.

I wish I could go somewhere else.

Bill did have fun.

I'm not involved with any church.

He's here to protect you.

You can't go yet because you still have a few things to do.

Get rid of them.

Step on the scale.

I love carrots.


Lukas told me that my hair was too long.

I expect you're right.

Don't keep the bicycle in the barn.

Who else is going with us?

I had to book a flight for him.


Julie didn't do it so well.


Rob has really helped us.

We made some poor decisions.

You opened the wrong box.


This will run.


The treasure is finally in my hands!


There were many snow storms last winter.

We probably won't have much snow this winter.

Rupert noticed that Randy was silent.

I think it might rain today, but I could be wrong.

Poverty is not a bar to happiness.

I'm going to name the baby Pratapwant.

The older I become, the less I understand.


I think you've been in this town too long.

She did not act like a normal girl.

I'm pleased with what I did.

Stop screaming in my ears.

I just want to help him.

Why can't I sing like they can?

It's very difficult to understand her.

I'm sick of it!

You don't have to tell me again.

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I don't think that's a good idea.

Even though I was right, he got the best of me.

She is good at making up interesting stories.

You are really full of curiosity, aren't you?

She insisted that it was my fault.

Bret is getting the hang of it.

Cory watched for a moment.

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What a shot!

The Belo Monte dam in Brazil is a controversial project because of its impact on the environment and native people.

I assure you Michiel is quite well.

She has unrealistic standards.

Get me a ticket, please.

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This dictionary is not useful at all.

I will give up drinking at any cost.

Lance probably thought I could help you this afternoon.

I gave careful consideration to the problem.

Don't give it another thought.

They went to the station by car.

The banshee let out a blood-curdling scream.

Their bags were checked by security guards at the gate.

Roxana represented her team in the competition.

Andre wasn't sure what Scot wanted him to buy.

Eddie now has the same joys and worries with her grandchildren that she had with her own children years ago.