I received this fax from him.

I'm buying letter paper, some stamps, and some tissue paper.


I still have mine.

You're the one who said you wanted to leave.

I'm going to give it to her.

It's only been one day.

My dad doesn't hate you.


Man is a conscious being.

Lawrence and Jitendra argue quite often.

Do you know the reason why he cut class today?

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Awaiting your quick response . . .

Isaac was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Her car has a nice polish.


This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".


Teacher, could you please repeat that? I didn't understand.

Please come and see me again.

Tomas would've helped you.

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The ice melted.

Daren said he'd find her.

How long's that going to take?

Actually I know him, I just can't remember where from.

Janet actually got Shutoku to dance with him.

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

He lay down in a comfortable position.

The tiger licked him.

I should've told Leif no.

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Let's schedule a meeting sometime early next week.

What do I get out of it?

Perhaps we should contact her.


Is there any hope that he will come?


She tried to stifle a sneeze during the concert but she couldn't hold it back.

Anderson is the one who broke the window yesterday.

I didn't give it to him.


The Giants were well on the way to defeat.

He is worthy of our praise.

It's still my birthday.

The food is not good.

To begin with, you must be honest.

Have you read this book already?

The Snow Queen kissed Kay again, and he entirely forgot little Gerda, her grandmother, and all at home.


Colin was obviously in pain.

I live here now.

I don't want to give myself false hopes.

Are they really friends?

A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.

Are you guys really cousins?

Noemi is overweight, but not as overweight as Deborah.


I wouldn't press the matter any further, if I were you.

I told you to leave Mott alone.

Put the radio on, please.

Esperanto shouldn't replace native languages, but rather just become the second language for everybody.

Let's go have a pint or two.

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Let's not split hairs.

On her way home, Huashi came across John.

Joan caught her breath when she saw the sight.

Let's begin our work at once.

Could you see that Tricia gets this?

He applies this principle to everything in life.

You don't have to be alone tonight.


She found one.

Here I come.

It's like an elephant.

Norma has done well.

I can see that now.


The police set a dog on the scent.

Wherever you go, I will go too.

When will you depart for Moscow?

It's at the third home in the second row of houses.

We'll meet up with them later.

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Sixty-five, and that's my final offer.

You're a doctor.

I've been working at the library since January.


Why didn't she tell me?

It won't be easy finding someone who is qualified to take his place.

How did you wind up doing this kind of work?

I think that the train will be here soon.

My friend said she bought a new watch.

Earle was a kind and gentle man, well loved by all who knew him.

What a great story!

Emily is studying in her room right now, so please do not disturb her.

Natraj has a huge ego.


We knew you were sick.


I never ever disagree with Ruth.

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Why did Corey marry Dustin?

Let's talk man to man.

He was not quick enough.


The salts of sulfuric acid are called sulfates.


Total tosh.


I've had a wonderful time here.

Loud music always makes Fred hit the roof.

Meeks likes to read and to listen to music.

I don't want to spend more than $10.

I used to hate Boston.


By the end of June, they were ready to vote.


I was trying to help Annie.

I just thought Linley might listen to you.

The odds against that happening are astronomical.

Those two used to get along so well together but even with them you can sense a chill coming on.

Tuna seldom uses power tools.


We lost the bet.


You should listen closely.

The focus of the talk is put on the content.

The garden is laid out in the Japanese style.

He ran for his life at the sight of the border guard.

Can it be that the white horse is not a horse?

Why haven't you cleaned your room?

Why are you even here?

Please give me a spool of white thread.

They're friends of Gregory's.

Your hair is perfect.

Clark has been talking to Joyce.

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He made his will last year.


I wet the bed until I was ten years old.

The leech sucked his blood.

The next morning found him dead in his bathroom.

Are you ready for this?

I thought Sergeant loved me.

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This is a fantastic idea.


Hurf noticed that Trent was gone.

Hey, can you please be a bit quieter?

There's a new James Bond movie.

Walking along the street, I met an old friend.

If I had known it, I would have told it to you.

What drove Heinrich to kill Harold?

Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

He had a narrow escape in the traffic accident.

Lui can get in touch with Raul by email.

Do you realize how late it's gotten?

All is over.

The doctor came in carrying a black bag.

You cannot be a blood donor.

Nadeem is Miki's agent.

In his autobiography, he repeatedly refers to his unhappy school days.


You are watching TV all the time.

There's no hot water on the fifth floor, but there is on the ground floor.

Malcolm is too old to be living on his own.


I'm my own boss.

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If Sue is coming by air, she ought to arrive very soon.

I am going to do an apprenticeship.

Why aren't you studying?

Kitty is thinking about graduating early.

It's difficult to find another job.

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I was in the front seat.


I'd like to talk to Allen for a few minutes.

It's just what happens.

They would ask you about the party.

The bureaucrats maintain solid ties with the gigantic corporations.

Can you make out what he is trying to say?

We apologize for the error.

Quiet down!

Take as much time as you want.

She published her article on common misconceptions to her personal blog.


She wants to get married right away.

He got the highest grade on the exam.

We were having problems with Bret.

I recognized Rudolf by voice.

Bill is a great fighter.

I should've gone camping with you guys last weekend.

This problem requires a large effort to be solved.

The American and Japanese ambassadors met at a conference.

What can I do for you today?


That's still yours.