He aimed at the bird.

I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

Do you know who that was?

We're going to begin the descent for Honolulu.

This song is beautiful when you sing it.

He asked her out, but she said no.

Nikolai was a great help to me.

I'm getting a new house built.

Don't worry, present day cosmetic surgery is much better than it used to be in Doctor Frankenstein's days.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

Pandora is very depressed.

Long cherished dreams don't always come true.

Donald has been doing great.

I didn't even realize that.

Many games use dice as a random number generator.

This story might sound unbelievable but it is true.

The class divided on this question.

I saw one many times.

Mr. Smith is liked by all the students.

He's an expert with a slingshot.


I never said I believed you.


Gordon got a little drunk.


I feel bad about lying.


Who dares?

I was trying to follow her, but she gave me the slip.

It's complicated to repair a machine as complex as that.

I get paid on the first.

George did business in the same manner as his father did.

I'll be ready to go in a few minutes.

I'll pay the money for your lunch today.

I'm the guy who gave Brad that hat.

You're not going to make me drink alone, are you?

Why are you telling us this now?

Alfred died in strange circumstances.


Defending their land has now become a sin?


Her eyes are blue.

We won't quit searching until Jeanne is found.

I wish Raman was here with me today.

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Gas is cheap now.

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I've never seen him so tense.

I couldn't stop giggling.

Hamilton put the lid back on the peanut butter jar.

I'd like to sing a song for you that I just wrote.

We've got a 13-hour fight ahead of us.

Next time bring me that book without fail!

Helen is always at the top of her class.

If you're going to apologize, you should do it right away.

I should've stayed with them.

We wouldn't mind helping them.

No. I looked for them for more than an hour.

I already knew everyone.

Hand me that bag.

He was far from robust.

The train arrived at the station on time.

You must make room for the television.

You tie a knot in it and that's it.

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Renu promised me that he would come back.


Are we all here?

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

Stand up if you hate Scotland!

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It became quiet on top of my house.


Am I in trouble?


They will be surprised to see you here.

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Why wasn't Christopher here yesterday?

Alvin is brilliant.

In his fantasy, he imagined he was a famous writer.

Never fail to call me up at two o'clock.

He responded kindly to the question.

I'll pay you back once I receive my salary.

Enjoy the day.

Casper couldn't wait any longer, so he left.

My brother sent me a photo in which he resembled Kaddafi.

That calls for a drink.

She has tried to invite him to her birthday party.

That time he had a lot of money.

We must obey.

I'm looking forward to seeing you one of these days.

The girl is trying to ride on just one wheel. Her small vehicle is called a unicycle.

How many people have you told?

Naresh's medical expenses are being paid for by Myron.

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He's not home.

Will you keep playing all night long?

I cannot answer your request offhand.

This is the room where the body was found.

Why didn't you just tell me?

He has a rock solid alibi.

I'm going to finish what I started.

Don't count me out.

Real was offered a leading role in a horror movie.

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Vincent said that he likes swimming.

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I guess Kevan didn't like it.

Fay had to go there alone.

List organized a neighborhood basketball team.

You could've knocked.

The question took Jimmy by surprise.


My son never eats his spinach.

I listened to the top 10 songs of the eighties.

He's thinking of moving in with his girlfriend.

I still need to talk to him.

I'll be meeting with Dirk.

My eyes get tired very easily.

I was caught in a shower on my way home.

This is really terrible.

Are you a ghost?

Fletcher is willing.

Bob never came back home.


He has a good chance to succeed.

He put on airs in her presence.

He's leaving for Leningrad tonight.

The class were noisy today.

You don't have to answer that.

We won't see you again.

Since you made a mistake in your project, you have to start over from scratch.

Randall hasn't budged for over an hour.

It's up to you to keep things running smoothly.


They did what they promised to do for me.

Did you have a good time?

The sky seemed to blend with the sea.

I bought three bottles of wine.

Jos pressed a key on the computer keyboard.

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I really can't accept this.

What time does school start in the morning?

Juliane has really changed a lot since last year.

You can't make up for lost time.

I've enjoyed this novel very much.

You've bought more stamps than needed.

Srivatsan is never coming back, is he?

Can plants feel pain?

That road is still under construction.

Paola wasn't married.

We love our mother almost without knowing it, without feeling it, as it is as natural as to live.

I've been spending evenings with Marlena.

I have lots of affairs to look after.

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Wade and Sho both noticed John at the same time.

I bought a new computer to keep up with the times.

I'm dying for you.

When I was younger I thought that ice cream vendors could eat as much ice cream as they wanted for free.

You're being silly.

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Where did you produce them?

Nathan did what he was asked to do without hesitation.

Jeanne persuaded Casper to do it.

How much did you pay for this?

I was in the right place at the right time.

I don't like surprises.

George isn't as old as he looks.

I'm not hiding anything from you.

Kylo made everyone laugh.

What if she's wrong?

I know I did the right thing.

One must eat to live, and not live to eat.

Nicolette said he never wanted to see Julius again.


I think the first thing you might want to do is talk to Nelken.

Francis doesn't look busy.

They came from the middle of the country.

The road was clear.

I go there every year.

It's not real money.

Classes are over.

Don't expect any miracles.

If you do like this, you won't justify your friends' trust.

Christie has always kept me informed.

It was her fault.

Please let me go and see them.

Don't break the branches.

I'm pretty sure that building was built in 1987.

We love beauty.

I grilled one.

I'm not offended.

This was to arrange things so that I obtained the result already written in the textbooks.

I can't do more than that.

It was kind of surreal.

You'd better call Frank up.

We're doing phenomenally well.

I have nothing to say right now.

Final Fantasy is not a movie, but a videogame.

Nothing is forever.