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Seymour is a little like his father.


She tried to persuade him to attend the meeting.


All at once, I heard a scream.

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You can let Thierry go.

People tell doctors everything.

Sofia is out of the office.

Can you operate a manual transmission?

Get your hair cut!


I'm not really mad at Sally.


I don't like you.


Do you really want me to tell Holly?

I have been having to piss since I left the house.

John got up much earlier than usual.

Hurry up! If you don't, we'll be late.

Since our father is bedridden, we take turns looking after him.

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I paid him a visit on a warm afternoon in May.

We told Sonny that.

Does this make any sense to you?

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I look on her as my best friend.

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I actually really liked it.

Is that what you'd like?

It's going to take a while to get this done.

I hid myself under the bed.

Louie knew who the kidnappers were.


You'll soon get used to the climate here.

Page rinsed the dishes.

It was just an accident that we met.

Mats got into the elevator.

The world is not a petting zoo.

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That's a painter.

He was so sad that he almost went mad.

Dimetry and Polly are secretly in love with each other.

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Kitty couldn't bribe Naomi. However, he tried.

Please show me your passport.

I thought you'd been notified.


Stuart doesn't like you very much either.

Which one do you like most?

The point is that they are hungry.

Why are you ashamed to speak your language in public?

Do you have a bus pass?


Opponents say genetically engineered crops can cross-pollinate and damage other crops.


We were all ears.

I'm just saying it's complicated.

We can call English an international language.


Let me introduce my mother to you.


Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

Such evil customs should be done away with.

I just had a bad dream.

You miss them, don't you?

Are you always busy?

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People came to like her paintings.


Sergei slipped the money in his pocket.

No sooner had she gone there than she was taken ill.

Give them money.


The man was obsessed with fear that the secret might be disclosed.

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I cast my fishing line into the sea.

I'll get this.

Kyung tried to stay away from Guy.


I didn't know where it came from.

Do you think Luke lied?

The Green party is protesting loudly against nuclear power.

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Ritchey is usually very quiet, isn't he?

I haven't asked him yet.

Krzysztof thanked Randal for the gift.

This table has a smooth surface.

The bus driver suffered minor injuries.


It was my husband's idea.


I left Monica in 2013.

Philip did that already.

The conference closed at five.

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No sooner had she gone there than she was taken ill.

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Do you know what Ed was doing in Boston?

Can't you just be happy and enjoy the party?

You didn't tell me Rudy was going to Boston with us.

They painted the fence green.

This is the only thing I care about.

I have a hunch boracasli is using a second account.

I'm afraid of discord arising with my husband so I'm turning a blind eye to his mistress.

Jeanne is also playing tennis.

I only live a few blocks away.

He didn't do me the courtesy of greeting me when he passed me by.

We're going to have fish for dinner tonight.


The worth of friendship is greater than gold.

Do you still think I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

The taxi is waiting outside.

Don't you think it's strange?

Wilson and Becky are both in the classroom.

Lukas never really wanted to go with us.

It's a tremendous deal.

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I'm amazed that you didn't come.


Then what does it mean?


It's been three years since Kris left me.

Did you talk to Blake about it?

The report has not been confirmed yet.


This country needs him.


Hazel isn't yet able to write his own name.


What bothers him is not the fidelity.

I'll help you find him.

Isn't that exciting?

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Ji and Louiqa both have black hair.


Darin is in favor of gun control.

This book is a whodunit.

Elisabeth ate all of Vance's yoghurt, but replaced it with the wrong brand.

Marek, Lukas, John and Alice are friends. They've known each other since they were children.

Hand me the dictionary there, please.

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Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.


She turned on the light.

Camping is impossible where there is no water.

Will you take the job?

Don't be stingy.

The parking lot attendant confirmed your alibi.


Brad is going to do what he's got to do.

Dinner's ready already. When are you going to be home?

I need to know who I have to give this to.

He may have already departed.

This one is prettier.


Suddenly, it looks bigger.

Though he was poor, he was nonetheless happy.

I don't think there is any way I can help.

Give me any books you have on the subject.

Claire won't leave his dog with you.


The curtains make this room beautiful.

Are you allowed to go?

Per certainly had plenty of opportunities to go to concerts while he was in Boston.


In soccer, a player is sent off with a red card.

Do you want to go out on a date with Kim?

A large earthquake occured in Mexico last autumn.

He ran away at the sight of the policeman.

He couldn't stop smiling.

It was hard to figure out what Herman was trying to say.

Can you recommend a good dictionary to me?


I just love you so much.

A cat was sleeping in the bass drum.

It's bigger than her.


He fancies himself ill.

Eduardo pulled a big wad of cash out of his pocket.

His experiment had many faults in its details.

The rice crackers had a tuna topping.

I have a hard-on for her.

No other city in Japan is as large as Tokyo.

Do you have the time to listen to me?

This money goes for food.

Charlie told me I should come to you for help if I had any problems.

Attention, Lojbanist!

Do you know who wrote this book?

I have a new camera I want you to see.

I want to climb Mt. Fuji again.


I'll show you that you're wrong.


This whole thing was a lame excuse.

Deirdre knows that Susumu likes him.

We are on the wrong track.

Could it have been him?

I thought it'd be fun to sing a few songs together.