I've been giving that a lot of thought.

The young man robbed her of her bag.

I could really go for a steak.


"How much did you pay for this?" "About 20 euros." "Wow! That's incredibly cheap."


The alphabet consists of 26 letters.


I don't like sitting in the front row.

You certainly fooled Vincent.

Even if there is a convention, I shouldn't ask them for so much money.


Today the church around the world is celebrating Easter.


We clear the futons away in the morning.


What do you think caused this?

He would always confide in others.

Tuan will need some help.

I am not used to hard work.

Only part of the building has been destroyed by the earthquake.

We want to remain like this.

In 1609, Galileo heard about the invention of the spyglass, a device which made distant objects appear closer. Galileo used his mathematical knowledge and technical skills to improve upon the spyglass and build a telescope.

Don't let the kid play with knives.

Dean is in his element when he is playing baseball.

Can one person really make a difference in the world?

Tell her hi for me.

Do you have a business acquaintance in Randolph., Ltd?

In the carriage sat a gentleman, not attractive, but also not unattractive, not too fat nor too thin; one could not call him old, but he also was not too young.

Let's leave the decision to Frances.

You sure are a hooligan!

What do you say to doing the sights of Tokyo tomorrow?

You got here on time.

She took the gold medal.

Griff told Patrick that she was being childish.

I allow myself no sweets.

We want an ambulance.

Is hexane toxic?

I know I'll be happy when Honzo gets home.

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The roof of our house is leaking.

I found the cage empty.

Prakash knew it was dangerous.


I would rather die than marry him.

I'll get another job.

The banks on each side of the river were very pretty. There were beautiful flowers, old trees, sloping fields, in which cows and sheep were grazing, but not a man to be seen.

The lion is the king of the jungle.

He went upstairs to her room.

I've been here for almost three years.

He thought of a good idea.

He has greasy hair.

She's not a member.


I would like to do something else today.


When you shake someone's hand look directly into his eyes.

The artists who succeed best in doing so.

Kristian won't likely be able to cope with the situation.

What are you doing, darling?

He had ambition.

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How is that different?

Would you like an explanation?

He wrote many phrases in Esperanto.

Isn't that enough for you?

You have to find her.

He is a little bit more careful than I.

Stop talking about us.

I didn't want you lurking around me anyway.

Rupert must be looking for you.

I wish more people would volunteer to help us.

I can't abide hearing you cry so bitterly.

Let me tell you about him.

I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.

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I want you to be nice to us.

I don't think people should make a mountain of a mole hill.

What're you going to tell him?

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Thank you for the correction.

She is as guilty as he is.

He is a bit of a coward.


I was angry because he was late.

Justin will assist Matthias.

Where did you get all this from?

How long do you think it will take?

She may well be ashamed of her old clothes.

The fourth month is called April.

"Don't forget to write after you've left." "All right, I'll write you once every four days."

Sing me a love song.

He is the image of his father.

Thanks to you, the backlog of tedious work has been completed.

Joon got a puppy.

A girl asked Piet to dance.

He described exactly what happened.

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What are you still doing with her picture?


My throat burns.

Juvenile delinquency is on the increase at a rapid pace.

Spass is now in danger.

It was easy.

We need to replace the whole unit.

Grace told me so.

Simon isn't like Terrance.

Our boat approached the small island.

Do not worry about that!

It is not far from my house to the station.

No, no, no!

The calf was born this morning.

You must've done something.

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This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I'm a zero.

I want Perry to let Andrew finish.

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We are slaves of what does not make us happy.


You'll get used to living alone very quickly.


The Earth orbits around the Sun. It takes one year to go around the Sun one complete time.

Being deeply thankful, he tried to express his thanks.

They don't speak French here.

I need to ask you something.

Somebody is shouting my name.

Tell us why you killed Stan.

Dan thanked all those who placed their faith in his company.


Music is her passion.


I've made a great deal of money.

She was at a loss for words.

Sherman met with Johnston a few days later.


First they think that they will escape (although no smoker escapes at least the short-term effects).

It was Harmon's idea.

Cut off the gas!

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Mann wanted only to think of her.


Well, I'd better be going.

when did you learn swimming?

Sulfur burns with a blue flame.

I don't approve of his conduct.

I like Christmas decorations.

The boy filled his bag with clothes.

Reiner is the kind of person who always has to have the last word.

He wanted to follow law as a career.

I'm developing an Android application.

I can see a clear blue sky and feel so good.

I've just washed the dishes.


I still haven't found them.

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When we come back, we'll have Oleg with us.

Many children enjoy eating peanut butter sandwiches.

This country suffers from brain drain.


If you want to sound like a native speaker, you must be willing to practise saying the same sentence over and over in the same way that banjo players practise the same phrase over and over again until they can play it correctly and at the desired tempo.

She went to the park with him.

Stacey wants our report before lunch.

I didn't mean any disrespect.

This book is too expensive for me.


She died in her bed at the age of 96.

Your new hair style makes you look older.

It surprises most people to find out that the prison warden is a woman.

It doesn't look too bad.

She's an English girl of Indian origin who goes to visit India.

I see smoke circles rising.

The actress looks younger than she really is.


Oskar doesn't live in Boston now.

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Tomorrow, I start the diet.

Every time it rains, the roof leaks.

What interests me greatly is astronomy.

He confessed in court that he was in touch with racist groups.

I just stopped by to pay my respects.

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I'll be late.

That's going to cost you a lot of money.

What's the story behind the picture?

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Secondary education has two sides.

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That won't do any good.

Lucius talks too fast.

Charley heard everything we said.

I told Clem it wasn't possible for him to get into our club.

I hate to bother you, but would you mind closing the door?

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Ragnar longed to see Fay again.


Of course, I don't need it.

I think he didn't understand.

There may have been as many as four different Ice Ages in the past.