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    Keep all your vehicle records in one easily accessible place.
    Mobile App Coming Soon - Native iOS and Android app to make access even easier!
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    Access your vehicle records anywhere, anytime.
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    Simple web app for PC and Mobile Devices.
    Mobile App Coming Soon - Native iOS and Android app to make access even easier!

Vehicle Records

One online location for ALL vehicle documents and service records. Proof of entire vehicle history in one location. No more saving hard copies in the filing cabinet.

Cloud Storage

Store vehicle documents in the cloud for as many types of vehicles (motorcycles, planes, trains, and automobiles) as you want. Easy, simple upload and organization of documents. Secured digital access of complete vehicle history with access from any place at any time.

PC/Mobile Access

Convenient web app access using PC at home or any mobile device on-the-go. Simply view or download/upload vehicle documents and complete history any time. We're working hard on our native iOS and Android apps right now to make it even easier!

Nuubis Torque

Mobile App to take away all the hassles associated with keeping and maintaining your vehicle information manually.
Service providers perform services on the vehicle and help enter the service information into Nuubis Torque Cloud System.
Users can quickly enter in vehicle information on-the-go and simply retrieve the records when needed.

No Cost

Nuubis Torque is a completely free service provided by the Nubbis Team.

No monthly fees and no storage fees - Nothing, Nada, Zippo, Zilch... How can you say no?

Nuubis Torque Overview

Power of Cloud Computing

This means ability to store complete vehicle document history, past, present, and future.
It also means instantaneous access to all your vehicle information for any reason.


Sign up using your email and password.

Service Provider

Tell your service providers that you're using Nuubis Torque cloud system. Ask your providers to become Nuubis Torque partners to give you access to your vehicle information automatically!


Sign in, snap some pics documenting your service, and enjoy having your vehicle records at your finger tips.

Nuubis Torque Sign In GUI

If it's one less headache dealing with your car, it's worth it!.
We hope you enjoy using it.

- Nuubis Team -

User Benefits

Nuubis Torque provides secured & central location for all your vehicle information.
You can access all your vehicle information anywhere, any time, and for any reason.
With absolutely no fee of any kind!

Online Access

Free & instantaneous online access to all vehicle records.

  • No more saving hard copies
  • Track maintenance history
  • Automatic service reminders
  • Track reliability/performance
  • Statistics on similar make/model

Service Provider

Access to service providers for vehicle maintenance.

  • Get maintenance reminders
  • Special promotions
  • Recall information
  • Diagnostic information
  • Optimize reliability & performance

Other Users

Exposure to other drivers based on similar vehicles and experiences.

  • Value-add documentation when selling
  • Diagnose similar issues
  • Trade stories & experiences
  • User vehicle rating system
  • Vehicle selling/buying platform

Notify your current vehicle service providers if they haven't signed up for this awesome service.

What Users Are Saying

Case Studies

Nuubis Torque Cloud Service takes management of your vehicle documentation to another level.
This free service allows instantaneous access to all your vehicle records without the hassle of manually keeping, organizing, and finding your documents when you need them.

Nuubis Torque can really impact your bottom line!
Following are just few examples of what Nuubis Torque can do for you.
All you have to do is Sign Up, Sign In, and Use It!

You, Smart Nuubis Torque User

Service your vehicle(s) as before. After the service is completed, take a quick snapshot of the service receipt. Or, fill-up your vehicle, and while waiting, quickly punch in your odometer mileage. Service providers can also help create service records, so you don't have to! Ask your service provider to sign up & join Nuubis Torque. Your vehicle information is kept securely online so you and anyone you approve can conveniently access them.

Nuubis Case Studies

Ride Sharing Application

If you're one of the awesome Uber/Lyft/Sidecar/InstantCab/FlyWheel drivers, we're sure having convenient access to all your vehicle records will come in handy. You depend on your vehicle to generate hard earned cash. You service your vehicle and maintain your records online via Nuubis Torque so you provide assurance that you're providing the best service you can to your riders.

Leasing Contracts

When you lease a vehicle you are responsible for its regular maintenance, and to avoid paying a penalty at the end of your lease you must prove that the required service was performed. Maintaining service records can be a hassle, unless you always go to the same service department, which may not be convenient. Imagine the convenience of keeping all your vehicle records online with Nuubis Torque no matter where your vehicle is serviced and simply granting a view to your leasing agent. Your leasing agent is happy and you're happy.

Insurance Policy

Keep your regular gas fill-ups and mileage online by checking into your account. When your yearly insurance rate is calculated, you can allow your insurance agent a view into your stats to get a lower rate. Ask your insurance company to sign up with Nuubis Torque! Once you're in their system, they can check when your policy is up for renewal - no fuss.

Extended Warranty

Factory warranty for the brand new vehicle you bought is about to expire. You still want your vehicle under warranty by purchasing extended warranty to have that peace of mind. Service providers need to see documentation that you've maintained your car as you should. Well, if you've been saving all your maintenance records online with Nuubis Torque, you have nothing to worry about. With your permission, service providers can review your complete maintenance history, and extended warranty approval is no problem.

Auto Service Provider Benefits

Awesome tool to improve customer service for existing customers.
Reach out to new customers.
All at a very reasonable rate of $0/month so you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash.
Wallet With Money

VIN Input Image

Easy VIN entry for auto ID

Automatically populate manufacturer, make, model, and trim via VIN entry. No more hassle of hand-entering long VIN numbers and additional car info.

Disk Storage Image


Ability to store all car information online. Easy web access to any customer's car information. Run analytics for streamlining business.

Auto Shop Image

Focus on improving customer care

Send helpful reminders for due service. Send periodic specials on preventive maintenance. Send recall and other critical information. Remotely diagnose car issues.

Customer Faces Image

Attract new customers

Reach out based on proximity. Promote provider's specialty. Send out specials on due service.

Our Partners

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Alamaden Chevron

At Almaden Chevron, we offer a full service repair shop including the expertise of our ASE certified mechanics. We also offer convenient shopping including a variety of food, drinks, and other novelty items. Our Chevron gas with TECHRON provides lower emissions, higher performance, and cleaner engines all at a competitive price.

Coming Soon

New Partner(s)

We're working hard to bring service providers, leasing companies, insurance companies, ride sharing companies into Nuubis' community. Please help us make your need to keep service records as painless as possible. Ask your service provider, insurance agent, leasing agent, ride sharing agent, other car owners you know to sign up with us!

How to get started - Easy Peasy

New Account

1. Create a new account

Go to "Sign In" from the top menu and click "Sign Up" link. Add new account information, including your password. Read "Terms and Conditions" and click that you've read it. Click "Register" and you're on your way!

Sign In

2. Sign In

Sign In to your new account with your email and password just created.

Home Screen

3. Your Home Screen

This is your home screen. This page displays your user profile and vehicle information you've entered. Also, each vehicle's service records and service docs you've uploaded show up here as well.

Add Vehicle

4. Add New Vehicle

Click the gray "Add Vehicle" button to the right of "Vehicle Information" on your home screen. Enter your new vehicle's information on this page. Entering your VIN no. automatically fills in the details of your car for you! Click "Save Changes" and you should see this new vehicle on your home screen.

Service Screen

5. Vehicle Service Records

Click any of your vehicle from your home screen. All your service records and service documents for that car are displayed on this page. Click on the eraser icon and you can delete that record or document. You can also edit your vehicle's profile by clicking "Edit Vehicle Profile".

New Service

6. Add New Service Record

Let's add a new service record for this car by clicking on gray "Add Service" button on the bottom of the Vehicle Service Records page. Here you enter the particular service you've performed (e.g. oil change, tune-up, or any other service). Click "Save Changes" and you should see this new service on your Vehicle Service Records page.

Service Document

7. Vehicle Service Documents

For each service, you can take a quick snapshot of the receipt and you're done. When you're at your PC, you can also upload any number of service documents to help you organize the details of your service. To upload the document, click "Choose Files" and navigage to where you kept your document and click "Open". You can choose multiple documents if you want. Click "Upload and Refresh" and that should do it. Or, simply drag and drop the file(s) into the box. On this page, you can also edit your service by clicking "Edit Service".

Short Cut

8. Short Cuts

For your convenience, you have quick access to 3 short cuts on your home screen. You can quickly snap a photo of your insurance card, gas fill-up, and periodic odometer reading while you're on the go. You have full access to these records on the service record screen for your vehicle.

Contact Us

The Nuubis team is very interested in your feedback. Please contact us at support@nuubis.com with any questions or feedback that you may have.
We hope you enjoy using Nuubis Torque.