My partner and I work hard.

There are many ergative languages in the world and Basque is one of them.

Let me pay tonight.

Ira has departed for Australia.


So I stopped reading.

He is no better than a fool.

Wolf and her family came to the railroad station to see us off.

Work is not only important for economic benefits, the salary, but also for social and psychological needs, the feeling of doing something for the good of society.

Ralph is a very tough teacher.

Don't tell her I'm coming.

How can I get a hold of you?


No sweet without some sweat.

I need to unlock this door.

I think you're making a mistake.

What is your favorite color and why?

I can never tell when Curtis is upset.

Well, it seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.

Please keep my place in this line.

You need to leave now.

I like her. She's so beautiful!


Let's check it out.

If only you were here, I could consult you about it.

Izumi is a 33-year-old man.


In addition to being a doctor, he is a writer.

Today, we're going to have a good time!

The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.

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I was an English major.


Did you find out what you wanted to know?

Jean-Christophe was OK.

Can somebody get me a towel?

It makes perfect sense.

Colin has been booked for murder.

You've just been down in the dumps.

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

I suffer from melancholy.

They shot Barrett.

Milner says he wasn't being paid.

We can't sue.

I promised Lee I wouldn't say anything.

The performance was received with applause.


Appearance isn't all.

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I must send for the doctor.

Quitting smoking is easy, quitting you is too hard.

Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.

How many people?

I'm happy right now.

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This joke relies on a double entendre.

"Why did Mahmoud do that?" "Do what?"

The world's gone crazy.

There is nothing to do here.

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down what seemed to be a very deep well.

Who else agrees with me?

Mick had no idea what was happening.

I want to go to see a film.

Hydrogen bonds have something to do with the high boiling point of water.

The children are going to the beach today.

He can die from overwork.


Yesterday I bought two steamed buns.

These are daises.

She looked out of the window.

Where can you get the best fresh bread?

This country needs a new president.

It's all you can really do.

To a mathematician, "almost all" means "all but finitely many."


Murat and Jinny fight constantly.


You don't entirely trust us, do you?

I'm the one who should be doing this.

Pia blamed Jack for leaving their children unattended.

We Africans are excellent athletes and runners.

Everyone in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

That would be extraordinary.

So, players were often seriously injured and sometimes even killed in these rough games.


May I ride a bicycle?

I'll give you a ride to our home.

You can't possibly leave.

Samir is going out with a Chinese exchange student.

However, it's a pain putting the room in order.

He came into the room with his hat off.

All the seating areas are taken.

Why are we leaving?

I don't know if Pradeep has a brother or not.

Go on ahead.

I never see this picture without being reminded of my childhood.

I couldn't think of anything else I needed to do.

Pierre closed his eyes and began to count sheep.

Novorolsky is very friendly.

Don't drive so fast. We're all going to die!


You don't want to do anything rash.

Give me your word you'll take care of Randolph.

Serdar wants you back.

What fruit is your brother seeing?

Tanaka was playing basketball with a group of friends.

the ambassador died suddenly

Go and find her.

Leonard said he'd rather not go to Gary's party.

The room got very quiet.


How did you know where I'd be?

I'm going ashore.

It is often said that Japanese universities are difficult to enter, but easy to graduate from.


There's always a next time.

When you use the last sheet, don't think: "The person after me will manage just fine."

It began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston.

Romeo instantly fell in love with Juliet.

I never do anything without asking Stacy first.


I hope next year will be better.

This is Edward.

He doesn't know anything.


Lynne reached for the pitcher of water.


Those shadows appeared in a way like giant dinosaurs, with a long neck and a very big jaw without teeth.

Takao said it was no concern of his.

Discussion is based upon mutual respect.

How did you spend your free time?

Did you finish the assigned readings in the textbook?

Donne spends lots of money on clothes.

You'll do as you're ordered.

It's easier said than done.

Jinny was living with Shutoku at the time.


Fish abound in this river.

Everybody had a hard time.

Everyone wants that.

Pick that up.

This is a camera made in Japan.

Susan will shoot.

That was enough to issue a warrant for Dan's arrest.


We've been searching for you.

You should've stayed with him.

But, then again, Latin was already a "dead language" by that time.

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I've gotten tired of watching this boring game.

When does your trip begin?

I did better than everyone expected.

Spyros is, one might say, a professional criminal.

I was afraid I might not be able to do it correctly.

The gallows were already standing on the square.

He has no remorse.


I don't think it's funny.


That wouldn't make much difference.

He got to London yesterday.

I am planning to call on Tran the day after tomorrow.

I love being around her.

Miles cheated on Natraj.

I must have made a slip somewhere.

She may be able to answer the question.

The value of the dollar is going up.

Frankly speaking, you made a mistake.

Klaus doesn't think there is any life on Mars.

Tell me, do you miss me at all?

Oh, by the way, I have something for you.

I've known Jim since my childhood.

Will you give me some time?

We have changed.


I've got to get ready for school.


You're such a hard worker.

That rule applied to everybody.

These are getting hard to find.

At last she gave way to him and broke a secret.

This is same type of camera as the one I lost.


This sentence had the wrong flag.

Do you think it's going to snow?

They don't have anything in common at all.


In the movie, "The Good Earth", the American actress Agnes Moorehead played the part of a Chinese woman, which would be criticized today as representing cultural appropriation.

We have to get them help us.

I have never seen anyone like him.

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How did I manage to do that?

Elias knew you'd try to convince him not to go.

Everyone else is sleeping.

I shouldn't have yelled at him.

He quickly confessed everything.


He remembers Mr Black's car.


I couldn't have planned this.