I intended to go, but forgot to.

My ear is itching.

Ning filled a cup with water.

We should think about moving to a safer location.

Keep away from that pond, please.

Which size do you wear?

Vladimir certainly seemed happy.

Staying up late nights is nothing to me.

Panama is a piker compared to Fifth Avenue.


You've got nothing to apologize for.

A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!

God is an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.


I ordered a book from London.

I haven't decided either way. I want to keep an eye on how things go.

He called on state troops to end the strike.

I hope the time will soon come when there would be no more war.

Eduardo brought a blanket.

You startled me!

Earle asked Lorien to be quiet.

My older sister has a mustache.

The show is on Saturday.

This pond doesn't go dry even in the summer.

When will you come back?

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The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.


I am unmaking my bed.

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You loved chocolate.

He always make good his promises.

We celebrate our Independence Day on the Fourth of July.

You like to chop wood.

Food is food.

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I saw him talking on the phone.


She was in a panic and yelled something inarticulate.

He was sure that he would make a new discovery some day.

She's from Portugal.

You are adorable.

As soon as I left home, I ran into her.

This bus line goes out of the city.

We'll have to leave without Kuldip.

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Never had I seen such a mess.

I told them nothing.

You are big.

Do you have any new potatoes?

I knew I'd find you here.

He is a creep.

Has Marika ever visited Japan?

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A liter of milk contains about thirty grams of protein.

We won't hear from him.

Your plan just might work.

Is there a nonstop flight to New York?

Where did you all lose them?

I don't know how to help Micheal.

Manny woke Molly up with a kiss on the cheek.

I thought you quit drinking.

He is capable of teaching French.

There is a bowler hat on the table.

I don't like working out.

What's your beef?

Hans went to the beauty salon to get a manicure.

He will come into a large fortune.

You don't think that's going to happen, do you?

A straight line is a trivial example of a curve.

I took back everything I said.

I would like to see Rusty one more time.

We enjoyed ourselves at a sukiyaki party.

If you don't get the punch line, I'm sorry.

I'm killing time.


My sisters were cooking when I came home.

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Japan is unique among the Asian countries in having modernized completely.

I have one more favor to ask.

At first, I thought he was joking.

It seems that Les is busy.

I don't think we'll be able to solve this problem by ourselves.

I'm here to help you, Deb.

Nikolai is still living on Park Street, isn't he?

What was the young man's name?

His lackadaisical attitude to studying explains his poor grades.

I can't believe I did that!

I became very nervous when I couldn't locate my passport.

This is the first time I've ever written a letter in French.

Love is seeing her in your dreams.

Did Bush have ties to al-Qaida?

Why don't you just take it back to where you got it?

Would you wake up, you'll be late for school.

I heard a noise behind me.


Don't ask the same thing over and over again. I explained it properly to you already. It's getting tedious.

Joachim will be joining you shortly.

The curtains don't go with the other furnishings.

At what point do we start to worry?

Of course, Michel loves his children.

I meant it to be used as a textbook.

Look, what a nice team!

Timothy knew that he'd be busy on Monday.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Are you on the list?

I hope you can join us at these very important July DCA meetings and complement your stay by exploring some of the many affordable charms of Tokyo.

Did you have a good night last night?

Tharen is a better swimmer than Jane.

Please don't go to any expense on my account.

Case's parents have a huge house.

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Jews used Hebrew letters as numerals, and unlike the decimal system, the position of the numeral in the number is irrelevant. Thus one may conclude as many superstitious conclusions as he desires.

I said go away.

Jelske won't know how to use it.

They had to read the book many times.

Indeed he is rich, but he is not reliable.

He showed his mother around the city.

Come swim with me.


I asked who he was.

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I'm there for you.


Not everyone in town likes us.

I don't want any special treatment.

I go to Tokyo University.


Did you shave yesterday?

With half an hour on this treadmill you'll work up a pretty good sweat.

Gary doesn't want to work here.

He cut down the tree with an ax.

She will be the first female Japanese astronaut.

You all did good work.

If you start now, you will get there in time.


We can understand everything you're saying.

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My old job was extremely boring.

You know why we're here.

Patricio still remembers you.

I am shearing the ewe.

Can I talk to Ryoko again before you hang up?

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.

Red is a colour.

You can't win every time.

It's eight o'clock at night.

What's your opinion of Japanese food?

From our point of view, his proposal is reasonable.

Yoga comes from India.

Has Jose told Alan about how he met John?

Love is giving something one doesn't have.

We don't get much rain around here.

We have to be here for another three hours.

I aimed at the tiger and fired, but missed him.

Your son is dating my daughter.

I'm pretty sure that Lar can do it.

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Mariou made a clean getaway.


Juliet pretended to know nothing about it.

Why should I not do that?

How was it, the test?

Spencer spends his working day listening to peoples' problems and providing advice on how best they can deal with them.

I know why you don't want to go.

They wanted to die because they didn't manage to please their parents.

Dustin let out a deep breath.

Billy didn't understand Kristen's joke.

She smells really nice.


They've got enough to do already.

Our farm is located in rural Nebraska.

Are you happy in your house?


Suppose you had ten million yen, what would you do?

She is active.

I gave her a chance.

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He resorted to his pint of wine for consolation, drank it all in a few minutes, and fell asleep on his arms, with his hair straggling over the table.


I never met them.

You're way too good for her.

How many of your friends have beards?

Why would Vladimir quit?

Behave decently, as if you're a well-cultured man.

Kari left Felix a message.

I went to the hospital to have my eyes tested.

Group the words according to meaning.

I think I'm really sick.


He is considered an extraordinarily gifted pianist.

Did something happen to him?

Hubert is subject to fits of anger.

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Try to learn a little English.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I don't want that to happen.

Have you gotten yourselves acquainted?

Today I passed a person on the street wearing a refreshing fragrance.