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This site monitors the public Internet presence of Alaskan critical infrastructure (energy, finance, government, medical, telecommunications, transportation, and water) and a few other selected sectors (education).


  • For the public: provide objective Internet performance data and trending across multiple Alaskan companies.
  • For site administrators: enable troubleshooting of external/upstream issues, chart public-facing performance over time, and get an independent view of exposed hostnames and services -- all without having to maintain your own monitoring instances.


  • All hostnames and services are derived solely from public sources.
  • It is harder to isolate Alaska-specific components of some traditional critical infrastructure (defense and food), so they are not yet included.
  • This instance is running from Alaska Communications IP space in Anchorage, Alaska. Judge latency accordingly.


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This akmon instance is generously hosted by Alaska Communications, running on Xen.

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