But you’re in limbo.

The place I call

You’ve outgrown a past success. The spark is gone. You feel the pull of a more true and fulfilling next work. The problem is - you lack passionate clarity about “What’s next.”

Between-dreams can be an uncertain, confusing, and lonely place.

Yet there is a path... and a Map.

I want the Map!
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that's on-fire with their calling

When you have New Fire you have clarity of direction and certainty of purpose.
Every day you’re making a difference you care deeply about;
with the income to support your dreams - so you have a LIFE too.

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    Reinvention Success Stories, my new podcast in collaboration with Susyn Reeve from SelfEsteemExperts.com, is now available to listen to in iTunes and Google Play – or to watch as a video on YouTube. Inspiring YOUR Reinvention This show is based on the power of story. Each episode is short, just 15 minutes or so, where we… 508-670-1744

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    There’s a turning point where it all begins. Before that turning point, the seeds of change have already been planted. And they are seeds of discontent. Surprisingly that’s a good thing; because it means that you’ve grown – and that you are ready for more. More aliveness. More creativity. More purpose. It means that you… [Continue Reading]

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    “What you have to do in this world you cannot do alone. Every successful human enterprise is a collaboration – a drawing together of diverse resources and energies to achieve a single end.” ~ Barbara Sher Reinvention can be desperately lonely. First, just getting yourself to the cliff-edge of acknowledging you need a change involves… (602) 747-0466

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    You’re ready for a change. You’ve outgrown the old career fit. Maybe outgrown an old dream. It probably took you awhile to admit it. And even now the truth feels risky and uncertain. But it’s time. And, it’s a time of BIG questions. What work would better tap your talents, make a difference you care about… [Continue Reading]

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    You stand at the edge. Uncomfortable energy coiled in your belly. You’ve arrived at the place where you know you’re not willing to settle. Not willing to settle for work that used to be satisfying yet now feels spent. Even though the money is good. Even though everyone else thinks you’re living the dream. I’ve… [Continue Reading]

  • After the Leap and Before the Landing: Your Time Between-Dreams

    Have you been there… suspended in a kind of limbo somewhere between a major ending and your next beginning? I certainly have. Several uncomfortable journeys there in fact. It’s maddening. Endings are hard enough. By the time you come out the other end, you’re tired and feeling more than a little beat-up. You’re ready for… (724) 821-3160