What are you going to do with your share of the treasure?


Her smile convinced him that she was happy.


He tried to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his accent gave him away.

I'd like to speak to Robbin.

I'm not letting Jess drive.


That wouldn't be practical.

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Ninety percent of road deaths are the result of human error.


I've spent way too much time thinking about this problem.

Gregor has made up his mind.

He has plenty of money in the bank.

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I blush for you.


Women are sincere.

Chuck doesn't know what to buy Those for her birthday.

Becky has a plane to catch.


Sriram and Del ate snails at the restaurant last night.


Who is younger, he or I?

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I just can't help.

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Why did I hate to write essays?

I can't take it for long.

I don't know how he can live in this mess.


Go ahead with your work.

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You'll understand all of this eventually.

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I have the master key.


The old lady fell down and broke her hip.

Maybe we're gonna work.

As she grew up, she became more and more beautiful.

You probably think Jacques is deaf.

He's not a man to waste time.

Tell him hi for me.

How many pens did you buy?

Johnathan knows how to read French.

I'm not going to show you.

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Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.

You must never forget that.

When it's dark you can use a flashlight to see.


I know you're nervous.


The station is in the center of the city.


I'm grateful for what you did.

She told us not to make a noise.

Import regulations have been relaxed recently.

Pollsters conducted a poll on the popularity of the political candidates.

The last time I saw Maarten he was wearing a cowboy hat.


Kathy has a lot of work to do before he can go home.


Call me at the office tomorrow morning.

You might want to talk to Straka.

Was I wrong?

Without a word, he had disappeared into the welter of the noonday crowd.

It doesn't matter to me whether she comes here or not.

Mostly likely, he's come back from the workshop.

I've been hit.

To cite usage against rule, in a constructed language, is insane.

Hand me those papers.


I want you to run to the store for me.

Grab it!

We are cruising at an altitude of 39,000 feet.

The train ran off the tracks.

Someone needs to save him, or he'll drown.

Meehan is just an ordinary person.

I have no one to confide in.

Would you mind closing the door?

What's the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?

I always thought Cecilia and Ralf were a good couple.

He was much affected by the sad news.


Can you please tell Tommy I haven't made a mistake?


Esperanto changes the problem, because one can learn Esperanto as well as his mother tongue -- and perhaps even better than it.

Rex showed Swamy how to sharpen a knife.

What did they give you to eat?

Nobody ever saw hide or hair of him.

I made that dress by myself.

What should you do if you find a big spider on your bed?

The production of the automobile started in the 1980.

Are there many arctic foxes in the tundra?

This gift is from Michel.

You just won.

Why are you always whining?

Do you want to see?

You were not jealous.

The problem is not settled yet.

Stanislaw can't do this alone.


I'd like to get information regarding a number of questions.

It seems as if you are the first one here.

Problems don't usually go away by themselves.

At least six hundred men died in action.

It seems that he is interested in astronomy.

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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Sidney missed the train.

We are doing business with many countries.

How could I have possibly known that would happen?

You scared me to death.

Jinchao looked both ways before crossing the road.

Ruminants are a kind of mammals


The world feels so empty, when one only sees mountains, rivers and cities. But realising that there are people here and there, who could match with us, who we live with silently : that changes this earth in a living garden.

Hunter likes to pretend that he has a lot of money.

The cloth's very faded.

They enjoyed themselves at the party.

Maria never married.

That's an order!

One of the two of us has to do it.

That's what we're looking for.

She always looked happy, but never was.

Many philosophers come from Greece.

When the lanes are dry like this, a curveball ends up in the gutter.


Angela pulled over to the side of the road.

"I want my dark elf to be blue." "OK... That one's purple. You'll be purple for this week."

You were so young then.


How do I know this isn't another one of your tricks?

Ruth is a coward. He ran from the battle.

Bonnie needs you in the briefing room.


Actually, it was pretty boring.

Let's get down to business.

The upper reaches of the river are very beautiful.

I reacted on instinct.

Eileen talked about that.

I picked Juergen up after school.

I have the feeling that since last Sunday morning, years have gone by.


Here there are many wildflowers.

She won first prize in the exhibition.

I'd be nervous, too.

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This tastes pretty good to me.


Rebecca and I have known each other for a long time.


Sandeep doesn't drink and drive.

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Guillermo disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer.

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I need some answers.


Saify doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.


Taro will come here before long.

I have bad credit.

Another spam article hoping for click-throughs?

If Oskar finds out I told you this, she'll be furious.

Take care of yourself. Don't get sick.


I got into Harvard.

This is true to life.

I've got a lot of work to do.


I go to bed at around ten at night.


The boat was seen to draw apart from the others.

How did you come to know that gentleman?

Make sure you tell her that.

You don't care, do you?

Boyd said he didn't like this.

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The average life of a dog is ten years.


She has a delightful sense of humor.


When I was at hospital, she didn't come to visit me.

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People really are stupid sometimes.

I know a boy about your age.

Why did you say yes?

He's hiding something.

He came to school very late.

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The robber aimed his gun at the clerk.


Organized sports are often an important part of school life, and competitive sports are popular, too.


Would you care for another cup of tea?

I'm completely wet because of the heavy rain. Will you come and pick me up with your car?

A fallen fakir is in the mosque.