Lois is a doofus.

I sent a message to you.

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The Minister had to face a barrage of questions from the press.

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Suresh has done everything.

I think that he is from Russia.

We're not going to stop here.

I don't care if I live or die.

Most of these products are domestic.

Let's forget about what was yesterday.

Monsanto has 86% of the world market share of genetically altered seeds.


He's a good actor and he's also good-looking.

Marguerite needs to clean his room.

Everybody will be home for Christmas.

Alexander doesn't speak.

Scot was killed that night.


Did you write to your wife when you were in the army?


You told me not to lie.

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.

That sounds crazy.

Lea, you've got to help me.

How did you find out?

Gail became the acting chairman of the committee.

Josip asked Nathaniel out to dinner.


He drives a hard bargain.

Stay away from it.

Why didn't you tell me that Al had a daughter?

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He is a great scientist.

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Have you always wanted to be a police officer?

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Siping has periods of debilitating depression followed by bursts of manic activity.

Even though I decided to hang the laundry outside because the sun was shining, just as I was hanging them, it started to rain.

Biking is becoming more and more popular in North America.


That's not my wife.

That's not what I hear.

You know me so well.

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I thought Sanand had already been compensated for that.

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I don't ovulate.

We need to find cover!

Why do you need my help?

Janice was here a few weeks back.

The fugitive crossed the river.

What do you have in your bag?

I am very glad to hear that you speak Scottish Gaelic.

Tell her that I am angry.

He failed, due to lack of money.

You are not my brother.

Laura tidied up the living room.

When he received the letter, he fled to his parents'.

I'd like to break this 100 dollar bill into four 20 dollar bills and twenty singles.

I can't get any work done here with all these children in the room.

She raised her hand to ask a question.


The poor are often disempowered by the language practices of those in power.

I need to make better use of my free time.

It's wrong to lie.

That's just absolutely ridiculous.

I'm glad I make you happy.


We're useless.

Tammy is loyal to his wife.

He applied himself to his study.

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Who are you going to believe?


I need them.


It's not too hard to do that.

I'm just going to drop by the post office.

I want to leave it up to you what to do.

Do you understand what's going on?

I can't speak French at all.

Nothing had moved.

It seems the teacher was disappointed.

I notice you haven't taken off your shoes.

Please stay quiet.

I did warn you.

The waitress served the tea.

Sridhar is persuasive, isn't he?

My girlfriend is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby.

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I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds.

Kyung is clearly hiding something.

Tiefenthal couldn't find the words to express how he was feeling.

"Why are you so interested in Germany?" "I don't know."

Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?


The jackal is howling.

There was a light shining ahead and I tried to reach to it.

Stop, speak no farther!

I'm easy.

This phone call is about a taxi driver who calls 911 because of a pregnant woman inside his taxi while they're on a freeway.

I just wanted to see how Dieter was doing.

Don't I have some say in this?

I did what was important to me.

As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.

That's a hair-raising thought.

I think we could be good friends.

Curtis doesn't have to go back to Boston.

The population of the world is increasing so rapidly that it will be doubled within forty years.

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Will he be able to come tomorrow?

I felt my hands shaking and my heart beating fast.

I'm very happy for Henry.

Where's the nearest department store?

As you get older you start to feel that health is everything.


He went around the neighborhood collecting signatures.

I could show you around the city.

You should follow my advice and marry her.

They were swimming.

Kirsten fell asleep on guard duty.

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I demand that you correct that observation, Mr. Charles.

We're reaching the end of our journey together.

The student is in the classroom.

The dog went away.

This room is awfully cold.


We're working.

Do you need this book?

I don't have anything else I want to say.


Do they have that?

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Fortunate is he who is able to know the causes of things.


Computers can be thought of as mere calculating machines.

The car ran into a guardrail.

It's the least we can do.


Donald made me swear not to tell.

She worked on behalf of her family.

He's thinking about this difficult problem.

Cristina was dubious.

Help me.

I'm still thinking about Duane.

I saw Roy and he asked me to pass this along to you.

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We know what you want.

In the center of the university campus stands the statue of the founder.

They ruined their clothing.


"It's been a while since I've seen milk in a bottle." "Me too. I somehow feel its nicer than milk in a paper carton, don't you?" "I was thinking the same thing."


Kerri claimed that he saw a man being eaten alive by piranhas.

You're being given a promotion and a raise in security access level.

Is that why you came to see me?

We have plenty of food.

I want you to be quiet now.

Who that is honest will do such a thing?

Thank you for telling me.

Novo was greedy.

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

I am level-headed.

I wish I'd studied harder when I was young.


It was a great time for Hollywood.

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I never touch beer.


The plane exploded and plunged into the ocean, killing all the people on board.

Brandi likes to sit up front.

Do your homework right now.

They are proud in humility; proud that they are not proud.

It will not last more than three minutes.

Last night someone broke into the small shop near my house.

"Are you feeling better?" "No, I feel worse."


Jeanette has one brother.

Kay and William know the truth.

Jitendra has lost sight in his left eye.

It's not appropriate to wear a red miniskirt to a funeral.

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I barely even remember Sal.

We'll help them tomorrow.

I'm going to try to quit drinking.


Vince is mocking Ken.

When the last leaf falls, I must go, too.

Don't you see the exit sign over there?

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Presumably, he buys them abroad.

Your conclusion is highly arguable.

Kimmo loves traveling.

Idleness often accounts for poverty.

Miek was the underdog.

One difficulty after another arose.

It won't be a problem to reschedule the appointment.