Rabin has many talents.

You just need time to adjust to the new paradigm.

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I'm going to see them again.


She is determined to succeed this time.

We are used to wearing shoes.

Takayuki was rushed to a local hospital.


We're going to make this work.

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Would you like a cookie?

Why didn't you help him in your turn?

Why didn't you tell me you had a friend in the FBI?

You said Tal was beautiful, but I didn't think she would be this beautiful.

He is wandering around in a trance.

The police detective found a bloody knife.

These must be worth at least three hundred dollars.


Joshua has already told Caroline what to do.

I haven't got a clue.

I dated Charlene for a while.

Jarmo started to go, but Paula stopped him.

There are no towels.

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Scarcely had I gone to bed when the telephone rang.

He asked her some questions.

Cliff wants you right away.

Edward usually reads the newspaper while eating breakfast.

The papers blew off.

Between the two of them, Ken is taller.

I traveled in the interest of my company.


I need them in my life.


Your father never wanted you.

He filed a complaint.

Two against one is not a fair fight.


What's happened to your eye?

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To give a definition of word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its usage.

Clayton harasses marginalized people on the Internet.

There's no other choice.

Can I get you a drink or something to eat?

The thieves tied him up and escaped through the window.

You're OK.

He caught sight of a thief attempting to break into the house.

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Clarence intended to visit Boston last month.

My memory was at fault.

The police say there's someone pulling string behind the scenes.


Whoever hears his recorded voice has the feeling of having heard a stranger.

They assailed the new teacher with questions.

There seems to be a problem.


Are you really OK?


Oliver wants people to pity him.

How dare you marry my daughter without my consent!

Can you trust Naoto?


We just want to know whether Joe is coming or not.

Raif is not able to swim.

Kolkka is going to get here earlier than expected.

Work? You only need a good idea to become rich.

That tall girl standing next to Win is Rand.


I would like you to look over these documents.

We'd better go help him.

When he stopped running, he was satisfied.


I let Liz talk me into helping him.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

I have a bone to pick with you.


I knew you'd take Woody's side.

I can't believe I'm talking to you about this.

To my surprise, he won the prize.

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Horst talked about school.

I might try to do that.

Mother always gets up early in the morning.

This is something else to consider.

I wish that I could have spent more time with my father before he died.

I wouldn't bank on it if I were you.

Do you rent or own?

You're not starting to believe this stuff, are you?

I outsmarted you.

Donald tapped Hughes on the shoulder.

It was sink or swim with me.

Cut the cloth diagonally.

We can talk in the study.

Her hope is to become a doctor.

I can't believe what just happened.

This novel is too difficult for me to read.

Don't poke your nose into my private life.


After realizing copulation, praying mantis usually devours the male.

She has started acting strangely.

Lievaart won't be alone.

There is good weather. There is sun.

His voice brings to mind the sound of the motorway.

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I got sick riding the roller coaster with the loop-the-loop.


You're the only person I know who doesn't take some kind of medicine at least once a week.


It had to happen sooner or later.

We've never actually been out on a date together.

I didn't hear you say it.

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We're going dancing today.

I'd like to welcome you all aboard.

I know you're worried about Irfan.

Could you bring me a Japanese newspaper?

The telephone is one of Bell's many inventions.

The telephone can be a nuisance.

As is often the case with him, he sits up late at night.

Sean pretended that he was sick.

A lonely old man lives there.


When Oliver was young, he ate three eggs every day.

Stephe has been patiently waiting all morning.

Students have a holiday on Foundation Day.

We like the snow.

Your lips are blue. You should get out of the water.


The music Rajendra writes is pretty good.

He assumed the leadership of the political party.

I knew you had a boyfriend!

What did you talk to Cris about?

He made up his mind to keep his plan secret.

I ordered Kaj to do it.

It happened again.


She was baptized Sam.

No one will believe Herman.

His breath reeked of liquor.


Are you questioning my integrity?

Sridharan lives on the other side of the hill.

This high humidity makes me feel tired.

You are frustrated with your work.

His name sounds familiar.

George encouraged Ellie to study hard again.

A republic is a state with a president at its head instead of a king or queen.

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I could see Dana was drunk.

Louie put on the hat that Oskar gave him.

He neither smokes nor drinks.

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It's missing.


You need not have worried about her so seriously.

It doesn't have to end like this.

I hope I haven't woken you up.

We're working on getting that done.

Cosmetic stem cell therapy is in the early stages of development.


I wanted to know the truth.


Did Kirk ever talk to you about what he did in Australia?



Brad is drinking some water.

I'm taking tomorrow off.


You can't put a price on a life.

Do you have school lunch?

Maybe we should turn back.

It was cloudy all day long today.

All of them remained silent.


I wasn't hired.

I'll get the hang of it.

We have missed this.

Something horrible has happened.

My father drives very well.

This disturbs you, doesn't it?

I've been expecting good news from them.

You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.

You have plenty of time.

I don't think you understand how much this means to me.

Herbert married an older woman.

I prefer cookies and candies to alcohol, but I do drink.

He consulted with some of the staff on the matter.


He's a good boy so I like him.

This is the picture of his own painting.

Yeah, but I'll have to take the rap if they slip up.

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I am not concerned with this matter.

"Do you know what floppy disks are?" "Of course I do!" "Have you ever used one?" "Nah, I haven't."

Nicolo was very insistent.

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I'm a total loser.


I am being paranoid, aren't I?