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We track prices and stock availability and update them automatically.

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Quantity Manager

Tracks product quantities and updates when needed.

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About Web Seller Guru

Sounds easy – buy low on Amazon, sell high on eBay! But as your inventory grows the more time you need to manage it.

This is where WSG comes into play. Software to track your products and update every price or stock availability change and automatically take pre-set by the user actions to spare you time and unnecessary loss!

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Our Features

Complete set of instruments for managing your inventory and automating your eBay business

Product Price Tracking

Tracks stock availability and prices in your suppliers on every 1 hours and reflects automatically change in eBay. 4198773453

Quantity Manager

Tracks product quantities and updates when needed. View More!

Price Movement

Manage all your price products from one place. View More!

eBay Tracking Uploader

Automatically add your Tracking to ebay 2343184086

WSG Help Desk

WSG Help Desk is an eBay help desk that centralizes all your customer queries into one single interface. Apocrypha

Listing Builder

Upload products from all featured suppliers – just a few clicks and it is done! 7067475789

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