Annie tried to commit suicide.

Fay is twice as old as me.

That's not good enough for her.

I knew what I was doing was right.

I'm sick of your crossword puzzles.

Dan gave Linda a ride home yesterday.

I should've run away then.

The most important sex organ is the brain.

I think it's awful, that they're spreading rumors.

I don't know how to contact you.

Her health isn't equal to that heavy task.

I couldn't tell if you were happy or not.


That country has a trade surplus. It exports more than it imports.

My dream is to be the First Lady.

It appears to be a wedding.

There is always some aspect of poverty wherever you look. It's all in your head.

Mwa doesn't want to talk to Rees.

The problem is, he has no money.

I'm going to get out of town.

The first good rain storm will wash it away.

Dominick wanted to know when Alan would get home.

He has a lot of fear and doubt because people are always fooling him.

He must have been named after his grandfather.


We can't just ignore what Owen told us to do.


That's an impractical idea.

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Basically, I am a honest person.


Joyce is innocent.

It hasn't happened yet.

I can't come out and play today.

That's dumb.

It's annoying to hear people talking loudly in a library.

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That's also irrelevant.


They took my baby.

All my friends like him.

The surrounding area was very quiet.

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She might come tomorrow.

He is a son of a wealthy family.

Just be careful with everything.

If you're so demanding of others, you should also be demanding of yourself.

Should Scotland be an independent country?

That wasn't nice.

There is going to be a show-down between management and labor.

Do you have a bus pass?

I used to play volleyball when I was younger.

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Don't lean on your friends for help.


Franklin isn't very good at mathematics.

I always read the sports page first.

It makes me sick.

I would like to eat.

Maybe you're right.

The sumptuous residence of a government official was pillaged.

He was seized with uncontrollable rage.

He asked me to renew the bond.

I wonder where Raja went.

I'm speaking Ottoman.

There are no comments.

I wanted to discuss that matter with Gerard.

I think Lynn looks very handsome.

I look at the land beside my friend.

Ozan managed to find a place to sit.

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I had to act at once.


Must I stay in bed?


When did Merat die?

No speculation has taken place concerning the motives.

He has completely avoided being sentimental.

Don't worry in the least. It's nothing more than a bad memory that will vanish with the first rays of the sun.

I just missed the train.

Do you take in students?

This isn't my money.

Eileen had little formal education.

Dewey is unpacking his suitcase.

My father often goes fishing in the river nearby.

Donovan can't be old enough to have a daughter as old as Bobby.

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Damone is willing to go.

You have a message here.

It's a big deal.

How many detainees are held at Guantanamo?

We want you to be happy.

I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner.

It's too late for them.

She picked flowers.

I was talking to him.

I'm obviously very disappointed.

Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He's just a petty hooligan, but if he had just a little more initiative, he could be a major criminal leader.

I shall need a wool blanket because it is cold at night.

It's probably a warning.

We waited for him to turn up.

There was a young fellow in to see you a half an hour ago.

Do you want me to go or not?

I hope Celeste's doing better than us.

I heard a car stop in front of the house.

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Doug's cellphone rang.

She talks as if she knew everything about it.

Rob is working at a supermarket now.

He didn't even know our names.

Did you make that up, Judy?

Shamim seems to be crying.

They pay Lee well.


Do it your way.

I'm so sorry, but I forgot your name.

Don't understand a thing.

Either you or he is wrong.

You get paid in proportion to the amount of the work you do.

The snowplow cleared the snow from the street.

The horsepower of a car matters not, with a donkey in control.

I have lived here since I was a boy.

Dwight doesn't have any symptoms.

Who should I bring?

I don't think I could stand to spend six hours alone with you.

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I think everybody should try to calm down.

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I like mysteries.

Have I ever lied to you?

I just meant to scare Sridhar, not to hurt him.

I met one of my friends on my way home.

Pravin isn't my friend.

Don't tease him.

I dream of being in Japan.

I was happy when they doubled my salary.

The Naxi language is spoken in China.

I'm sorry I was so hard on you before.

Warm up some water.


I'm very successful.

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I had already spotted him from afar.

She lost her money, her family and her friends.

She had no one to turn to.

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May I have a program?

Do you really want to go to the party with Joe?

Matthias has been giving me a hard time.

That's a pretty colour.

You'll never find her.

Her continuous chatter vexes me.

I'll make you happy.

Julianto needs to speak to Hillel.

Musa is an interesting guy.

Creationism is a pseudo-science.

When the bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened the world, she was there to witness a generation rise to greatness, and a democracy was saved. Yes, we can.

It is enough for today.

Do you remember the first time we met?

They don't know English.

Margarita is making a margherita pizza while drinking margaritas.


He is employed on the farm.

Chet owns a blue car.

Let's check one more time.

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Russell seemed busy.


The ship is at anchor in the harbor.


Are you sure you don't want a glass of water?


The population of New York is smaller than that of Tokyo.

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What's supposed to happen on Monday?

Up to now, only five guests have arrived.

Les had his homework all done by the time his mother got home.

I got my bicycle repaired.

If he comes, what should I tell him?

They will not stand for such treatment.

Marsh has been pretty unlucky, hasn't he?

I hate the English language and everything related to it.

If the shoe fits....

You must work diligently.

Kyoko was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

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Please let me know what you want.

Could you do me a favor and wait until tomorrow morning?

Don't take that away from me.

I'm the one in charge.

I am sorry for what I did.


I want to know why you weren't here yesterday morning.

Anatoly should know this.

How long has your skin been jaundiced?


Donald doesn't like people who speak ill of others.


Noam doesn't want to see you right now.