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If you’re considering a coding bootcamp, I highly recommend attending this👇🏽. @Career_Karma is all about supporting folks in finding the best fit for them

Rina Parsegian

Thank you for the call this morning @rubenharris Really appreciate your support and wisdom 🙏🏻 Can’t wait to “flow” @Career_Karma @everest10x #NewbieCode #Motivated #Blessed

Denise Elaine

Highly recommend any broadcast from @Career_Karma ..they are truly trying to help anyone trying to break into code #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #WomenWhoCode

Jessica Cottrell

I got to be surrounded with magical #codenewbies tonight on a @Career_Karma call where I shared my story about learning to code via @thinkful and landing software roles! I'm so in love with my career and the community around it! Thank you, @timurmeyster for the opportunity!

Felicia Williamson

Huge shout out to @Career_Karma for being the best mentors ever!!! Here’s to great things to come!! Thanks guys for helping all of us! @rubenharris @timurmeyster @ArturMeyster @everest10x @prettyheartsluv

Got a call from @rubenharris checking in with me. The level of support, positivity, and mindset the folks at @Career_Karma hash out is awesome and if you're interested in learning to code and feel like some external help is welcome, check them out. #ProtectYourDreams