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Simplify remote patient monitoring with automated text messages and phone calls that are clinically tested and proven.

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Patient-provider communication between visits is broken.

Health happens outside of the encounter. But providers don’t have the time to reach out and manage every patient, every day. And the patients who need the most support are often the ones that are the most difficult to manage between visits.

Epharmix solves this problem with effortless remote patient monitoring.

Epharmix is an unobtrusive system that uses mobile interventions to collect patient-reported data in the background, helping patients get to goal faster while reducing workload for providers.

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Epharmix delivers clinically proven outcomes using technologies accessible to both patients and providers.

Providers can use interventions on Epharmix’s easy-to-use platform with confidence.

Automated Patient Monitoring

Save time spent collecting patient data with automated communication tools.

Proven Health Outcomes

Help patients get to goal efficiently with condition-specific interventions.

Efficient Patient Prioritization

Identify at-risk patients instantly with actionable alerts and reports.

Access the experience of other leading providers to get condition-specific insights that matter.

Our research center collaborates with leading providers from top medical institutions to create condition-specific interventions designed to improve outcomes and align with key quality metrics. Explore some of the outcomes below.


Increase quality metrics


relative risk reduction in COPD hospitalizations

fig 1.Time to first hospitalization normalized to start of intervention.

EpxCOPD: Chronic Disease Management Using Digital Medicine

In an ongoing randomized clinical trial, 168 patients were randomized into a treatment group with 83 patients receiving EpxCOPD and 85 patients receiving placebo phone calls. A primary difference between the two arms was the implementation of the Epharmix provider alert system. We see a 61% relative risk reduction in COPD specific hospitalizations, with an absolute risk reduction of 10% as seen in Figure 1 over the studied 3 month period.



Improve patient outcomes


reduction in fasting blood glucose in eight weeks

fig 2.Each report demonstrates a subsequent drop in blood glucose by 20 points in blood glucose, demonstrating the efficacy in being able to treat patients efficiently and quickly.

EpxDiabetes: Chronic Disease Management Using Digital Medicine

In this pilot, a total of 35 patients were followed for over 8 weeks at the hospital system and Washington University in St. Louis while tracking response rates and average FBG levels. Results demonstrated that, on average, 86% of patients respond to the system each week. We have found that patients using EpxDiabetes for 8 weeks have experienced a 34.6-point reduction in FBG from a baseline calculated as the average of the first week of reported FBG values.

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Reduce overall workload


of clinical tasks were automated for 50 patients

fig 3.Alert rate over time demonstrates the small percentage of total alerts compared to total patients receiving messages. Note the spikes are due to patients receiving messages at different frequencies based on their respective states and levels of control.

Monitoring Heart Failure Patient Populations to Improve Outcomes and Increase Efficiency

A 3,900-physician, 3,200-bed health system, under-performing in heart failure readmissions and outpatient monitoring, needed technology to help the care team reduce hospitalizations in its heart failure population and chose EpxHeartFailure as the standard of care for CHF patient monitoring and management. Care managers successfully implemented EpxHeartFailure across all socioeconomic strata, and in the process, reduced the work load of each individual care team member.


Our portfolio of evidence-based interventions make it easy to reach any patient.

  • EpxAsthma
  • EpxBreastfeeding
  • EpxCOPD
  • EpxDecolonization
  • EpxDiabetes
  • EpxDiabetes-InsulinDependent
  • EpxDialysis
  • EpxDischarge Referral
  • EpxEpilepsy
  • EpxFallPrevention
  • EpxGestDiabetes
  • EpxHeartFailure
  • EpxHypertension
  • EpxMedicationTracking
  • with more in development...
  • EpxMood
  • EpxPHQ9
  • EpxPneumonia
  • EpxPostPartumDepression
  • EpxPostPartumFollowUp
  • EpxSickle
  • EpxSubstanceUse
  • EpxWound

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Epharmix interventions were designed with financial incentives in mind and align with 42 quality metrics.

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