The government reshuffle doesn't make a real impact.

If you break your promise we're through, right?


That isn't the case in Japan.

Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.

How are we going to manage this?

The rumor cannot be true.

Mr. Smith is liked by all his students.


I wasn't even conscious of it.

We just made too many mistakes.

We have the best food in town.


He arrived from Australia a year ago.

You said to give Ruth what he needs.

The game was drawing to an end.

Give it up for him.

Can you keep the noise down?

Who cares what you think?

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.


I live in a relatively safe neighborhood.

Translating this sentence will be very easy.

Cotton absorbs water.

Who can help me?

The meeting was canceled because of the rain.

Mt. Fuji soars heavenward.

Stuart doesn't dress like everybody else.

Benjamin won't really do that, will he?

He tells jokes.

Isn't Dominic supposed to be doing his homework now?

Something bad has happened to Heinz.

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Mr Jordan was a little surprised.


You filthy pig!


Sho kept good notes.

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When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.

Who do you live with?

Pieter was unable to restrain himself.

You know this is illegal, don't you?

I think that they were just trying to be friendly.

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Would you wake up, you'll be late for school.


I've been looking for you all day.


You've got to pay attention.

That just didn't sound right.

The party's Saturday.

The buds began to burst.

The water was icy cold.

I don't think he'll be able to do that work.

Your English has made gradual progress.

William is the one who told me why I needed to go to Boston.

Thirteen people were killed in the train wreck.


Are you spying on me?


I don't have any feelings for you.

I would appreciate it if you could agree to my plan.

Humans are stupid animals.


She hid under the sheets.

I watched the wife kill her own son.

The newspaper reported the death of the statesman.


Casper saw a black cat as he was walking under a ladder, so he dropped the mirror he was carrying and it broke.

The market prices have fallen across the board.

These rules have been and always will be observed.

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I know what they're capable of.

We have nowhere to hide.

NASA's first spacesuits were developed for the Mercury program.

I expect that as well.

Has he met them today?

It made me supremely happy.

Earl isn't too old to do that.

I was about your age when I came to Boston.

How complex is it?


She quickly confessed everything.

Owen is the only one still sleeping.

Winston asked for a loan from Olson.

Unity in diversity.

They both gave statements.


Do I know you?

Mechael took off his jacket and untied his bow tie.

So that's why!

Don't talk about it in front of him.

Maurice's efforts have been rewarded.


I think you should wait for Marcel.

Were you careful?

He went on a one-day trip.

I waited for Lin for a long time.

Dan corroborated Linda's story.

We're going to have to deal with this.

My grandmother told me about her whole life.


Can one find a telephone near by?

The meeting begins at three.

I've finally got my divorce.

Wes's alone.

It seemed that he had visited the office.

My husband notices everything.

Timothy is somber.


They're the real racists.

You were the one who gave me that tip.

I'm having a hard time explaining this.

You don't need to pay anything.

I want to be a magician.

I never thought about it that way.

I won't be needing this.

We were ordered to do that.

Merat isn't asking any questions.


As you can see, I'm still alive, and that's the main thing. My father, too, says that's what's most important.

The first edition was published ten years ago.

Why aren't you eating your vegetables?


The leaders were out of touch with the people.

They continued searching.

Toronto's mayor was caught on tape smoking crack.

We have overlooked this important fact.

I like steak rare, but not this rare.

Courtney asked Paola to do something she didn't want to do.

Gabriel lives in a house that was built in the 1700s.

What did you do to get expelled from school?

Ami gave Pria the key to his apartment.

Even as we take new steps to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, we must also prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that are already being felt across the country.

Daniel is always studying.


Where are the showers?

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What is your earliest childhood memory?


The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.


Glen put his things into a box.


Glenn is smarter than most people think he is.

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It was disgraceful.

I'm looking for people to speak Esperanto with.

Marci doesn't like Boston.


I slept last night more than I usually do.


She's tired from overwork.

Don't forget that.

I'll check my schedule.

Don't make me ground you.

Jingbai was shot while robbing a convenience store.


Commentators have variously described the sound of vuvuzelas as "annoying" and "satanic" and compared it with "a stampede of noisy elephants", "a deafening swarm of locusts", "a goat on the way to slaughter", "a giant hive full of very angry bees", and "a duck on speed".

We found Richard.

If you go by Shinkansen, you'll be there in no time.

I'm sorry I can't go with you today.

Sylvan couldn't help worrying about Barbara.

If that happens, I'll resign.

The train has arrived here now.


We've been doing business for years.


Randy led the attack.


We have had bad weather recently.

Now that I'm here, the problem is as good as solved.

I hope Jerrie helps me.


I did try to warn you.

I argued her out of going skiing.

Eleanor suffered severely for her conjugal affection even after the death of her husband by being imprisoned for the dreadful period of forty-three years.

He fell in battle.

He never saw his brother again.


Which do you drink more, coffee or tea?

As a rule, the more fundamental a new truth, the greater will be its practical possibilities.

I'd be happy to keep it.


NASA's Mars rover discovered traces of a river bed.

I suppose it couldn't be helped.

Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.


Even I don't understand.


What Lars did helped a lot.

He was seen to enter the room.

Does anyone here know what time the meeting starts?


The new road will benefit the people living in the hills.

I will tell it to him at the proper time.

Ernest knew he was being followed.

You can still change your mind.

Just stand up.