I don't want to come back here ever again.

I usually have dessert after dinner.

I will be back in another two weeks.

Randell is my ex-girlfriend.

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I would love to meet an Esperantist and spend the whole day saying, "What is this?".


This should be enough.

Would you be willing to send me a sample free of charge?

This book is written in such easy English that even beginners can understand it.


He's a posh toff.

Don't put anything on top of the box.

Kids like to play.

Here are the favorites on the pitch.

He left through a secret passageway.


Everything else is gravy.

What colour are her eyes?

I've never been kissed like that before.

Between meals, he usually manages to stow away a generous supply of candy, ice cream, popcorn and fruit.

That needs to be corrected.


You don't have to make any excuses.

I'll take her there myself.

The teacher made him stay after school.

Were you listening?

This is Julia's.

You're very observant.

Greg will work hard.

Is that what you said?

I can teach you a thing or two.

Are you prepared to just let that happen?

Part and Suzan gave each other presents on Christmas morning.

She's really pretty.

Did I ever tell you about Darren?


I would like to read books on Japanese history.

Patricio talks fast.

I will have it uploaded by Friday.

I'm sure my passport is in this room somewhere.

We didn't know which car we should get in.


Whether you like her or not, you can't marry her.

I think I've got something you might want.

Ernst's kindness affected her.

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He usually comes in time.

Santa almost looks like a girl.

I'm glad you guys could make it.


I am not being guided


I can try to talk to Roxana about the matter.


PHP is a web programming language.

I should take them with me.

My father isn't really in favour of our marriage, because John still hasn't got a job.


It's a bit strange to me.

Don't do anything strenuous tonight.

I'll phone them tomorrow when I come home.

His act was nothing short of superhuman.

Let me know if there is anything I can do.


Florian just showed up.

I like being my own boss.

The old fort is at the top of the hill.

Are you going to be much longer?

I love being a teacher.

We never know when adventure will step into our lives, but when it does, we must seize it.

Don't they have anyone to look after them?

Grounding and other bog-standard punishments didn't get through to his son at all.

Eduardo took a lot of photographs.


Any more breakage and you'll never curate a blown glass exhibit in this town again!

I thought I'd wear a tie.

Suspicion is destructive of friendship.

Where's the bus stop?

I needn't have watered the flowers. Just after I finished, it started raining.

The problem is whether you can follow her English.

Rahul bought a Roomba.

It won't take much time.

The French chose the South for this summer.

What're we doing here, Kinch?

It looks real to me.

There are about a hundred unidentified bodies to be buried.

Do you know what friendship is?

Donald isn't Fay's boyfriend anymore.

I guess I'm not the first to tell you that.

Do you have a message you want me to deliver to King?

You had better take his youth into account.


Give me a break, would you?

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I adore my clients.


Some of the members of the middle class have fallen into poverty.


It's still there.

I love this game.

Our Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with the Chinese Prime Minister tomorrow.

The top is turning clockwise.

He has suffered through a long period of illness.

Barrett never breaks promises.

Mr. Adams was foolish to agree to the proposal.

He bailed on us just when we needed him.

It was you that suggested seeing that movie.

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Moran told Kyung to stop eating.


The mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas, and the young men have the privilege of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked the privilege ceases.

I'll see you after work.

Gregory doesn't know where Julia wants to live.

I had Roy make the call to Linda.

When I was sick, she didn't come to visit me.

He begrudges you your success.

This city's recycling rate is only 15%.

Our employees are working around the clock to fix the damage caused by the ice storm.

He asked if I wanted to exchange money, and I said "no way".


She always stayed by my side.

She's spending too much time watching TV.

This is a good handbook.

Herb did it for us.

Let's see if we can get their attention.

This person is your slave, right?

The men drew their swords from their scabbards.


I've never ever been arrested.

I don't like thick soup.

Where are we meeting tomorrow? I don't want to get lost again.

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Make it fairly alcoholic.

I spoke to him kindly so as not to frighten him.

I'm no stranger to suffering.


I agree to a certain extent.

Don't worry Hume. I've got this.

She likes to read everything, and she read the Quran in all the languages she knows.

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I just hate them.

Dan will never leave you alone.

Herman gave me this shirt.

There is some milk left in the fridge.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Tad is dead.

Add two ounces of grated cheese.

Vice turned himself in to the FBI.

She is as active as she looks.

He picked it up carefully.

Lori is stuffed.

The river that flows through London is the Thames.


Don't try to trick death twice in one day.

I've known him for more than ten years.

He zipped his bag shut.

Why do I have to work with Joyce?

Don't stare.

Why are you protecting Griff?

I respect people like that.

Randell may not come here tomorrow.

I'll take this to them.

I'm a bit rusty.

Introverts need solitude to recover from having to work with extroverts.

You're in over your head.

Well, then, if you want me to I'll do it.

What is this cake called?

They began using their power to become rich.


Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

Harold still hasn't called.

We've had enough of that.

I worship the goddess Astarte.

I'll see you at the airport.

He lived until the age of 90.

Now I'm worried.

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I couldn't have made it alone.


There's one problem with this.

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You don't have to shout at the top of your voice.

Gunter hates it when Audrey pretends to understand sports.

I thought that would make it easier.

My neighbor served the most delicious crab dip at her party last night.

He told me about it.

Today he feels much better than yesterday.

Seth didn't say why.

You need to get over it.

I'll take responsibility.

Ahmed couldn't convince Kazuhiro to go to the dance with him.

Dr Mason placed his work above everything.

I suggest you stay out of my way.

My German is very limited.

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Dewey neatly folded her clothes and placed them in her dresser drawers.

How was your summer vacation?

They're in the well.

All of them are not poor.

There's a myth that Edison invented the light bulb.