How Foundivity Startup Coaching Works

Foundivity coaching for startups is about developing the daily habit of clearing your mind, setting goals, and taking actions towards them. Foundivity coaching is designed to fit into the rapid, chaotic nature of entrepreneurial life and set you up for victory. Much like a physical workout, Foundivity delivers a 10 minute charge up for your mind. Calls are a great "morning" ritual to do while having a coffee. You get your day started with goal setting and can help you the next day by refocusing on what you did or did not accomplish and what to focus on next.

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    Become a Member

    Select an affordable startup coaching membership that gives you anywhere from 8 to 24 coaching calls per month.

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    Founder Coaching Call

    Get on a call and your startup coach will guide you towards gaining clarity on the result that you want, in your specific situation, and committed to taking the necessary actions to achieve it.

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    Take Actions

    After the call you'll be charged up, committed, and have clarity about your most important goal and the actions that you will take to achieve it.

Startup Coaching Is Designed For:

Startup Founders

Startup Teams

Small Business Owners

On Demand Service Providers

Social Influencers &

Community Organizers

The startup journey is a tough one.   Every entrepreneur goes through times when they feel like they don’t know what to do or are ready to give up. These moments often cause startup founders, small business owners,  and their teams to avoid doing the very things necessary to keep moving forward in the direction of their dreams.

Foundivity was created by seasoned entrepreneurs to be an affordable and convenient “lifeline” for entrepreneurs and their teams struggling with a decision or looking for confidence in a particular situation.  Foundivity is about taking action and breaking through challenges to realize opportunities.

Startup coaches are available at the click of a button and your calls will last approximately 20 minutes.  Calls are designed to be fast and effective and focus on your particular problem – making it great for pre-pitch jitters,  setting yourself up for success before a meeting or doing some critical thinking before making an important decision.

Coaches are all trained in the FOUND startup methodology of coaching.  This is a powerful coaching methodology that will give you clarity and get you committed to continuously taking action. We don’t tell you what to do instead we provide a framework to help you rapidly find the solution you need.

Foundivity membership is an iterative process, where you get to consistently recharge, refocus and take action towards your goals.   It’s a process that taps into the fundamental principle that ordinary actions taken on a consistent basis produce extraordinary results.

Whether you are struggling with a hiring/firing decision, a new product launch,  a pivot,  increasing sales, or a decision to raise funding,  FOUND will get you to a place where you have clarity, freedom and the focus to move forward powerfully.


It’s Simple. Business Changing. Powerful.

Foundivity is designed for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

It’s perfect in many situations. Including..

Bring on a co-founder?

Get clear on whether to bring on a co-founder.
See opportunity in the challenges?
We've got you covered.

Presentation or meeting jitters?

About to do an interview, a presentation, or a VC pitch?
You’ve now got coaches in your corner.
Get on a call and we’ll set you up.

Getting Started?

Unsure what steps to take to get your product to market?
Aren't sure what to do?
With Foundivity coaching you'll gain clarity what to do next.

Self Doubt Crept In

Feeling shaky and unsure?
Self doubt has a way of getting under our skin.
We know. It happens to the most awesome of us.
Be coached and move from self-doubt to self-confidence.


Be on a call in minutes. Calls are anonymous and your personal information is protected.


Foundivity coaches utilizes a breakthrough coaching technology known as Found. Found leaves you in a space where you have: Freedom to Operate Under a New Direction. See what people are saying about this

Terry Jean

San Francisco, CA

In a 20 minute coaching call I was able to get the clarity that I needed to move forward and say yes to a decision I had been putting off for weeks

Darren Burke

San Francisco, CA

Right before pitching for funding I felt anxious and overwhelmed. In about 15 minutes Chris coached me to a place where I felt clear and confident.

Sylvia Rapp

San Francisco, CA

I couldn't decide whether to go to college or start my own business. Foundivity gave me the direction that I needed to make a decision.

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