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Freedom, Resistance, and the Journey Toward Equality
Featured Exhibit Freedom, Resistance, and the Journey Toward Equality

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  • “Reflections” by Terrence A. Reese (TAR)

    Reflections is an intimate collection of documentary-style photographs of iconic African-Americans whose careers and contributions have addressed the fundamental political, social, and economic barriers and divides that has plagued our country while achieving some of the most highest honors and accolades as an instrument to social change and racial empowerment. More »

  • A Slow Walk to Greatness: The Harold Washington Story

    Featuring more than 150 artifacts, including objects, campaign memorabilia, and even archival footage! (416) 929-1074

  • (951) 274-2749

    If you didn't see the exhibition while it was at the DuSable Museum, experience it through this unique microsite. Includes more than 90 paintings, sculptures, photographs, costumes, books, and designs. More »

  • 607-239-0337

    The DuSable Mobile Museum is a traveling, interactive exhibit which explores the life and times of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, an African Haitian, who in 1779 became the first non-native person to establish a permanent settlement in Eschikagou, which we now call Chicago. gingerbread plum

  • (866) 442-2829

    The call to serve one’s country has always been a distinct significance in conferring the highest claim of citizenship and patriotic responsibility. "Red, White, Blue & Black," highlights a collection of militaria from the DuSable Museum’s permanent collection. More »

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    An upcoming list of the rental events coming to the DuSable Museum More »