My Name is Ross Salanoa

and I am a Designer.

I am from Hawaii and have recently graduated from Dixie State University in Web Design. While working as the head intern for Dixie State’s Web Team, I wanted to grow more in UX design and app development. I created my own LLC in order to learn grow as a designer by designing and developing WordPress themes. I have since created Couch Coach, a real-time football prediction game.

  • Entrepreneur

    I am always looking to create value where I can. I have a keen eye for noticing trends and enjoy jumping ahead of the crowd.

  • I speak { language: code }

    Being well versed in full-stack web development and CS, I am confident in communicating with developers.

    See my github for code examples.

  • Lifetime Student

    Life is always teaching and I am always willing to learn. I strive to always keep my mind learning something new or perfecting a craft.