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dnaTools... Bioinformatic Tools for DNA Research

dnaLIMS is a state-of-the art web based laboratory information management system used to track and manage core facility workflow in high throughput environments. Its database and process flow can be customized to your core facility requirements.

dnaLIMS process flow is used to capture DNA sequencing orders, create sample sheets, store and manage sequencing results, distribute the results to the users, create usage reports and accounting summaries. It is designed so all of the input forms, reports, and process flow can be customized to the specific requirements of a DNA sequencing core facility.

Sequencing                                     Genotyping                                               NGS        
DNA Sequencing
Captures Sequencing Requests
Creates Sample Sheets
Stores Run Folders
Distributes Sequencer Results
Creates Accounting Reports
dnaLIMS Module
31xx and 37xx Interface
Captures Analysis Request
Creates Sample Sheets
Stores Run Folder
Distributes Results
View and Analyze Results

MiSeq NGS Sequencing  
dnaLIMS Module
Captures MiSeq Orders
Creates Sample Sheets
Stores Processing Messages
Creates Cost Quotations
Creates Accounting Reports

Oligo                                                   MassSpec                                         Peptide                    
Oligo Ordering System
Enter Oligo Requests
Creates Sample Sheets
Stores Run Files
View Run Files
Creates Card Files for Vials
Creates Accounting Reports
Captures MALDI Requests
Manage Process Flow
Store Results
Links Results to Mascot Server
Automatic User Email Notification
Creates Accounting Reports
Captures Synthesis Requests
Manage Synthesis Process Flow
Automatic User Email Notification
Includes Quotation Module
Creates Accounting Reports

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