To whom does this umbrella belong?

Jennie doesn't think it's such a big deal.

Can you speak my language?

Saify told me he was home last night.

I had no idea that was going to happen.

We'll explain later.

Yeah, you're right.

I think Jon wants me to go with him.

Dick played piano and Lucy sang.

There was no room for Leonardo DiCaprio on the lifeboat.


What is Assembla?

It's the perfect place for an ambush.

If I were a shareholder, I'd be upset.

Lucius's father was never around.

I'm not your friend.

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.

We played many kinds of games.


Thrift is alien to my nature.

The figurative meaning is no longer in current use.

Edwin certainly is full of energy today.


I think you should tell Kathleen that you don't like him.


She is her friend.


You're undependable.

I thought it strange that the petition had been turned down.

What do you think we need?

"She is lovely." "So she is."

We're not scared of anybody.

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Would you like me to ask around for you?

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The itching appeared several hours after a meal.

Bruce has been teaching for thirty years.

He is studying history at the university.


Bradley almost got hit by the ball.


"Oh, if I were only as great a tree as the others!" sighed the little Fir.

Panzer has no sense of shame.

She's a pescetarian.


Are you okay? You look really sad.

He has not yet done his homework, so his teacher begins to worry about him.

The commemorative ceremony ended with the closing address.

I'm not looking forward to seeing Dirk.

We didn't talk.

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There are some cookies in the jar.

I need to get another lawyer.

The canal connects the Atlantic with the Pacific.

You mustn't require what is impossible.

Gail put the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger.

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A deadline was included in the ultimatum.


We are both adults.

I'm going to miss having you around the house.

What else could happen?


Suzan is hanging up the washing.

His behavior is nothing like his father.

I love the feeling I get when the wind rustles between the trees and tenderly stirs all around me.


He made an angry face.

I was thinking, would you like to get married?

Are you going to take advantage of Part?

Speak up, and speak clearly.

I would love a cold glass of beer.

The locomotive was offered for sale but it was later scrapped, as no purchaser was found.

I was disappointed in my son.

If that is true, then he is not responsible for the accident.

I can see why you suspected Reinhard.


Let her finish.


Trent still believes that.


She got off with a slap on the wrist.

Let's be friends, OK?

She's also writing a book.

I never suggested that.

A dog is a loyal animal.

The books are on the bench.

How about getting some coffee?

Pamela doesn't know a thing about fishing.

It is inconceivable that he could ever be elected president.

This painter went to Paris for his studies.

Mediums can tune in to the spirit world.

You're not anything like Shawn.

The dog is green and beautiful.

She is widely known.

I'm proud of my daughter.


The boy didn't reach his father's height of six feet.

Major slammed on the brakes so he wouldn't hit the dog.

Yesterday, we studied English.

You're no good.

The problem's been solved.


Did you catch his name?

She goes to a girls' high school.

They didn't have a prayer.

Are you conservative?

Are you feeling OK?

Who doesn't like the sound of that?

I'm glad you've gotten over your cold.


Peter tried to look busy, so Vistlik wouldn't ask him to help her.

Do you really think I had something to do with that?

Watch him and do likewise.

I make my bed almost every day.

The mayor prescribed to the citizens how to act.

When was the last time you exported fruits?

You have to climb an exhausting 100 steps up the hill before reaching Kenton's house.

I shouldn't have written that.

I'm ready to go somewhere else.

Everyone admired his courage.

Ramon wants to go swimming.

Maybe Alf is right.

I am engaged in AIDS research.

I didn't understand them.

The boy was laughed at by everybody.

Marie has done some unconventional things.

What complications can occur with such an operation?

My feet are always cold.

She doesn't care about her dress.

I am knackered.

I wish I could've eaten at that restaurant with you.


Harv opened the door slowly.

The result placed him amongst the top one percent nationally.

A thing like that doesn't upset me.

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I arrived in Tokyo yesterday.

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We went to see the Museum of Humankind, but it is closed on Tuesdays.

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Are you having a bad day?

Do you know the name of this game?

I know that you know that I know.

Stacy has asked Polly three times to marry him.

Do you know her brother?


Who are you to tell her what to do?

Karen put the tray down on the coffee table.

Can you hike for days in the wilderness without seeing anyone?

Lar said my plan wouldn't work.

He just looked on and didn't stop the quarrel.


I can no longer fulfill my obligations.

However, that didn't happen.

She probably likes it.

The father carried his son bodily from the room.

Jurevis beckoned me to come in.

Amigo is somewhat older than I.

Let's not do that again.

We were asked what our rights are in respect to CCTV monitoring at work.

I work in a travel agency.


Is this how you want to live the rest of your life?

I looked at her.

Do you think this is some kind of game?

Walter usually listens to a radio station that plays classic rock.

There is a boy near the door.


Let's talk about Adam and what he's done.

I always thought Tait was funny.

We need to bring our family back together.

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This is mad.

In France, women have gained many rights, likewise, that has happened in the United States.

Have there been any changes?

Maybe you'll like it here.

Who has a better idea?

I think it's Alejandro.

You are young boys.

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Now, I really have to get going.

She's not thinking straight.

This TV show is about penguins.

When I was in Boston, I visited Johnny.

This book has 252 pages exclusive of illustrations.

Am I supposed to help Pat?

In winter, the windows were sometimes quite frozen over. But then the boy and the girl would warm copper pennies on the stove, and hold the warm pennies against the frozen pane; there would be very soon a little round hole through which they could peep, and the soft bright eyes of the little boy and girl would beam through the hole at each window as they looked at each other.

When we are small, everything seems so big.

Fay parked behind Miki's car.

Dinner will be ready by six-thirty.

Paola didn't want to miss anything.

I miss my parents so much.

Sometimes, I think I'm in a nuthouse.

What time do you eat dinner?

Natraj thought Arlene might have been brainwashed.

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I need a shower.

How much do you know about what happened here last week?

King is no genius.