Is what you told me secret?

Your cut wound doesn't hurt as much as before, right?

I don't blame you for doing that.

Do you like cupcakes?

Is it possible to borrow money?

Luke lowered her eyelids.

I am not afraid of dying of old age.

They hate me 'cause they ain't me!

I'll send for you.

There were survivors.

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The teacher made the students learn the long English poem by heart.

Isn't that her?

To my dismay, my wallet was gone.

Now then, there's no need for that kind of language.

Richard wasn't in.

It takes will power to give up smoking.

The rain has stopped.

We need more than that.

The thing blocking my path was a stone wall of less than 1 meter's height.


These lodes may prove rich enough to be profitably mined.

A jealous person gets a feeling of contentment by behaving like a dog in the manger even with his friends.

It's me they're waiting for.

I just think that Oskar should be able to go where he wants to go.

"Where did you go?" "I went to the train station to see a friend off."

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This is an easy way.


Do you want to know why Daniele left?

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You probably have everything you need.


Sjaak said that he wanted to move to Boston because that's where Johnny lives.

You're sweating like a pig, Moran.

In Russia, it is customary to remove your shoes when entering a home. Guests will be typically offered slippers.

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Lar took a step forward.


Many nights did he spend, looking up at the stars.


Would you like to do something else?

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The bell rang suddenly.

I'm trapped in here.

Sigurd wanted some fresh air.


If you had known, you would have told me, wouldn't you?

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I think it should've been discussed.

The train is early.

Alain is an outcast.

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I think I get the picture.


Since you're here, you had better eat dinner.

Children, fools and drunkards tell the truth.

We can't predict how Miriam is going to feel.

I would like to have dinner.

I'm a big fan of Getter Jaani.


My grandfather passed away three years ago.


We're not leaving without Piercarlo.

When will the concert be held?

Do they have their suitcase?

The spring is my favorite season of the year.

From acorns come oaks.

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He unclogged the drain.

He is acquainted with the modern history of France.

Venezuela is the country of my dreams.

For a bit of a change from red meat, for tonight I've cooked turkey breasts in mushroom sauce.

Let's give Niels a little time.


The bar where Anatole works lost its license because they had been selling alcoholic drinks to minors.


They'll handle it.


May I do it right now?

Carsten measured out two cups of rice for the recipe.

Oh, is that the way you milk a cow?


You should've listened to us.


Why don't you believe me?

Take the leftover food home with you.

I had already left by the time it finished.

Did she say anything else about me?

How did you describe the project to Jos?

I need you on this.

Is it serious?

He availed himself of the 'off-and-on' holidays to visit his native country.

It was rather difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

Tolerant is never coming home again, is he?

Malus has other business to attend to.


She wished for a more relaxing life, but that was impossible under the circumstances.

Dick threw out his old personal papers and sent them to be shredded.

The deadline is drawing near.


Lance walked Barbra to the gate.

Elsa won't be able to do everything Donal asked him to do.

I thought Wilson was a nice guy.

What do you need to know?

Evan didn't seem to be upset.

It's important for them to go out.

They'll never give up.

Raymond gave Kristin some flowers he'd picked.

My son lied to me.

Bart and his teacher were talking to each other.

What is Reiner's shoe size?

Virtues and girls are most beautiful before knowing that they are beautiful.

Don't lean against the doors.

I wonder if my efforts will pay off.

Yes, I'll come, Bob.

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Ahmet paid no attention to Leo's warning.

It's pretty common.

They monitored the enemy's radio communications.

I can't meet you for lunch.

The game was called off on account of the rain.


A good sense of humor will help you deal with hard times.


I'll see that Pria gets the message.

Marsh knew that Harry wasn't planning on going camping with us.

He was run over and killed on the spot.


I think I want to study Persian.


She has infinite resources.


He doesn't look that way, but he's really a nasty piece of work.


Are you sure Samir can't hear us?

We're still skeptical about this.

It's not me who makes the rules.

He assembles washing machines.

I lost the watch I had bought the day before.

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I can't think of anything I'd rather eat.

I'm off to pick up Skip.

My heart practically skipped a beat.

It can't be judged in me.

I'm looking for them right now.


You're not serious.


When I got there, there was no more cake left.

The sheet of paper was torn.

The number is engaged.


The figurative meaning is no longer in current use.

I made a decision.

Lorien is too drunk.


Varda doesn't have the time to help Alvin right now.


I saw that film on Saturday.


You should get married in Boston.

Tell me where I am.

I have always kept my promises.

She sat in the chair besides the window.

Higher education is not a luxury.

He is always at the top of the class.

You are kidding me, aren't you?


Where were these pictures taken?

I think I know who it might've been.

She didn't go shopping yesterday, did she?

The sun sank below the horizon that evening in a blaze of ruby and gold.

That's the true reason.

It's not higher math.

Clouds cast a shadow blacker than the night.

Why don't you wash your dishes?

I hope Kevan comes over to my place today.


Man is the only animal that uses fire.


He drives a pimped-out Cadillac Escalade.

I'm being careful.

You'd better not go to school tomorrow.


I'd like to listen to pop music.

They took a leap of faith.

This expressway connects Tokyo with Nagoya.

Do you understand how this happened to you?

He will soon be a father.

From 1988 to 1994 he lived in Lebanon.

I love it when they leave the curtains open.

Shane didn't seem to know very much about that.

The train was overturned.

Ramanan didn't fall.

She is qualified as a nurse.

That's not going to change.

Who bought a book at the shop?

That lake looks like the sea.

You have paperwork that needs to be done.