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The band came at the head of the parade.

I broke it.

He knows why.


I buy stationery in bulk.

Liisa didn't have a clue what to do.

Fletcher tasted the stew and frowned.

We arrived at the museum after a ten-minute walk.

I just need to find out why Claire didn't come.

How long does it take from the airport to the hotel?

I do a lot in parallel, therefore I do not only read Akutagawa. At the moment, I am reading more and more in English. I am also reading a bit in German every day.

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He needn't have brought the umbrella.

Isn't that a teacher from your school?

There was no chance to finish the job on time.

I think I'd like to be alone.

The engine doesn't function properly.

We play chess every evening.

I'm going to tell him that.


I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

Wanna hang out tonight?

I'm saddened to say, but I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had a man come to my door to pick me up.

The military police came for him.

The young snatcher wasn't spotted by the police again.

Don usually drinks a lot more than Stacey does.

The average of 7, 10, and 16 is 11.

Her ambition was consummated when she was elected to Congress.

Don't come back here.


Is physical education a required course?


Three workers on board the truck were killed in the accident.

Boyce told us a long story.

Tuna sat alone at the table with a half-empty bottle of wine.

We attached the invoice concerning the payment.

Have you ever stepped on a tomato?

The news was on.

Frances doesn't know what Soohong wants to eat for dinner.

Do you want to tell Thomas or should I?

I've been stung by a hornet.

What an interesting book this is!

I don't negotiate.

Jeffrey failed.

That is a depressing thought.

Nobody could've guessed it.

I can't buy a book this expensive.

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Who is she to tell me what to do?

He has the privileges of membership.

I'm the one who ought to apologize.

You're fools.

I can't eat or drink very hot things.

What do you have so far?

You know too much.

Nothing in the room matches with anything else.

Call your brother to help you set the table.

Drew is using an external hard drive.

Even Ariel doesn't know it yet.


We will have a meeting at his house this evening.

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Have you seen Billie since he's shaved his head?


Marsh meant it.

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Right now I am writing a letter to my Chinese professor, but in English.

I thought it was a fluke.

I don't know everything.

We have to see what works and what doesn't.

Is that fair to you?

Chet was absolutely sure of himself.

Have you told Patricio this?

Today is a big day, son!

Ahmed has been very respectful.


He danced in the fire.

Deborah has finished his homework.

Why are you so quiet?

I just never thought this could happen.

They can't see Irvin.

That's part of my job.

It was magnificent.

I'm not forcing them.

He gave me some books.

Where would you most like to go?

Lucius nodded encouragingly.

You may park here.

May I see the rate list.

How do I use chopsticks?

Pilar turned down the radio.

A gentleman should open doors for his girlfriend.

I should've been with them.

Among the Internet sites that publish information on education related businesses are those given below.

He was tired from reading.

Why does it hurt when you get sweat in your eyes?

Duplicate sentences are occasionally created on Tatoeba. The deduplication bot, Horus, generally takes care of them.

The newly promoted junior manager, drunk with power, lorded it over his former co-workers.

I always leave my umbrella on the train.

Spending time with your children couldn't hurt.

I think I should earn my degree.

This case requires watching, by the way.

You really annoy me.

Now she suffers for her crime.

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I take the disposable chopsticks home with me.

Nancy talks about you all the time.

When you think about it, it's all Kenny's fault for being so obtuse.


Please wash my back.

There was plenty of traffic.

Joyce sat down and waited.


I'm going on a picnic with my friends next weekend.

They're all fine, thanks.

You will know the truth some day.

Janos said he didn't know why Ethan was absent.

I don't feel much like talking.

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American films are more popular than those of any other country.


I don't always have time for breakfast.

We like to listen to birds singing.

This might be it.

I wish the tower hadn't been under construction when we visited it.

I'd like to think Sundar is a friend.

She is buying books in the bookstore.

It's below her to say such a thing.


We'll have a good crop if this good weather keeps up.

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I was annoyed with him for interrupting me.

This English novel is not easy enough for you to read in a week.

I can't believe I finally managed to meet you.

You gave me too much.

These girls are wearing skimpy clothes.

During summer breaks, I ate dinner at midnight.

You need to be there for Rafael.


This generous offer may be a mere pose.

In other words, you should doubt common sense.

What's out front?

He's got wood.

I'm terribly sorry!


Amir said nothing wrong.


Why don't you talk to them?

Love makes the world go round.

I think that he will return soon.

Do you have to do that right now?

You always get me wrong.


Don't cry. Everything's going to be OK.

What would you do if you had, say, ten thousand dollars?

You all just lost the game.

Calm your nerves down.

Hand me those scissors.

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Are you going to be OK?


What am I going to do without Rafik?

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Danielle is a good friend of Marie.


The man combs his dog with a brush.


Rhonda and Serdar just sat there staring at each other.

Denis and Linley spent a week relaxing on a houseboat.

It's urgent that I see Sedovic.

Go screw yourself!

Take the time to reflect.


It's impolite to stare at people.

Do you ask your friends to lend you money?

There aren't any signs that Greg has been here.

Does this candy contain liquor?

This blouse buttons at the back.

Sometimes the people you think don't want to talk to you are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.

I knew you wouldn't pass the exam.

Leads picked up his drink and took a sip.

You can't run, Jim.


We'll reach Boston before dark.

I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Olaf, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself!


Let's eat out next Sunday.

I thought you hated Gabriel.

Alexis said he had a good weekend.

How long has your head been hurting?

Marlena is more sympathetic to me than Lila is.

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So everyone understands: This is my country, and her problems are my problems


It didn't seem real.


What happened afterwards?

You don't need one now.

I know exactly what I have to do.