Something has happened to me.

I don't find that funny.

I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.


I can't trust John with my car.

I wouldn't dream of letting you do that.

She was only seventeen when they met.

Kaj couldn't believe that he'd ever be able to play the guitar.

I agree completely.


I am learning how to drive.

You'll never be able to find Jennie.

She wriggled her toes.


I won't pay for him.


Stephanie tried to leave.

It was a nice break.

You seem to have an infection.


I'd like to see them at 2:30.

When do you think you'll see Penny?

I have seen the picture before.


Should we be talking about this here?

I'll think of a way to do it.

The French Revolution began in 1789.

Please turn out the lights.

The wall is covered with graffiti.

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Sonny doesn't like songs with crude lyrics.

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You don't have to listen to what he says.


Are you going to wear that dress to the party?

That wasn't what I intended.

I played with the champion.


He looked him up and down.


She spent her life in pursuit of the truth.

I'm planning to buy a house and will need to earn a lot of money.

Did you enjoy the concert?

Why don't you try to take your money back?

He made money from that business.

Keep working at it.

The car is brown.

In Japan there are a lot of translations from English to Japanese (E-J) and from Japanese to English (E-J), there isn't much real demand for J-S and S-J.

The speaker is young.

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It is certain that he will come.

Under these circumstances, I cannot accept the offer.

You should know better than to talk back to your boss.

You're not giving up, are you?

I would describe his level as beginning or intermediate rather than advanced.

We took action immediately so that things wouldn't get worse.

The house is made of stone.

Can you please tell me where the nearest public telephone is?

You got your revenge.

I think the first thing you might want to do is talk to Pedro.

It's somehow so quiet here without Carl. I miss him.


We have plenty to talk about.


Friendship bound them together.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.

The doctor said I needed to learn to live with the pain.

Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.

That novel isn't for children.

Part's trial commenced three days later.

Perhaps we could find a substitute.

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Chip's father walked out on his family.

Laurianne didn't like Yvonne and she didn't like him.

I would like to ask two questions.

We need a positive result.

I'll get lost.

I was the one who said we should give Juliane another chance.

Why didn't you tell Gail about it?

Ranjit isn't the only one who thinks that.

He laid claim to the land.

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Moncalvo is the smallest Italian city.

It's not necessary for her to go there herself.

The poltergeist was throwing objects around the room.

It's safe to say so.

Earth is surrounded by sea water but if rain fails people will starve.


I'm never wearing these shoes again.

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Brendan is very clumsy.

Why don't we go together?

Nichael is used to sleeping in a tent.

Who's the person with Sassan?

It is good for you to take exercise.

In brief, the party was splendid.

George did business in the same manner as his father.


I'm completely exhausted.

International traders are struggling just to get by.

She said that she had met him three months before.

I've already tried it.

She is not only pretty, but also kind.

Stars are big, because they're hot; when their fuel is exhausted, they collapse.

Tell her it's not her fault.

The robbers fell on her there.

You're about to cry.

Jackye and Shakil are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter.

Please tell me what you think about this article.


He's so racist.

Conrad has a son.

We need to get out of their way now.

An earthquake, 8.9 on the Richter scale, hits Japan and causes a massive tsunami.

Sometimes, questions rather than answers provide us with more information.

Joan of Arc was burned to death in 1451.

Michel loved what he was doing.

He liked to blame most of his faults and misfortunes of his life on a tyrannical father.

Everybody is alive.

Can you give an exact report of what happened?

Marika looks like a Japanese woman on this picture.


Srivatsan said he couldn't walk.

"I sailed around the Mediterranean in a schooner when I was seventeen," she recited slowly and carefully.

You're fascinating.

Shut the windows and keep that cold wind out.

She put in for a raise.


Reynolds' blood pressure is dangerously high, especially when he's mad.

How did you know I wasn't sleeping?

Do you think this is the right thing to do?

Kayvan won't hurt you.

Is it time to go?


How to say XXX in Dutch?

I thought you'd got lost.

We're still looking for them.


Julie found his missing shoe under the coffee table.

Something else has just come up.

He wasn't destined to see her again.

I'd like some information about your new computers.

It's quite likely that he'll come.

He is the chief of my department.

You must not eat so much candy.


Mom wants to go there, but Dad wants to watch TV at home.

There is less time than I thought.

Do I need to sign something?

In other cultures, the balls were filled with earth, grain, bits and pieces of plants, and sometimes even pieces of metal.

Wade is doing it right.


I'd be willing to help you for a couple of hours.

He worked hard to make his child happy.

I would like a sugar bowl like his!

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I like weak coffee better than strong.

Her arm brushed against mine.

Jess has never spoken to me.

The other day he said to me, "I will lend you this book tomorrow."

Bring it on, Celia.

I think you're wasting your time.

His hotel chamber at the palatial space hotel had the grandiose view of Jupiter's rainbow face through the big window.

What's the purpose of this essay?

Estonia's population is about 1.3 million people.

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"Human stupidity is endless", I say, and for this self-criticism, I consider myself an exception.

She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.

He advocated abolishing class distinctions.

Her face was white.

I knew I had a tough job ahead.

Dion and I are having drinks later.

I wonder where Audrey is from.

Dan is now wanted by the police.

I know who's on the list.

Protestants don't venerate saints.

I would like to have this car repaired as soon as possible.

Luke is the owner of a supermarket.

Why do you say that she's stupid?


I want to see Dirk first thing in the morning.


It's rude to make fun of your boss in public.

Please send me your picture.

I didn't wake up yesterday

Christmas comes a few days before New Year.

She walked arm in arm with her father.

The blacks have to buy beer from the Koreans.

The engineer is working in France.

I wonder if this milk is still good.

Elizabeth I became the Queen of England in 1558.

I have lost the key.

Raanan spoke to Suwandi in private about the matter.

Isn't it nice when the newcomers are still so innocent?

She babbled out the secret to her friend.


Tuna can say "I can only speak French" in thirty languages.

I want to take him with me.

Craig stayed at home all day.