Erick has attempted to escape at least three times.

The company went public and became listed on the stock exchange in 1990.

Your eyes reflect the echo of my voice.

Donal's the only guy in this class.

Would it be OK if I took a quick shower?

Why are you irritated?

We can talk for hours and it never gets dull.

Yumi went there alone.

I need to know more about her.

Unfortunately, I had another commitment.

He's a farm worker.

Did you arrest him?

Vistlik sat down on the floor next to Claude.

Do you need our assistance?

I haven't actually been to Boston yet.

Kate crawled out of bed.

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I could write Kriton a note if you want me to.

I don't want to be here when Angus gets here.

I'll get her.


He likes the music. I like it, too.

May I ask you an indiscreet question?

Dan gave Linda a piece of chocolate.


I am into your hands.


He is about to leave for London.


I asked Lawrence for his phone number.

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Manny was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.


Metin asked Peggy if he could borrow her French textbook.

Soohong has a Dreamcast.

The architecture of this building is typical of the period.

I thought you said Miriamne didn't like you.

Mom, I am hungry.


When you want cooperation, share over many hands.

In times of trouble, she would turn to faith.

He speaks English and French.

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The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.


Our plane was about thirty minutes late.

The dictatorship came under fire for its human rights record.

Let me deal with him.

It's not likely to get any better.

But in return they get a clear look at important games, and if they miss something, they can always rely on the commentator's description or the instant replay.


This American flag was made in China.

That's the book I bought yesterday.

I hate people who smoke in non-smoking areas.

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Sheila says he's getting hungry.

Skip saw a half-eaten pizza on the table.

When will your train arrive in Kyoto?

You're pretty cool.

You wanted to change it.

I didn't know how to do it, but I was willing to give it a try.

Hwa had a smile on his face.

I never saw a giraffe.

Cars with AWD stand out on slippery and wet surfaces.

He only takes candid pictures, so he doesn't ask people to pose.

We've got to find another way.

It looks like there are at least a hundred people in the room.

The bill amounts to fifty dollars.

You expect me to believe that?

I'd rather go by subway than by train.

He is my go-to guy.

We live in the atomic age.

She is not merely beautiful but bright.

Have you made up your mind where to go for the holidays?

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Up till now America has called itself the world's police and continued suppression relying on military force.

Students of Latin are racking their brains in trying to understand the mystery of the so-called passive periphrastic.

They know your name.

Johnny said he didn't know where Tuna had gone.

I have a bus to catch.

You can't really figure out whether someone's a decent person or not based on their clothing.

Globalize or die.

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I'm upset about Carl.


I have a rash on my hand.


Johnnie became tired of always having to pay the bill every time he went out with Panacea.

I'm still worried about them.

I can't keep my coat on in this heat.

Do what you can for him.

Try to make something cool every day.

I eat to the north of your house.

I thought he was joking.

I've been charged with a serious crime.

Rhonda has no self-esteem.

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I like geography and history.

Jim needs glasses.

How's your wife?

I can't believe I'm telling you this.

I'm in a hurry to get home.

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At the end of the day I'm sore.

Sekar's mind is elsewhere.

Even superheroes need an occasional break.

Do you know what it means when a man gives a woman expensive jewelry?

Are you seriously thinking about selling this on eBay?

Agatha couldn't think of right words to say.

It was all an accident.

You're all hungry, aren't you?

Sometimes he talks a little weird.

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Who is the manager of that baseball team?


I can't pay him today.


They promised to stop their demonstrations.

He's the prom king and she's the prom queen.

A woman's wardrobe isn't complete without a little black dress.


Bob isn't sick.

Lorenzo is getting bored.

Cutting corners will save you money in the short-run but cost you customers in the long-run.

You've worked hard this morning, Simon.

She achieved great success in her business.

Books were lying about in the room.

That straw catches fire easily.

I think that this work is tiring.

I am duly flattered by your proposal.


I said get back!

Don't make me shoot you in the back, Bart.

This type of music is not to everyone's taste.


I don't want Anatoly to hate me.

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I'll get her right away.

I've done that three times already.

Don't let anything slow you down.

I can't count the number of times I've heard Shai say that.

What are you saying?!

My surname is Zhou.

Everybody liked us.

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I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.

Why isn't Deborah helping us?



Now the mountain is hidden by the clouds.


Patrice looked up at Joon.

Here's a problem for you.

Did you recognize them?

You don't speak French, do you?

Where did you lull them?

Who is that girl waving to you?

The night view of Tokyo is wonderful.

His eyes are set.

It is written in his face.

Is Delbert asking too much of us?

Well, what do you plan to do about it?


It turned out to be the truth.


Isabelle told me that they slept together.

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I can't believe I finally managed to do it.

This morning I went to the airport in order to see my cousin off.

Claude wanted to dance with Judy.

Wool is warm.

Miek pretended like it never happened.

Markus held up his hand to stop Ramsey.

I can't be sure, but I think Lin likes Sir.


If you're going to act like that, I'm leaving.

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We've got to take the risk.

I told him not to give up.

And then he met a girl who changed his life forever.


Dan said he knew nothing about any murder.

Don't be late to school.

I guess I'm not that hungry.


Can Liyuan really be as rich as people think he is?

The police found two crushed mobile phones in a trash can near the site of the killings and are attempting to exploit the data contained in them.

If you speak too fast, I will not be able to understand.


However, I ask you not to make the same mistakes that I did.

He's a bread aficionado.

Thanks for calling me.

Are you suggesting that I am not telling the truth?

The band starts playing at 8:00 p.m.


She felt the same way as I did.


I give my pledge that I will quit smoking.

Don't hold back anything.

Is it a French wine?