Bigg Boss 12 Voting Poll Live— 2018: Bigg Boss year 12 has already begun and we all are extremely excited.

You should surely be prepared to see Bigg Boss 12. I am able to know, how you’d be feeling the adrenaline and excitement that we get while watching the live feed of Bigg Boss.

We ‘ re in / have produced an idea to discuss the very best and the most recent upgrades on Bigg Boss 2018. We’ll supply all of the most recent information that’s occurring around Bigg Boss 12.

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What is Bigg Boss?

Back in India, Bigg Boss began at the a decade back from the calendar year 2006 for the first time. Due to the new idea, this TV series gained an immediate fan after amongst all of the age groups. Since that time Bigg Boss continues to be telecasted every year, and it has received worldwide fame.

Each year, Few contestants are encouraged to Bigg Boss home where they reside together and those contestants are known as Housemates. These Housemates compete among each other in a variety of tasks and attempt to win. Each week 1 contestant is removed and thus the person who stays until the end will win the Display.

As I already told that contestants reside in a home and they’re known as Housemates. Bigg Boss home is a extremely isolated from the external world and contestants are secured indoors under complete surveillance of Camera.

Each year the inside of the home is created on a particular motif and is created on the outskirts (far from) Mumbai. The home is kept very well preserved and has all of the requirements. Bigg Boss House generally has one or 2 spacious bedrooms, a kitchen, an activity area, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a huge backyard cum couch. Furthermore, this time the subject of the home is “Padosi”.

In the event that you had watched Bigg Boss year 10, then you have to know about Common Individual entrance. Last year(2016), a fresh notion began in Bigg Boss in which they encouraged a few common folks in the home in addition to the celebrities. So, Likewise this season also their is same idea of Commoners where folks just like me and you may give auditions to have chosen in Bigg Boss.

If you would like to combine Bigg Boss under normal man entrance, then below is the comprehensive procedure of Auditions and Registrations.

Are you really looking forward to be a part of the largest TV series of India? Then you’re studying the proper thing, let us see ways to do enrollment for Bigg Boss 12 Auditions online.

If you get chosen, you will find a telephone or Mail out of Bigg Boss Official Team.
Yells: Do not give cash to anybody inorder to input Bigg Boss 12 as those are frauds. There are no fees to be on Bigg Boss show.

Bigg Boss Housemate Pattern:

Many of you don’t know the pattern of Bigg Boss and here we are providing the real housemate pattern of the Bigg Boss and they followed it strictly. They are doing so because they want to mix up the categories to see the new blend of drama between them.

  • Politically acclaimed
  • Reality show Alumni
  • LGBT
  • Pageant winner
  • On the Wrong Side of the Law
  • Item girl
  • Soap actor
  • International star
  • Seasoned model
  • Singer
  • Sportsperson
  • Film star
  • Comedian
  • Non-celebrity

Construction & Design of the Bigg Boss House:

Here are the attributes of this Bigg Boss House you’ll found in each season-

  • The home is well furnished and preserved
  • Each time a new theme is chosen to design the house and the motif constantly inspired by the character.
  • You can find only a couple of bedrooms everytime however, the bedroom are so large that it may match 15-20 only beds in them.
  • You may always find 1 backyard, one swimming pool, 1 action room and one fitness center at the home.
  • There’s confession space is supplied so that each contestant could share their feelings with Bigg Boss along with the confession space can be employed for its Nominations.

The Auditions for Bigg Boss 12 is already launched, so don’t waste your time and fill out the shape right now. If you would like the Preparation strategies for Bigg Boss 12 Auditions, then check out this.

What’s Bigg Boss 12 Qualification for Common Person?

First of all, you Want to know What’s the Qualification to apply for Bigg Boss 12 Auditions and enrollment 2018:

  • You have to be over the age of 18 years according to 23rd January 2018.
  • To combine an ordinary guy, You need to get an Indian citizenship including all the legal signs like Voter ID, Passport, Driving Licence etc..

Bigg Boss 12 Contestant List 2018

Now, allow me to discuss a distinctive and rumored Bigg Boss, 12 contestant, name listing of actors who can be a portion of year 12 of Bigg boss. Since the date of Bigg boss 12 beginning is coming nearer, new titles are coming to rumors.

Lately, many titles have come to the limelight in which they are a portion of BiggBoss Season 12. Let us have a glance at all those men and women who’d be a portion of Bigg Boss 12 episodes.

  • Sapna Dancer
  • Puneesh Sharma
  • Sabyasachi Satpathy
  • Shilpa Shinde
  • Hiten Tejwani
  • Hina Khan
  • Priyank Sharma
  • VJ Benafsha Soonawalla
  • Jyoti Kumari
  • Shivani Durgah
  • Zubair Khan
  • Akash Anil Dadlani
  • Luv Tyagi
  • Mehjabi Siddiqui
  • Lucinda Nicholas
  • Arshi Khan
  • Bandagi Kalra

This listing is your last list, now let us wait for the Eviction and Voting Days. !!

Bigg Boss 12 Voting and Nominations

Bigg Boss comes with a wonderful notion in which 1 person is removed from the home weekly. Each week a job happens and most of the folks from the failure team are hunted for Elimination. Throughout Bigg Boss 12 nomination folks are nominated to be evicted.

The Nomination procedure occurs largely on Tuesday and then the Voting process begins.

The contestants who get the significant votes have been nominated for its final eliminations. Subsequently, the nominated individual urges the audiences to save them by voting for them via SMS. The contestant who receives the least votes from the audiences is subsequently removed from the Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls occurs each week and consequently, a nominated individual can be eliminated weekly. But, there could be some surprise or modifications in the sport occasionally to make the series more interesting.

Bigg Boss 12 Host Name

In case you’ve been seeing Bigg Boss for quite a very long time, then you’d have definitely come to be a lover of Salman Khan too. Salman Khan has become the Host of Bigg Boss for 9 seasons and higher aura makes the series super amazing.

Ever since Salman has united Bigg Boss as a Host, the TRPs of this series has skyrocketed. Everybody likes to watch Salman and his play on the point. Individuals want to see Salman performing Dance, Scolding individuals in addition to teaching people how to do much better.

Last year i.e. Bigg Boss 10 has been among the greatest displays of Salman Khan and this season there would be more enjoyable and match. Additionally, in accordance with the sources, Salman Khan billed 8 crores per incident in Season 10.

However, there may be an instance that the series is not hosted by him due to Salman Khan upcoming movies. However, this could just be a potential, but you do not need to worry.

Bigg Boss 12 Wild Card Entry

Most of us know that each year Bigg Boss brings a spin in the series by calling wildcard entries in the home.

So here are all of the facts about Wild Card Entrance of Bigg Boss 12 at 2018.

Bigg Boss 2018 Promotions

Among the greatest reason why Bigg Boss has come to be so struck, is his or her PR (Press Release). The marketing group of Bigg Boss leaves no rock unturned and they attempt every possible advertising technique to create BiggBoss a hit.

The Promotions of Bigg Boss starts at least 3-4 weeks prior to the actual starting of this series.

They invest a good deal of money on advertising and hence earn a whole lot from it also.

I’ll keep you updated with each new promo they discharge.

Bigg Boss 12 Opening Date

Bigg Boss 12 has already begun on 1st October 2018. Allow me to inform you that Bigg Boss Promo has already been taken as well as the First job details have already been leaked.

1 thing that I love to talk about with you is that folks are so tempestuous since they have a solid bond with Bigg supervisor now.

Everyone enjoys the remark of Salman Khan and the Bossy mindset of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date

But, Bigg Boss 12 begins from 1 October 2018 since It’s Been supported from the Bigg Boss Official Team.

Bigg Boss 12 Ending Date

The Ending date of Bigg Boss 12 has not yet been declared however but based on the resources, Bigg Boss will last for next 3 weeks.

So, we’ll at least get amusement from Bigg Boss 12 series till 31 December 2018.

Bigg Boss 12 Live Time and Day (Daily)

If you’re the person who likes to observe every day without missing one event then I can understand your impulse to know the timings of this series.

Bigg Boss 12 Start Time:
Monday to Friday – 10:30 PM to 12:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday – 9 PM to 10 PM

Monday to Friday routine episode reveals the tasks and lifestyle of Contestants at the Home. While on the Saturday and Sunday, Weekend ka Waar happens where Salman Khan opens and informs the removal outcomes.

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Waar

As I already told that Saturday and Sunday will be the days when Bigg Boss comes and inform the outcomes of Elimination. The days are known as Weekend Ka Waar, according to this day that the stress one of the Housemates is enormous. Salman Khan talks about the struggles, tasks in addition to some other items that occurred in the home.

Salman also scolds contestants when they did anything wrong in the home like battling uselessly, abusing or other awful things. And finally, on Sunday he displays the title of the individual who gets removed on that week.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls (Eliminations)

This is another thing that’s known as Bigg Boss Voting Polls. I told you that, contestants are nominated for removal after failing in the activities given by bigg boss. Contestants are nominated by additional Bigg Boss members and then they ask the audiences to vote for them and rescue them out of elimination.

The nomination process normally occurs on Tuesday following the job and the nominated individual urges audiences to vote(SMS) for him to the special code to rescue him. The voting occurs until Sunday and then outcomes are accumulated from the group.

After the outcomes are apparent, Salman Khan admits the contestant who obtained the fewer votes and thus gets removed. All this occurs at Weekend Ka Waar incident. This episode is quite intriguing and emotional at precisely the exact same time because sometimes even the most liked person is removed due to fewer votes.

This is an essential and critical part of the TV series as slowly weekly one contestant must depart the Big Boss House. Finally, after a couple of weeks just last few contestants are abandoned and then from these 1 becomes the winner of this Display.

Bigg Boss House Pictures (All Seasons)

The subject of House changes annually but until now the brand new images of Bigg Boss House are accessible but shortly I shall update them on our website.

Lets take a Fast look at the images of Bigg Boss House for the seasons. The home of Bigg boss appears really awesome since it has all of the conveniences in there. Each year that the home is demolished and a new layout is created with a new interior layout.

Do let us know exactly what do you consider this years theme of this Bigg Boss House.

View Bigg Boss 12 Live Episodes on Program

Are you the person who would like to see Bigg Boss year 12 Live however does not have enough time to sit down before the TV? If so, then do not worry since there is another way to see Bigg Boss 12 Episode Live Feed 24×7 onto your cell phone.

Bigg Boss Episodes would be the ideal approach to decrease the tension or anxiety for a frequent man. At the conclusion of the day if everybody is somewhat tired with their everyday work, seeing the incident of Bigg Boss provides a relief.

Trust me, this is precisely what I and even lots of people around me really do.

Everybody like to enjoy each and each event of Bigg Boss 12 and everything might be better than live streaming of episodes on the web.

Construction & Design of the Bigg Boss House:

Every time the new house is built for the every new Bigg Boss Season. Here are the features of the Bigg Boss House you will find in every season-

  • The house is well furnished and maintained
  • Every time a new theme is picked to design the home and the theme always inspired by nature.
  • There are just one or two bedrooms everytime but the bedroom is so big that it can fit 15-20 single beds in them.
  • You will always find one garden, one swimming pool, one activity room and one gym in the house.
  • There is a confession room is provided so that every contestant can share their feelings with Bigg Boss and the confession room is also used for the Nominations.

Rules for the Bigg Boss Contestants:

Many of us don’t know the rules of Bigg Boss but here we are providing the full information about the rules of the Bigg Boss House.

  • The contestants Have to speak Hindi, they can not talk in any other language.
  • They are not allowed to tamper with any of the property in the house like electronic stuff or household equipment.
  • The contestants can not talk in vulgar language.
  • They can not fight or touch in the fight to other contestants.
  • The contestants are not allowed to sleep in the day time
  • They are not allowed to leave house unless Bigg Boss permits them.
  • The house has no clocks, TVs, Internet, Smartphones, any pen or paper.

Lowest viewing figures in Bigg Boss winners after winning:

These are the lowest known Bigg Boss contestants who doesn’t got much popularity after winning the show. Let’s have a look-

  • Shweta Tiwari – Bigg Boss Season 4
  • Juhi Parmar – Bigg Boss Season 5
  • Urvashi Dholakia – Bigg Boss Season 6
  • Gauahar Khan – Bigg Boss Season 7

Highest viewing figures in Bigg Boss winners after winning:

These are the highest known and popular celebrity of Bigg Boss even after winning the Bigg Boss. Let’s have a look-

  • Manveer Gurjar – Bigg Boss Season 10
  • Prince Narula – Bigg Boss Season 9
  • Gautam Gulati – Bigg Boss Season 8
  • Vindu Dara Singh – Bigg Boss Season 3
  • Ashutosh Kaushik – Bigg Boss Season 2
  • Rahul Roy – Bigg Boss Season 1

So, this is the latest update regarding Bigg Boss season 12 and its auditions, contestants images, names and more. Hope you liked the article. Do share it with your friends and comment below with your valuable feedback.

Watch Bigg Boss 12 Live Episodes on App

In case you’ve got a Tablet or a Mobile afterward, it is easy to see Bigg Boss episodes everywhere via the official Bigg Boss 12 App. All you have to do is simply download the program and watch unlimited episodes at no cost!

It is simple to maintain a good look in Bigg Boss without even sitting in the front of the TV and thanks to Jio which we do not need to fret about the Data prices.

To see Bigg Boss Live Episodes on Program simply follow the below-given measures:

  • Only Download Colors TV App
  • Now Hunt for Bigg Boss 12
  • Simply tap on the event which you want to see.

Each year Winners of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Season Winner Name Profession
Bigg Boss 1 Winner Rahul Roy Actor
Bigg Boss 2 Winner Ashutosh Rana Roadies Winner
Bigg Boss 3 Winner Vindu Dara Singh Actor
Bigg Boss 4 Winner Shewta Tiwari TV Serial Actress
Bigg Boss 5 Winner Juhi Parmar TV Serial Actress
Bigg Boss 6 Winner Urvashi Dholakia TV Actress
Bigg Boss 7 Winner Gauhar Khan Model
Bigg Boss 8 Winner Gautam Gulati Film & TV Actor
Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prince Narula TV Anchor
Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar Common Man
Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss was live for last 10 decades and this is actually the 12th period of Bigg Boss. But Do you wish to know who were the winners of every year of Bigg Boss. I know would really like to know that!

Not only this you’ll acquire whole info regarding Bigg Boss 12 Winner & Predictions on the website as well.

Bigg Boss 12 News/Updates / Live Show

By Now you have to have known each and what about Bigg Boss sequential in addition to forthcoming Bigg Boss 12 year old. What’s more, you’ll get more fascinating facts, Information in addition to regular news on the site

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Not only this you’ll also have to know more about the Biography of every and each Bigg Boss 12 Contestant whenever they combine Bigg Boss House.

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