The steering wheels on American cars are on the left side.

The cock crows. The sound made by him is "cock-a-doodle-doo."

I watched a movie with my friend in my room.

Nail the windows shut.

I want the concert to be a success at any cost.


It's too late to change your mind now.


I bought the pig yesterday.


I woke up 5 minutes ago. I need coffee before I can start working.


Lincoln returned to Washington.

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The two towns are separated by a river.

Good, as always.

I will die for you.

I'm going to make you a list.

In order to register your product, you have to create in ID on our website.

I burned the paper.

Just between us, he's not a deep thinker.

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Christopher Columbus once cut himself with a knife. It made him so angry that he then cut the knife... with himself.


The plan has been agreed to in advance.

Rise and shine, Johnny.



I know the secret.

We must defend our freedom at all cost.

Hamilton says he won't take no for an answer.


Gerard isn't the only one who's upset.

They smiled at him.

Ellen put a flea collar on his dog.

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This idea is totally new to me.

I am anticipating a good vacation at the seaside.

His colleagues are unpleasant to him. He's had enough.

There are no oranges on the table.

What've I ever done to her?


He lost his all.

Why don't you go home now?

Why is Cristi in Boston?

Two and three halves to London, please.

I spent my vacation at the beach.

I like your friends.

I loaned Shatter some money.

I'm sarcastic.

I'm staying.

Get me one in size m please.

Son grimaced slightly.

His objective is to pass the test.

She took a pen out of her pocket.

I asked Malcolm to come see me.

He's coy about his income.

Is it OK to hug you?

Thanks again for the opportunity.

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My nurse took me this morning into the streets.

I value your friendship more than anything.

That won't be allowed to happen.

Why are you giving me such a scornful look?

Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.


There's nothing that can keep us apart.


Why is Old trying to scare me?

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Francis's eyes are closed.


The child cried for a toy car.

Lowell flew in from Boston this morning.

If possible, I would like an explanation.

Come on in here.

The bellows are not working.

Kyle is responsible for the accident.

We weren't ready.

Alice is running to catch her bus.

Nigel took out his driver's license and handed it to the police officer.


This was a triumph!

I don't gamble.

"Cheer up," she said to me.

I'm a woman and I don't think that it's strange at all.

Is there anyone here who hasn't been to Boston?

How many people are there in your family?

I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

Holly will call you soon.

Are you still upset about that?

Eleven o'clock is good for me.

The weather here has been very unusual, but you know that's my cup of tea.

Jayant is with them.

Case refilled his coffee cup.


There is an apple under the desk.

Ian and Tad no longer see eye to eye.

Can I get you a pillow?


Maurice will get used to it.

To be black is better than to be gay. If you were born black, at least you don't have to think about how to tell your mother about this.

Taurus might talk to Rafael.

I am much concerned about your health.

It's about time the manager was removed.

I've been in Boston for three years.

She didn't give me her name.

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That pupil fails too often.

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Why don't you call Sanjay up?


Alberto would help you if you asked him to.

She got up and left in the middle of our conversation.

Let's see if this helps.

Eileen didn't have very many friends when he was young.

I cannot fancy going out in this weather.

She really knows how to cook.

There is a book on dancing on the desk.

That's thieves' cant.

Hassan went to school.

I felt threatened.

What can we do to stop her?


He is a modern boy.

Shepard became an admiral in the United States Navy, the first astronaut to ever achieve such a rank.

She's wearing high heels.

Merton tried to find out what he was up against.

Narendra isn't your friend anymore.

That's something Kirk must do.

Do I look like an actress?

"This came for you." "Urgh..." "So hey, you remember that one that she sent you where she asked you to get her those pictures of Applejack's brother?" "Yeah." "And then she told you to write a critique on Mac's physical appearance." "Yeah." "Then she sent the critique to Mac." "...Yeah." "What did you tell her you learned from that?" "I found that a Phillips screwdriver is persuasive, but not seductive; and also Rarity charges up the butt for stuff I really think she should do as a friend."

It looks fun. Why don't we try it?


Did you bring the book?

What does the company produce?

She smiled her acknowledgment.


A big city is full of snatchers.

Where have you been living?

The inhabitants are proud of their urban culture.

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I still think Hy doesn't get it.

I've told you a million times.

Novorolsky opened the door wider.

I didn't know what else to say.

I was pretty hungry.

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Her admirable creative urge rubs off on other people.

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Chicken pox is an itchy nuisance for kids.


I shouldn't have left Izchak alone.

The new skyscraper, which will consist of two intertwined 1212-meter towers, is expected to be completed in 2022.

Mead and Bateson chose the upland village of Bajoeng Gede for their research, because a lack of iodine in the villagers' diet made them slow of speech.

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Sam owes what he is today to his father.

Claudio didn't want to eat after all.

Hume is a wanted criminal.


Do what I say.

There are four seasons in one year.

Woody chose to live with his father instead of his mother.

Rodent called the referee an idiot.

This coffee tastes really good.

I'm getting rid of him.

Hick the woodcutter cuts wood.

I can swim on my front but not on my back.

Nobody knows the truth.

I don't think Jennifer is capable of that.

I'm unaccustomed to living without electricity.

We don't have it.

Knudsen brushed his teeth and washed his face.

It's a perfect day.

Erwin and I talked about this three weeks ago.


Could you explain how the dishwasher works?

I didn't know where to get the bus.

He is my rival in business.

I'm sure you're not surprised.

Is Wade a suspect?

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Some important papers are missing from the files.


He didn't give it to me.

He was regarded as a hero.

Would you excuse me for just one second?

I'm useless at French.

There's one last thing that needs to be done.


I'm tired of dealing with this mess.

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You can't or you won't?

She suffers from osteoporosis.

People are dumb animals.

Tell him what you mean.

We've ordered Chinese food.


Your advice is important for me.