As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than popular music.

Lynne tried the shirt on, but it wouldn't fit him.

I will not be afraid.

There are clumps of daisies here and there.

When it comes to raw fish, I feel disgusted.

Why would anybody kidnap Gordon?

Dying is nothing. So start with living, it's less funny and it lasts longer.

The people here always assume that I'm Jewish when they find out that I don't celebrate Christmas. Then they find out that I don't celebrate Hanukkah either, and then they can't tell what I am.

I had it in the hand luggage.

I think that's fair.


He just got back from Paris.

Kay admitted he wasn't really sick.

I'll tell you when I'm ready.

Shean dashed water in Josh's face.

Ramanan makes $900 a week working at a resort hotel.

I am happy to spend money on books.

Horse, lion, dog, goat: these are animals.


I was the one who dug this hole.


It's not clean.

We need some supplies and figured you could get us a good price.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


Fred followed my mother wherever she went.

Do you believe Judas betrayed Jesus Christ?

It's up to us.

Rich was here with Vilhelm yesterday afternoon.

That's my mom's chihuahua.

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A bout lasts about five minutes.

The clock on that tower is accurate.

Heidi can't cook.

You could've saved me a trip if you'd just told me I didn't need to be here today.

Kris and Caroline spoke on the phone.

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I am no better than a beggar.

Can I get you a pillow?

A child who has first learned to talk will badger his parents with "whys" and "whats".

How can I prevent my cat from killing birds?

Indra is being really vague, isn't he?

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Please repeat.

That is not your cup.

His eyes are bathed in tears.

I really missed you when you were in France.

Did you ever travel abroad by ship?

The best ear training is tuning a piano or harpsichord.

Let them know we're busy.

We were arriving in Chicago at 9:00 p.m.

Somebody called. Guess who?

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He taught his dog some clever tricks.

We can handle them.

Law is the safest helmet.

Eddy rides high with the ladies, but he doesn't ride them.

He breezily asked whether I had any cash.

Lewis didn't want to go there.

She gave me a watch.


Sergei is my kind of girl.

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I think we lost him.

Seth moved to Boston in his late teens.

Chairs and tables were damaged.

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Don't eat that if you think it smells funny.


Who are you so afraid of?

The high house was covered with a thatched roof.

I hate it when you say that.

I'm going out for a walk.

The group was silent.

We captured cicadas with a net.

Seattle has a very wet climate.

She just ate sushi and drank beer.

Sjaak asked me if he could hold my hand.

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The fool laments that which he has lost and values not that which he still has.


Kusum tried to strike up a conversation.

I just found out last week.

I don't play cards.

Do you believe in spirits?

This medicine will help you.


You must not eat too much of anything because it tastes good.

I love him just as he is.

My mother warned me not to follow in the footsteps of my sister.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes when speaking English.

They told us to wait.

What was the last thing Pria said?

When we landed, we saw our friend on the pier.


Ima is staying with relatives.

You need to improve your diction. You really are very hard to understand.

It seemed like a good trade.

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Each one of the three kids got a prize.


Are you going to use the blender to beat the eggs?

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Marsh's noticed something was out of place.

He should be rich: he has had every opportunity since immigrating.

The child stretched out his hand to his mother.

I didn't know you at that time.

Lisa asked me the same questions Justin had asked me.

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Put your thinking cap on!

Take your seat.

I really appreciate the fact that you like me just the way I am.


Vickie and I got to know each other in Boston.

Maybe we'll have better luck next time.

Tehran is the biggest town of Iran.

She could pass for twenty.

He consumed all his income on drinking.

Matti and Naim just don't hit it off.

Pay attention to what you're saying.

She was wearing a green coat with a matching mini-skirt.

Have you spoken with them?

I have been long willing to say this.

You may or may not win.

Juan is a visual thinker.

There's an allusion to one of Debussy's works in that song.

The exhibit runs through October 20th.

Saul has a store in Boston.

All were imprisoned by the Allies after the war and later sentenced to death or given long prison terms for war crimes.

Slartibartfast plays accordion quite well.

In order to improve the environment.

He must go there tomorrow.


What exactly is the threat?

Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition and took shelter in Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth century.

His claim is really the same as the one Benson proposed in Entrepreneurs.

Who would want to kill Anatoly?

I can tell you've gone to a lot of trouble.

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Tigger could beat anybody.

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Sergio showed his photo album to me.


The question is: Who will bell the cat.

The pleasure of possessing is not in my estimation worth the trouble of acquiring.

Take a deep breath and relax.


You may not be right.

Kenton didn't offer Elizabeth anything to drink.

The event has become known to the public.

You're an angel!

What are you looking for exactly?


Where was the mistake?

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I take solace in her words.


Add two to three, and you get five.

The building was heavily damaged by fire.

She is rather poor at tennis.

I didn't say I liked her.

It was dark in the American house.

Taste buds are needed to taste food.

Lee must realize what he's done.


I think I should leave.

I don't want them.

You have a future.


Roger wasn't nervous.

Herb studies French every morning before he goes to work.

Is your father a doctor?

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Two years have passed since he died.


I learned it from you.

It was my decision to make.

I'd really love to meet her.

Since 9.11 large scale acts of terrorism have occurred all over the world.

I admire Randal.


Guillermo was a perfect gentleman.

It's been a long time since I've written anyone a letter.

The secret will soon get out.

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I'd love to see that happen.

He survived the plane crash.

You have to stop.

Which is the most difficult language in the world?

You are doctors.


What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

It's going to be all right.

Lois said he was scared.

When he ran into difficulties, he asked his parents for help.

When we were in school, my best friend and I made our own secret code so we could write messages to each other without other people being able to read them.


I thought you'd like him.

The situation has really deteriorated.

I got it practically for free.