I'm very fat.

I have a connecting flight on UA 111.

In 1917, Europe was at war.


I know which one I want.

I always try, when I'm translating sentences, to make the translation as similar as possible to the original sentence. Since this makes the language learning much easier for the non-native speakers.

That's not illegal.


I have to hurry!

Do you accept Visa card?

And the master of the banquet tested the water that had been turned into wine.

Today's loss is not merely a waste.

I thought it might be nice for us to spend some time together.

Why won't they let Jerald go?

The weather has been unusual this year.


If you want to get a picture in some beautiful place and there are only strangers nearby, then ask some fat person to help you. Then you can be assured that he won't run away with your camera.

The sick child sat up in bed.

I heard that Philippe is in Australia.

I badly injured myself in the leg, too.

The bus carries a lot of inflammable materials.

Jim is not yet used to driving on the left side of the road.

There's no hiding the fact from her.


What're your plans for the weekend?

I'm not an addict. I can stop any time I want.

He died a happy man.

I've been asking myself the same thing.

I can't read these instructions.


They are angry at your ill manners.

I thought Malcolm would be in his room.

Turn on the lights.

It's an area crowded with new houses.

Darren's new gadget is cool, but useless.

There's a hole in my coat.

Their flight was discovered yesterday.

We have to talk to them.

Why didn't Stuart just tell us?

He is not a doctor but a teacher.

I play with Rubik's cube, not with Ruby's ass!

What is it with you, Kathryn?

Joanne soon adapted himself to school life.

Your manners aren't very good.

Lar asked me if I had a black tie he could borrow.

Shakil's squirrel has a fluffy tail.

Goodbye. I'll see you at the time we agreed on.

This writer is Russian.

I think that my phone is probably smarter than me.

Ready or not, we have to be on stage in five minutes.

Too much money?

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I'm going back to Boston tomorrow.

Sleepy as I was, I managed to finish my homework.

That's unrealistic.

He survived the plane crash.

To all appearances, she is healthy.

Now she was so weak, but the crane made Sadako feel stronger inside.

Who's going to be here?

I dare you to prove me wrong.

Seeing the face of his wife covered in green spots, he had a heart attack. Yet another victim of the killer cucumber!


Susan tried to sucker punch John.

Save me some ice cream.

Show him what you can do.


He really likes English.

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Your replacement has already been picked.


I just needed some space.

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When his dog died, he cried his heart out.

I'd better call her first.

I used to be a professional musician.

Alan wouldn't tell me anything.

Sylvan has just been let go from his job. Because he had signed the employer's non-competition contract, he must now choose among relocation, a significant career change, unemployment or litigation.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

It is not far from the hotel.

Music is all.

I handed Kees the envelope.

He is generous to excess.

Don't go there alone.

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She's the manager.

I'll do that for you, Pamela.

This is a two-seater sofa using stain-resistant artificial leather.

Sjaak is quite photogenic, isn't he?

Are you going to warn Chuck?

I can't deal with this problem anymore.

I haven't forgotten.

I know what you want to do.

He can't afford a new car.

We took a walk despite the rain.

Martha has to stop doing that.

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I'll meet them.


Nobody cares what you think.

Ritalynne doesn't need to come if he doesn't want to.

That was obvious.

You tore your pants.

The road was very bumpy.


Send for the doctor at once.

I don't feel like going out for a walk.

Open the safe.


You'll have to talk to me.


It was a very exciting day!


He angers us with his comments.

She loves him all the more because he has faults.

What're you doing, Sheila?

I can speak it a little.

Marcia resuscitated Dannie.

Sri stabbed me in the back.

By George, he exclaimed with a gesture of surprise, I think that they're all crazy!

In Esperanto, the final vowel of a noun or of the definite article can be left out and replaced by an apostrophe.

By most calculations we have used more natural resources since 1955 than in all of human history to that time.


Varda could be in danger.

Van has been quite helpful.

My greatest fear is drowning.


It was natural for him to be familiar with jazz.


I gave them each an apple.

I am not sure when he will come.

The result was really satisfying.


I'm going to need more money.

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She seems to be excited.

Should we call room service?

She married a bank clerk.

You shot us.

You need to do exactly what I tell you to do.

My Internet connection is slow.

Don't fall for his old tricks.

Just stay out of my desk.

Who that has common sense can believe it?

Put some iodine on this cut.

I haven't seen Liisa since forever.

The police haven't questioned Debbie yet.

You're not needed.

That'd be fine.

Grab the meat before it burns to a crisp!

I'm an innocent man.

Was that really your fault?

Is Warren partly to blame?

Kyle seemed reluctant to join the class.

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It's a cultural thing.


Can we not talk about this just now?

Dan was assigned to patrol a suburban area.

Now I can go home with good conscience.

Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

This bag is 4 kilograms overweight.

We're not coming.

We really have to go.

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Mr. Smith has arrived.

In the great square, the boldest among the boys would often tie their sledges to the country people's carts, and go with them a good way.

Huey works for a startup.


The guide led Todd through the jungle to show him the Indian village.

The seven dwarfs were the new family of the princess.

Some babies learn to swim even before they are one year old.

She became pale after hearing the news.

There I fixed it.


If by any chance it should rain, he won't come.


Rake the leaves in the backyard.


It was a day in which I have nothing much to say.


People here are really nice.

I didn't want to do this, but Mikey insisted.

Five plus two makes seven.

We could've done that.

We've had some tough times.

This'll be our secret.

The Germans were very friendly.


It's unsurprising that Yoko would have said something like that.

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I'll help Arne tomorrow.


I know you want to make me happy.

That does sound fun.

It's kind of you to ask.

Can I get you a cup of tea?

I thought you were going to kill me.


Inhaling diesel exhaust is bad for our health.