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Needs Focussed

Support Oriented

Innovation Driven

Needs Focussed

At AIM Systems, we're focussed on YOUR needs. Not our needs, not the needs of our suppliers; YOUR needs.

Support Oriented

You and your staff can expect a competent, trained, 'human being' to respond to your questions ... instantly (or at least within 5 minutes)

Innovation Driven

Computer technology is changing constantly. You can't be expected to keep up. You CAN expect us to keep up, and to present options that bring real benefit to you and your company.

About AIM Systems

AIM Systems has been providing computer systems solutions to our clients since 1985. That's over 30 years of analysis, innovation and re-invention. Much of that time has been spent helping clients deal with acute and often painful problems. Our preference however is to help identify problems before they become acute; then fashion a solution of avoidance. Its an approach that is less painful, less frustrating, and much less expensive.

If you already have an acute computer systems problem, it might be easier to select a 'Service Tab' from the top of this page. Otherwise please browse our site to get an overview of our solution expertise. And if you prefer human contact, we'd welcome your call.

Needs Focussed

Support Oriented

Innovation Driven

Application Services

AIM Systems began as a developer of custom application software. We've developed and supported comprehensive, fully integrated applications for health care providers, insurance companies, and manufacturers in addition to several highly specialized businesses. After 15 years of development we determined that we couldn't be all things to all customers, and re-focussed on Specialty Development: identifying and developing applications for that piece that makes each business unique; then refining the applications so they blend with the other applications seamlessly .... or at least with very small seams.

Administration Services

The 'perfect' piece of application software can seem totally useless if the infrastructure: the underlying computer hardware, isn't functioning as expected. Nobody wants to become a computer hardware expert, just in case the systems stop operating properly. And so the infrastructure becomes a formless mass of switches and servers and racks (oh my!) AIM Systems uses world class monitoring tools to measure the performance of the various components in your hardware infrastructure. Then we add our 30 years of experience in diagnosing the unexpected and responding with corrective action; quickly, and with minimum expense. It's what System Administration is supposed to be: peace of mind, with monthly reporting; and speed of response when something unexpectedly goes wrong.

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    Network Security

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    System & Network Administration

    Linux and Network Admin Specialists

Availability Services

Business Continuity Plans are notoriously expensive to define and difficult to test. As a result comprehensive Business Continuity planning is usually delayed until after a disaster, and almost never tested properly. Murphy is aware of this, and his law suggest that the business interruption will happen at the worst possible time. AIM Systems specializes in Technology Availability Plans. They're the part of Business Continuity planning that deals specifically with computer technology. We plan and implement affordable redundancy for all parts of your computer systems; and then oversee regular testing of the plan: monthly, and with interruption of 30 minutes or less.

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    Business Continuity

    Planning for disaster.


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