All of these have expired.

We formed a circle around the teacher.


He can't drive.

This holiday isn't much fun - we might as well head back home.

I'm never sick.

I'll be right back with your drinks.

Haste is waste.

I accidentally kicked a large rock and broke my toe.

Tanya hasn't picked up anything.

He's in his fifties.

He's taking a shower.


It is getting warmer every day.

He behaved in a cheap manner.

Is snuggling the same as snorkeling?

This isn't a fair test.

A real friend would tell us the truth.

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Donnie was in a trance.

Could you write it down, please?

Kori walked downwards as much as she could and ended up five stories below ground level.

This isn't the way.

Jeremy shouted Ramsey's name as loud as he could, but she didn't hear him.

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He is certainly not without courage.

Do you think Andrea didn't go because of what I said?

Kit told Rainer his age.

I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.

It was impressive.


I'll follow you anywhere.

They were all friends.

Gordon asked Oscar why she was so mad.

With respect to native speakers, what are the three most widely spoken languages in the world?

They say nothing is impossible.


It's kind of creepy.


He is a self-willed fellow.


I know him, a wily, cheeky lad.


Presley often stays up all night.

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Don't let Laurent do it by himself.

I left my shoes at school.

It was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


Toby knows why nobody came to his party.

We're here on urgent business.

I watched an old movie on TV.


Nils took a bottle of pills out of his pocket.


I saw a lady go through the gate without showing her ticket.


The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.


We must take his youth into account.


She has no more than fifteen dollars.

He is the proper person for the job.

That's something worth thinking about.

Hubert is in front.

Haven't you ever kissed a girl?

What did you buy?

We tried to determine his location, but it seems that he's not in the city.

I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday.

Who do you think will win the gold medal?

I think Polly cheated.

The manager controls his men at will.

The Germans began the battle.

We bought Felix a birthday present.

I wondered what was taking you so long.

In the summer I go to the pool every day.


Do you really think this will work?

Dan had that sinister feeling that something was wrong.

I saw Pitawas here in the park just a while ago.

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Write in words the numbers you can see in the picture!

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They live apart.


Grandma sprinkled flour on the rolling pin so the dough wouldn't stick to it.

I don't think I'm unimaginative.

I told you it was going to be easy.

He doesn't have enough experience.

You told me that you were planning on going with us.


Water is liquid. When it freezes, it becomes solid.


Theo was here as well.

A friend told me that story.

Put on your coat.


I believe that story.

I am looking forward to receiving your favorable answer.

You have no grounds for accusing Jill of stealing the stock certificates.

She gave him something to drink.

We had a late lunch at two.

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We're scared it'll happen again.

He is at his office.

I've locked my keys in my car.

Practice is better than theory.

Would you help me if I moved?

The story wandered.

It's the fastest train in the world.

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His actions damned him.

Javier turned red.

Now, I understand.

Olson doesn't look too busy.

What will this accomplish?

I wonder how Cynthia did that.

Everybody laughed at him.

Shel will catch Rafik.

But I wasn't afraid.


Fat hens lay few eggs.

Flour is made into bread.

That child caused a lot of trouble.

I'll have to try it again.

Stan wanted to buy it.


That's what Ginny tells me.

What I remember most about that movie is the last scene.

He's in trouble.


Would you care for a dish of ice cream?

To his credit he knows what he's talking about.

Do you see any similarities?

Sorry, I'm 30 minutes late because I overslept.

I just wanted to clarify that.


Why don't you tell me why you think it happened?

I don't appreciate Hans's humor.

I suppose it's different when you think about it over the long term.

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The number of visitors that he mentioned is very much exaggerated: there were a maximum of around one hundred people present.

The question threw him off his balance.

Would Marci do that?

Everybody knows for sure that it was he who did it.

Just tell him not to worry.

The sperm whale can dive to a depth of 1,000 meters.

What caused the accident?

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In common with many people he likes holidays.


We work well together.

How many people are currently working for you?

Ji was swimming with us yesterday.

Barbra is calming down.

I asked Lloyd what he'd advise.


I'm extremely interested.

I'm here to take you home.

I told you it wasn't her.

She gave us a dubious answer.

I feel like such a fool.

I know all of them.

My mother hates watching the television.

She paid the rent with interest.

That's a beautiful photo.

I heard you're having problems with Sekar.

He was popular with voters.

I woke up and Geoffrey was gone.

These diamonds come from South Africa.


Eileen Collins is a wife and mother. She met her husband when both were flying C-14s in the military.

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Curtis is different.

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From the inside, the Earth is very hot.

Go home and relax.

The longest day must have an end.

We need to fight against women's oppression.

The European Union has abolished the death penalty.

Many countries have signed a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

I don't talk to him anymore.

He easily gets angry at trivial things.

I don't want to walk home.

Let's do it my way.

I'll be staying here for a week.

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I think I know as much as you.


I visited Boston a long time ago.

Kirk has a talent for acting.

Ricardo has to get to the hospital.


Saturn is a very large gas planet which spins very rapidly on its axis.

The party is just getting started.

I think that's very regrettable.


The secretary put the letter into the envelope.

Even though Mr Smith was very wealthy, he was a tight wad.

Dad came home a few minutes ago.