The bus leaves every ten minutes.

It is an old manuscript.

Halley's Comet will come back in 2061.

I bought a return ticket.

He accomplished it at last.

We'll start over.

You should meet Eric.

The milk tasted bad.

She shrieked whenever she saw a spider.

I'm not sure I really understand this.

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Resort areas abound in tourists.


I never saw her.


We wouldn't want to do that.


Nelken wanted to talk to Jared again.

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I hope I am very efficient.

It seems we have more than one problem.

It's great that you like to be good, to grow, to evolve; however, doing it at the cost of others or undervaluing his or her work is unforgivable. Who commits it is, in fact, in decadence rather than ascension.

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I'll never feel that way.

I bought out my partner and now the company is mine.

What can I do about that?


Angela seems to be in agony.

My wife shuddered at the sight of a one-eyed cat.

Dori loves chili.


He has been living in Ankara for six years.

She is only six months old.

Go play tennis with him.


Nora gave a five-minute presentation about the influence of the Vikings on world history.

The tickets I bought are non-refundable.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

"Hi" "Hello" "What's up?" "Nothing."

The home shapes the identity.

You can take either book.

A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.

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He is capable of doing it.


I think what you're looking for is in the back of the closet.

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I have the money.

Interpretation is the art of taking a spoken text in one language and converting it into a spoken text in another language.

You are a child of the same cosmos that created Plato, Buddha and Confucius.

The poet lived here twenty years odd.

Dan needs to talk to an attorney.

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The climate of Japan is mild.


However, I am dealing with different facts.

He hurried to the station.

The newspaper is of great value in the world today.

Could you bring me the fly swatter, please?

An interfering old bag didn't keep her mouth shut.

Andy has been bragging about it all morning.

I have what you're looking for right here.

I want to live in comfort.

Can you hear me now?

What shall I do with it?

If not for me, do it for him.

Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

Why do you look so tired today?


Shahid stayed home because of the kids.

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The translation does not represent the views of the translator.

Liz's joke was met with stony silence.

John has confidence in his ability.

Can't you see what Russ is doing?

I talked to her again.

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You can't seriously expect me to go home now.

Gene didn't speak to me at all.

Kiki won't tell you anything.

What about the combination of both?

I don't want you to be lonely.

Are you sure you want me to help you with your homework?

That's Knapper's boat.

You won't have to work overtime today.

I'm going to be talking to her.

I'm a little overweight.

I fight almost every day.

I might need some help.

I love old prewar gangster movies.

We need their help.

She was faithful to her promise.

Why doesn't she tell me jokes anymore?

Dick was expelled from school.


When I was three years old, my name was changed from Stephanie to John.

Sanjib smiled politely.

I love my teammates.

I think I'm going to learn a lot from you.

This is not expensive.

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Are they taking care of you?

I didn't want to believe the things Arne said about Piercarlo yesterday.

I am willing to help you.


He was seized with uncontrollable rage.

I'd like to keep the car there.

I don't remember where I put my glasses.

I trust Alan's instincts.

Were you the one who called the cops?


He has a vivid imagination.


It won't be an easy thing to do.

Malaclypse has had a fever for the past three days.

Bill and Joan divided the candy between them.

That's a lot of cash.

I understand that you are a student here.


She looks like her brother.

I love the sound of church bells.

Mathematics is basic to all sciences.

You bought it, the men bought it.

It is not that I don't like the car, but that I can't afford to buy it.

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Bad weather doesn't last forever; human suffering will not endure forever.

There are stores along the street.

I've seen Tait naked.

I'm not reinstalling them.

Nuclear power is safe.

It's not a snake. It's only a piece of rope.

I plan to play a flute solo.

How did the interview go?

Things like this don't usually happen to me.

Lois had to admit that he was too tired to do anything else.

The night was so dark, almost as dark as her heart.

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Pretty soon we'd better wrap up this break and get back to work.

Roxanne staggered away.

One measures the temperature with a thermometer.


Maybe I should go help him.

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A poor workman blames his tools.

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I know what your game is.

He likes adventures.

I could not recognize him at first.

Do you understand why this is a problem?

Thus I have heard.

I've got Julian working on it.

I got goosebumps.

Alvin managed to carry all three boxes by himself.

You first.

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Who wears the sunglasses?

I'd prefer it if what I'm about to tell you stayed between the two of us.

I like to read books.

Olof often skips meals.

Do you think the situation will improve?

She helped me willingly.

Don't pay lip service to me.


You seem to enjoy watching me suffer.

My dog always barks at the mailman.

Don't mislead me.

He's active performing good deeds.

He runs.

The market opens at 9:00 a.m.

I had to finish what I'd started.


He started laughing hysterically.

Since my school is large, I have to run to get from one classroom to another in a 5-minute break.

I want to go into town.

No-one's memory is less reliable than mine.

I'd rather it didn't come to that.

This is very confusing.

He spoke under his breath.

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Our husbands are Polish.

I like to see these pictures.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

The best way to write letters is to put down whatever is in your mind.

I share everything with them.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Whatever do you mean?

I want Pat here.

Three hours of driving has worn me out. Let's pull over at the next rest stop we see.

Cristina is considering taking a coaching job.

Can you check the tire pressure?

I forgot to hit send.

"Did you know that the neighbor's daughter is already married?" "You don't say! She's only eighteen!"

She works for a large American corporation.

Merril isn't very open to criticism.

You'll never achieve anything if you don't study harder.

Don't eat raw vegetables.

She's supposed to be here in solitary meditation.

You should stand up to speak.


I have received no reply from you yet.