I got to work late because I had to drop my daughter off at the day-care center.

The air feels somewhat cold this morning.

I blame you, too.

The teacher said: "Of course, it's possible".

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Morton picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.


This nude poster appeals visually to the young.

Henry is good at mathematics.

What a nice animal!

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Flatterers look like friends, as wolves like dogs.

Delbert won't negotiate.

Does Jacques play tennis very often?

I haven't been home in a while.

We've got to get someone to help us.

Which is faster, a taxi or a subway?

What's not to love?


We have to work now.

Today our artificial satellites are revolving around the earth.

A tall building stands there.

Alan can speak French well.

It's already 4 o'clock. It doesn't look like he will be able to come.

I am now fairly certain.

I immediately knew what it was.

Where did you deafen them?

Let him in.


Would you mind repeating that?

Elvis has a family.

Derek is a criminal.

I wonder what this place was like three years ago.

Maybe you'd like to meet Clyde.

Bobby is at home almost every evening.

Cars are getting expensive.

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Effectively, I killed him.

You ought to have known that he was sick in bed.

Can you see the woman standing behind Deirdre? That's Blake.

The pond was alive with tiny fishes.

If no goals are set, it's impossible to fail to achieve them.

My hobby is playing the piano.

I'm sorry, I can't talk about this right now.

Hazel said he was doing fine.

He stood aloof.

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The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.

My brain is stupid.

Just watch me.

The wooden pieces are fastened with a peg.

Is love frightening to anyone you know?

I think I've found what I'm looking for.

I know what you're planning.

He went off to the People's Square or somewhere thereabouts.

Where's the ice?

I'm not used to staying up so late at night.

If any one were to take away from the books of Chrysippus all the passages which he quotes from other authors, his paper would be left empty.

I can run much faster than you.

It's easy to pick up bad habits.

And history was changed forever.

Seriously, people are so dumb.

I wish we could go back home.

Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.

When does your plane take off?

You're not the first person to say so.

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Can you describe that strange guy?


I heard voices outside.


What would you like me to tell Saiid?


Everything is available.

We rode in an elevator.

Wilmer has never had a mustache.

Don't complain of your food.

She can speak French, to say nothing of English.

She died before I arrived there.

She has two cats. One is white and the other one is black.

Keep reading.

Then the pen fell from my hand and I just listened.

My days have gone wandering.

He is young but clever.

I don't think it works like that.

Kamiya doesn't spend enough time with his children.

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You don't need to go there.

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I need you to talk to Betty about that.

Helping them was a mistake.

Sandra was impressed by Carsten's score.

I guess they really weren't all that busy.

Do you like Indian food?

I have work on Wednesday.

Heinz knows Juha likes reggae.

What do you have to add to 17 to get 60?

How come I didn't take my phone?

Sanche speaks relatively fast.

Upon hearing that news, Lana suffered a fatal heart attack.

He's not really ill. He's just a malingerer.

Can anyone tell me what this might be?

Did you go to office yesterday?

How could this happen to Alvin?

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I hoped to have seen you when I went to Tokyo.


Shall I bring a magazine?

I didn't let Jagath go home early.

It almost sounds like you don't want to go.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

I think it quite strange that he should not know such a thing.

Your French is really good. Where did you study?

I bought Jimmy a home computer.

Poor tomcat.

Good day, Doctor Mortimer.

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The five of us stood in a circle holding hands.

Please hold this ladder steady.

What has become of him since then?


It goes without saying that she is an excellent pianist.

Who are these flowers for?

It leaves nothing much to be desired.

I take back everything I've said.

She writes about Sri Lanka.

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She would cook it in her own way.

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Phill knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Hartmann.

You should be good at that.

He learned it the hard way.


I don't know how to say it.

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That was pretty scary.

You should phone Shaw as soon as you can.

In 1997, the world was surprised again when Mother Teresa died.

When I'm sad, my friends encourage me.

Darrell was haunted by the demons of his past.

What time do you usually bathe the baby?

Do you think that you can beat me?

Cut the cloth diagonally.

I think you've had enough, Hsuan.

You made your point.

That's pretty weird.

Torsten knows everything about cars.

Your age is beginning to tell.

Can you tell me what that man's name is?

She shut the book and closed her eyes.


The pyramids were built in ancient times.

"Have we met somewhere before?" asked the student.

Don't you have an audition today?

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A "Post-scarcity Economy" requires higher intelligence from its populace.

She has a mysterious side.

The downfall is inevitable.

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She sought forgiveness for her guilty acts.

She learned to fly many different kinds of planes.

It doesn't have to be this way, Barrio.

What is it that impels people to vote for the FDP?

They could barely make ends meet.


I don't feel like playing either.

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She had no money.


I was in Boston last month.

I think we should try to buy Patty's car.

She was the first woman I loved.


Graeme pushed all the pillows off the bed.

Don't bother me.

We're trapped!

There used to be a bake-shop on this corner.

Susie's hair is very long.

Did Martha ever mention Hazel?

I will look after the dog.

I've just received some good news.

From whose hand should I take something?

I have to remember to buy some milk.

He is responsible for it.

This could start a panic.

We had to check coats and hats.

Glass breaks easily.

She kept questionable company.

It is a love song.

I never could figure out why Carsten didn't like me.

Now then, let's get this problem cleared up.

Do you play squash?

I didn't know Mann was that fast.

Julia left the house shortly after Sigurd left.


There were flocks of people on the beach.

I ran into a friend on the bus.

Sometimes keeping silent is the only way to show how hurt one is.


Moncalvo is the smallest town in Italia.