She was shot in her sleep.

Shut it off.

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I wish this kind of thing never happened.


This apple is sweet.

She knows who the father is.

Maybe I've been misinformed.

I've learned so much from Mats.

The magazine is researching the most disgusting insects on the planet.

You haven't even tried.

Sandeep was head over heels for Audrey.

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He has been studying for two hours.


Today is Wednesday, yes?

He comes from England, but is very poor at English.

I just clipped my nails.


Earnie wants to speak to Simon alone.

That's the way it's done.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes we made before.

I thought you were happy.

That wasn't him.

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We'll see each other at 5 in front of the laboratory.

She has otherwordly powers!

You must leave for Nagoya now.

I will arrive on 23 May.

The park benches were all occupied.

I am completely and totally against immigration and emigration. No one should ever be allowed to enter or leave this city. Boston for the Bostonians!

Mark filled the bathtub with hot water.

I lay on my back.

I believed Anton at first.

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany.

You're afraid of Buddhism, as you try to cover it with accusations of being Jewish.

I didn't mean to insult you.

Varda doesn't have a girlfriend.

What would happen if the earth stopped turning?

There is neither contingency nor free will.

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Gregor didn't know what this is.


You had no way of knowing that that would happen.

Emergency exits must be kept free of blockages for public safety.

I played it by the book.


"What's your poison?" "Oh, give me a gin and tonic."

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Are you going to see Hughes?

Roberta has been a prison guard for ten years.

I don't like tea.

She has known him for a long time.

They believed the jewel would bring disaster.


Ozan came in first.

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I couldn't find what you asked for.

He is lying on the sofa.

Skeeter asked me to tell you something.

I like eating pineapples.

The Latin verb has six infinitives.

Mikey is a good actor.

Albert decided to slow down.

There's no problem with Case.

That's what Irving gets paid for.

Tonight's not the night.

Is there something in particular that you want to know?

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It was not until Chikako left me that I realized how much I loved her.

She's artsy.

I miss my little sister.

My mother believes in Christianity.

It was foolish for him to turn down her offer.

The woman is pregnant.

Why won't you tell me how to do this?

Sally asked me where he could buy a ticket.

Lucy cannot use chopsticks.


This isn't the first time.

I stayed at a nice hotel.

Do you know who wrote this poem?

Caleb hurdled the fence.

Do I need to book a seat?


Come here. I need to tell you something.

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I can see you are having an awesome time.


Did you know that Dieter had left town?

What can you do for them?

Can you do it or can't you?

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from walking in the park.

Our system is corrupt.


Could I have a word with you in private?

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The customer's complaint was about a sensitive issue.

You may do whatever you want to do.

She has her heart in music.

John is two years older than I am.

His son is yelling at him.


We'll try not to let that happen.

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If you're old and can't see, don't drive!

You don't have to work today.

Jim kicks a ball very well.


When I was little, I believed in Santa.


This makes a lot of sense.

We can't leave this here.

I've been in a similar situation.


The calendar on the refrigerator had Stan's birthday circled.

This is residential property.

We thank you very much!


It was ages ago.

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Who's this maniac?


He did an amount of work.

The phone was ringing, but there was no one to answer it.

Thomas and Marie are entirely renovating their home.

You're not allowed to park around here.

Ro won the karaoke contest.

The ancestors of Native Americans went to the continent from Asia by way of the Bering Strait.

Which is cheaper, this or that?

It could be heroin.

World War II ended and the Olympics were revived in 1948 in London, but the losing countries of the war, Germany and Japan, were not invited.


It seems that we are fresh out of tea.


We need more farmers.


She sought forgiveness for her guilty acts.

You're the only one of people I know who doesn't like bananas.

His request was tantamount to a threat.

It's fried shit.

It looks like some kind of air purifier.


What if my mom says no?

I see you reading.

We've never given a concert in Boston.

I prefer a lighter color.

I drink three or four cups of coffee a day.

Ric can't afford to send his children to college.

He's been trying to contact you for weeks.

Who's going to tell us?

Morgan speaks French well, though not perfectly.


Toerless had difficulty convincing Kristian that she should quit her job.

It doesn't bode well!

It was a mutual decision.


Just about everything can be recycled.


A lie detector works by detecting changes in pulse and respiration.

He reads Arabic.

Why do you dress up on Purim?


Why would I do that?

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I knew I'd forgotten something.


She regarded me suspiciously.

He went to America to study English.

She's highly influenced by current trends.

I fell asleep in the middle of the lecture.

Will Devon stay or will he leave?

Ning got out of the car.

I don't think I have ever been this hungry before.

Christmas is just a week away.

Anyway, if it just stops raining, then we might be able to go out.

He was just a lewd old man.

He showed exceptional ability in mathematics.


Recently we have had many mild days.

You've worked hard for months and have certainly earned a holiday.

I'm sociable.

What is the purpose of the stock market?

Don't ruin it for me.


He is a man of warm heart.

Tony is convinced that he's a relative if mine.

I just need a break.


It is not good that the man should be alone.

What are you doing at school this afternoon?



He does nothing but read books all day long.

I had a terrible stomachache.

The day will surely come when your dreams will come true.

Trying didn't receive any money for his work.

Eleven children are among the dead.

Tolerant's wife just died.

He shut the door that was behind him.