Three little girls are going to the skating rink.


I said that I was confused.

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

Copper and silver are both metals.

Does that mean you're ready now?

Takeuchi and Jerome worked together on that project.

I think the mistake is mine.

I sent you a photo.


Boyd cut his finger with a knife.

Don't take it so hard.

You can't drink seawater because it is too salty.


Do you charge a commission?

I'm going to give it a try.

He was cut down in his prime.


The Amazon is the second longest river in the world, next to the Nile.

He said he had lost his vigor at forty.

I charged them too much money for their room.

Don't do too much at the same time.

This is my new guitar.


His face reflects joy.

Vernon doesn't like unsolicited advice.

Who's at the switchboard today?

Did you tell Wendi to take out the garbage?

Don't beat me!

Can you die of sinusitis?

I wouldn't even take a glass of water in the desert from you.


We just got this car.

"Is he always like this?" "Yeah, he is."

I'm surprised to see you here.

I feel I'm wasting my time.

I can give you half of my sandwich.

You arrived there before they did.

I hoped to have joined the party.

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I'm going to go to the bathroom.

I just need a moment.

"Oh," sighed the duckling, "how thankful I am for being so ugly; even a dog will not bite me."

"Do you speak French?" "Not very well."

It doesn't really affect me.

He caught a big fish.

We are at such a critical stage.


You have the right to have a lawyer present.

The climate of Japan is milder than that of England.

What is the cost of a beer?

The drinks are half price until six.

If I had had a little more money, I would have bought it.

Don't you want to stop Seymour?

The two sides signed a peace treaty.

Syed really is quite talented.

I won't do that.


Bert doesn't look like he's having any fun.

Never cross the street without checking that no cars are coming.

In the U.S. I was often taken to be Chinese.

The train will arrive soon.

I'm not calling Masanobu.

Why don't you do it like I showed you?

Valerie never cooks on Sunday.

Alvin is going to be OK, right?

Don't you ever clean your room?


On the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, we visit our grandparents and do nice things for them.


I can't remember my password.

Kaj has got nobody.

I can't sing as well as Deirdre did.

Please have a drink.

Put all the rubbish in the barrel.

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How much do you charge for cleaning a wool dress?

I'm convinced that you're right.

Tracey didn't want to bother Winston.

The gangsters extorted a vast sum of money from the rich man.

It's like nothing ever happened.


Drop in if you get a chance.

Why did you help Hazel escape?

He's just an amateur.

Brian needs a change of pace.

"Why are you studying Hungarian?" "Because it's there."

Catherine stayed indoors because it was raining.

The people got excited at the news.

The fish don't seem to be biting this morning.

Where's your sense of humor, Robbin?

Please tell us what to do next.

By seven o'clock in the evening, the streets are deserted in this town.

John is the taller of the two, and the tallest of them all.

Shut your mouth.


The brown horse is fast.

I regret kissing him.

The most important things for our nation are unity, inter-ethnic harmony and political stability. (N.Nazarbayev)

What's your preferred language?

I'm just being sarcastic, that's all.


No matter what you say, I will never believe you.

I don't really like the way Mr. Jackson teaches.

Piotr has just found out that he's Roxane's father.

Ninja knows getting angry won't do any good.

Are you all set to go?

There's more than one kind of Swiss cheese.

Gregory is really worried about Alexander.

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I plan to reply to his letter right away.

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And to make matters worse, he met with a traffic accident.

Can you write that in hiragana please?

Everyone likes big pizzas.

Julius explained the schedule to Anton.

I stretched out my legs.


Maybe that's the reason.

I am a journalist.

Galen took a long drink.


This autumn I am, unusually, watching many drama series.

It won't take much time.

What a great idea!

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Would you care for more cookies?

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I don't want to become like those people.

Saying which, I did the opposite.

You make me want to be a better person.


I think that's why Niall doesn't have any friends.

My daughter has grown out of all her old clothes.

You want my picture?


We do have one advantage.

Uri is still trying to mend fences.

It makes me curious.

He was so careless as to leave the door open.

Luis hung up his keys on the hook.


May God give you a good night!


Was it a squirrel?

I did what I needed to do.

I had to go to Boston.

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Hit the ball after the bounce.


I'll give you the link to the website.

Marc got into bed and turned off the light.

He fixed the blame on his friends.

He isn't as stupid as he looks.

Many people attended the meeting.

Harris asked to be left alone.

Size does matter.


Having fallen out of favor with Reporters Without Borders, Vladimir and Alexander decided to create their own organization. They called it: "Reporters With Strict Limitations".

Draw a straight line through it.

I cannot take part in this work. I am very busy.

I have no more room for new books.

Janet wanted Pratapwant to understand why he couldn't live with her.


Roy had to listen to the whole story all over again.

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.

It became useless.

He took leave of his family and got on board.

I was hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

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I'm driving myself home.

Are her boobs real or fake?

They need to eat double that amount.

I'm economically independent of my parents.

Triantaphyllos lost half of his family.


No one understands how I feel.


We are shaped by every culture, drawn from every end of the Earth, and dedicated to a simple concept: E pluribus unum: "Out of many, one."


Hey, I already thought of that.

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Klava is abroad and sends her regards to you.


We can see a church over there.

I dropped her off at the airport.

I'll have to be extra careful around her from now on.

I left my umbrella here last night.

How many degrees are you planning on earning?


I want him to play the guitar.

I'm pretty sure Josip's competent.

Blayne fell down on the floor.


I ended up at Tahsin's place after walking around all day.

No one wants to go there.

Choose a present carefully.

She was seen at a restaurant with her lover.

Christie watched the team practice.