When was the book written?

Louiqa cleared his throat and began to speak.

I doubt that Rafik has the courage to stand up for what he believes in.

Do you want to eat something?

When you back up into a tree, you make the trunk smaller.

He has an egg and is eating it.

Can you come home now?

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You got here late, didn't you?


He successfully smoothed over any problems during the negotiations.

Please give us your answer as soon as possible.

I am kneading the dough.

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Does Wolf have it?

She is off duty tonight.

She is a physicist.


Curt spent many hours using the language website, tatoeba.org, to improve his English.

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I didn't think you'd be coming.

Your wonderful lecture was pearls before swine.

My sister is a receptionist.


Barbra needed space.

Ram came in carrying something.

When I got out of the car, I felt like I had been here before.

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That clown is frightening.


The water is clean and pure.

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I wish to see you alone.

I'm more in love with you.

Scholarly as he is, he can't be relied on.

Will came back three hours later.

It wasn't mine.


You told me to give it to Suresh.


Sergeant is good at bargaining the price down.


Is what you told me secret?

What makes you think that Mechael will listen to me?

I didn't see Marsha again till I got back to Boston.

They will take it.

Most Americans approved of what Coolidge did.


Let's get to work on that problem.

I don't know how to pronounce his name.

Fay left town on his own.

It was there.

Life in the city has never agreed with me.

He probably won't agree with your proposal.

Not feeling well, I stayed home on that day.


Look at that cat. It is Mr. Brown's.

If I had been in Boston last year, would you have come to see me?

I never have had occasion to use it.

When we were in school, my best friend and I made our own secret code so we could write messages to each other without other people being able to read them.

She said he was sick in bed, which was not true.

A thief doesn't like the moonlight, a villain doesn't like a good man.

Thanks for sharing this with me.

Whatever he asks you, you mustn't answer.

Sid said that was up to you.

I can't believe Randall really did that.

Our team were wearing red shirts.


You remind me so much of my friend Marina, a great teacher of Russian.

To buy books would be a good thing if we could also buy the time to read them; as it is, the mere act of purchasing them is often mistaken for the assimilation and mastering of their contents.

He will never visit the town again.


Pardon me, I didn't know you were still there.

This is just awesome.

Delbert seems to have made up his mind about something.


I haven't told you my dreams yet.

I want you to go home and get some rest.

Rodent fell in love with a pretty girl.

I want to go see a movie.

Sedat is an education major.


Our interests seem to conflict with each other.

Everyone likes them.

You should talk to us.

The bus is due here any time now.

I don't mind waiting.

What kind of questions do you plan to ask?

Take a seat. You look tired.

I intend to listen to it tonight.

You'll have to get a permit to visit that factory.

Are you really ready to help?

Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.


As soon as I can figure out how to send money, I'll send you some.

People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.

I haven't seen that movie yet.

How is her surname pronounced?

I used to go to school with Swamy.

She ended up getting married to him.

Cliff doesn't want to marry Les.

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Bret got worried when he learnt about the medicine's side effects.

Press the green button. If you do so, the light will go on.

Erwin doesn't have time to talk to you.

No one knows how he has amassed his enormous fortune.

Ragnar is always joking.

This is my dream job.

Did someone pay for this?


I'm in love. Her name is Loukas.

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Klaudia told me he checked the oil level.

He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

Tyler is different from his brother.

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They've been forced to turn tail.

After that, I left, but then I realized that I forgot my backpack at their house.

I wish I hadn't married her.

I just bought some cardboard.

Whether I be rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, I have nothing to prove to you.

I don't like it when people make fun of me.

But you have never spoken to me about that!

I didn't realize you didn't have enough money to buy a ticket.

Today I feel better than I did yesterday.

I don't know if Rajarshi still lives in Boston.

Varda has never worked with Howard.

At least I'll never have that problem again.

We slept until half past 7.


Nhan gave me a ride to school.

Getting Marie to show up on time doesn't seem to be a problem.

You should pay attention to your well-being.

Where there is heart, there is luck.

He is above such stupid behavior.

Pradeep and Dorian talked about what had happened.

Deb forgot to tell us not to drink the tap water.

I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Stay away from her.


Can Superman also see through clothes?

The professor dismissed his ideas.

Does he have money?

I have to deal with this alone.

He is working hard to catch up with the others.

Ninja will remember this weekend as long as he lives.

Blair couldn't wait to get home.

She would not admit him into her apartment.

I thought it would be fun.


It's the newest model there is.

My native language is Hungarian.

Mathematics is a difficult subject.

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I'm happy to hear it.

Even though I've studied French for a long time, I'm still not very good at speaking it.

Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet.

Don't you want a little excitement?

He would let me help him.

Vicky wouldn't like Boston.

Venkata is skeptical.

Lukas died a few days later.

Do it now, Tony.

Don't smoke in this room.

She came to Tokyo at the age of 18.


Monty was last on the list.


I made a lot of poor choices.


You're lucky Lonhyn didn't come.


He's at the next corner.


Steve has really been looking forward to this.

Health over wealth.

I wonder what will happen.

We're not perfect, but we try to be.

The rain was falling in my face.


I never had to order Lila to do anything.

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We are longing for peace.


Inside, they're depressed, but if you looked at them you'd never know it.


You lost the game.

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That has happened to me several times.

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Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.


I only want what's best for everyone.

This guitar originally belonged to Kemal.

We'll never work for Aimee.

I didn't want you to feel you were alone.

Because the ice became soft, we had to call off the ice-skating party.

They assemble typewriters.

Excessive gambling causes the same brain changes as a drug addiction.