I major in sociology.

What seems to be the cause of the trouble?

Not knowing anything is not your problem.

Let's get a picture of us with the sea in the background.


She has not seen him for a long time.

I couldn't let him die.

It seems that he left for school just now.


An indecipherable glance passed between them.

They will announce the winner tomorrow.

Lend me your car for tomorrow.

The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.

Arguments can disrupt the work.

The market was packed.

How do you know it'll be terrible?

Some girls just never learn.

There's no other way in.

These shoes are big enough for me.

This should be useful.

I'll try to be as brief as possible.

Many biometric systems are based on the fingerprint scanner.

He said his father was an architect and that he wanted to be one too.

She visited her husband in prison.

I wonder what Srikanth saw.

Boyce is from my neck of the woods.

We don't need to talk to you.

Soon after that, I began to fall asleep.


That's true, isn't it?

I am not well.

Ole used to love Jisheng, but that was years ago.

Hy may feel dizzy if she does not sit in the front seat.

I am unmaking my bed.


I found him easily, because I had met him once before.


I am not.

I think you should meet him.

I will help you in selecting the best from these clothes.


In autumn, leaves change their color and fall.

I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone can help me.

Ramon didn't like the idea.

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I have not eaten.

I don't know why Soohong would do that.

It's important to teach children as early as possible about healthy eating.

This accident was brought about by his carelessness.

We have a surplus of food.


He tumbled on a steep slope while skiing.

Good health is his capital.

Anger is a type of madness.

Graeme is waiting for me.

They pushed him aside.

He is an expert in sustainable development.

I'm having the place totally renovated.

Can you come up with that kind of money?

Just throw it away.

He tried to conceal his ineptitude in a not-so-deft sleight of hand.

He is a Londoner by birth.


When I came home, he was watching TV.


Mortal enemies are immortal friends.

He is, if anything, a little taller than I.

I didn't go dancing on the ice exactly once.

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Whose side is Granville on?

Facebook and text messages have emerged as key evidence in the trial of a man for raping a student.

Can I talk to you a sec?

You're ugly... but I love you.

Being very clever and gentle, this dog is a good companion to me.

Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.

I am from Turkey.

I'll buy her a new one.

Clean your hands.

Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology?

I wonder: Why is she late?

Charles and Roy just sat there staring at each other.

Will you go to Boston next week?

Dorian has a ten-speed bike.

Why don't you invite some friends over for a party?


You told her.


Why don't you let us decide?

Put the box on the table in the kitchen.

He stuffed the money into his pocket.

All George wants to do is talk about Amedeo.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

It is a long story.

How do you go there? By car?


Just talk about the language that you want learn. Why do you want to learn it?

You aren't leaving until tomorrow, right?

What're you doing to Sri?


Who's going to check with Noam?

There is no furniture in the houses of the Incas.

There's a big difference between reading for pleasure and stimulation and reading for knowledge and education.


They behave towards Muslims in a way in which no Muslim would behave towards an unbeliever.

Nobody wanted to come to my country.

Deer are good game.

We all are really something!

The ship is sinking!

Do you require any further assistance?

A nightingale will not sing in a cage.

Nothing will happen to Fred.

You were going to the school.


Happy is a man who marries a good wife.

Have you ever tried Japanese food?

Are you sure you want to borrow Beverly's car without asking?

He is up to date.

Why are you so ugly?


After nearly collapsing, the U.S. auto industry has added nearly 250,000 jobs - the fastest pace of job growth in more than a decade.

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Tell me what you did.

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My guess was right.


Snakes are said to mesmerize small animals and birds.

That happened in 2013.

Do you love Tatoeba?

It's very cloudy. I think it's going to rain.

You trust us, don't you?


What's wrong with this picture?


On hearing the whistle, they started at full speed.

Do you have friends in your class?

A self-proclaimed democrat, who is lucky enough to live in a democratic country, but who constantly swears at politicians without committing himself to politics, has probably not understood the word "Democracy".

I'm the one who has the job.

I did it right.

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George isn't much of a dancer.

This book is not as large that one.

I'm not listening.

Don't grow up. It's a trap!

His work was anything but disposable.

The party opened with his speech.

She's the boss.

The smell brought back memories of a night some years before.

The caller refused to give us his name.

Benjamin was buried alive.

"I hear you quit your job." "Actually, I got fired."

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Have you taken your break yet?

It was a brief journey.

His new book received accolades from the magazines.

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I don't know anything about racing.

Allen is absolutely correct.

You told me that you were here yesterday.

The police are certain to get him in the end wherever he may go.

Won't you eat lunch with me?


Let me say it once for all.

I was played out with walking.

I really miss you a lot!

I can easily touch my toes.

I think you should come.

The police are interrogating Dominick now.

The chances are that the bill will be rejected.

I didn't stay there very long.

The latter means foregoing certain foods, pleasures, or possessions.

They were about to leave when I arrived there.

I don't see who else it could be.

Pedro talked Jon into taking the job.

I've been hit.

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The wrestler has a formidable grip.

I need them to sign this.

Margaret was going to shoot us.

Judy won't even talk to Raanan anymore.

I'm going to try to trap that rabbit.

That's really annoying.

Who was in your car?

I was very busy last week.

Barton is a silly man.

Ragnar was wearing a red and white dress.

You are good at speaking English, aren't you?

Kinch wasn't sure if he liked the painting or not.

There was a strange, foul-smelling brown liquid in the waste basket.

You can finish your essay now.

Takao ought to help Bud.


It was just an accident that we met at the store.

A demonym is typically - but not always - derived from a placename, though it is equally true that many countries are named for their inhabitants.

Do you think you could persuade The to join our team?

He is lying on the grass.

I don't want to lose you, Todd.

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He was rebuked for writing such a rough report.

We were just about to start eating.

That's painfully true.