Sedovic can ride with me.

Herman is miming Peter.


His car is a real pussy magnet.

No, but I play tennis.

Would you hire me?


The television serial is getting more and more interesting.

I took his part in the discussion.

The house we used to live in was torn down.

He might be able to help me.

I'm only interested in the truth.

It is only recently that people have begun to realize the importance of nature conservation.

His debts amounted to five million yen.

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Al took out the eggs one by one.

Protect against moisture and sunlight.

Ravindranath resigned last Monday.

I think Vicki will enjoy this.

Has Sir got a cat?


Your software should be up-to-date to play the video.

You disappointed me.

Sometimes history repeats itself.

They debated other parts of the proposal.

Jef is too young to get married.

I had to make some phone calls.

You may ask that teacher questions.

The train stopped for a moment.

Celeste won't let me see them. is one of the best websites to make new friends.

The service is excellent in this hotel.

The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.

I don't want to be late.

Claudio had hot flashes.

We fed ourselves.


Felix was in the room.

Many people attended his funeral.

Sorry for telephoning you so early.

Rabbits can swim.

It was very cold that winter.


I will see you around.

You have only to do as you were told.

Ole was able to handle it.


I don't know either boy.

They're not related.

China is much larger than Japan.

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This is off the record.

My grandfather says he's too old to swim.

Phill is not going to do it.


Jones certainly has some pretty old-fashioned ideas.


Krzysztof won't be difficult to find.

There is no one that knows him who speaks ill of him.

She worked long into the night.


Thank you very much for driving me all the way to my house.


I promise I'll make it up to you.

He is bound by his promise.

Did you just get here?

Do you think French is difficult?

Anita needs a cup of sugar.

We'll begin a systematic search of the town.

I was showering a moment ago.

That's an interesting story.

It seems like your only choice is to go.


I voluntarily give up my salary.

He was thinking of these three young men, his oldest playmates, with whom he had once played cops and robbers.

Don't be fooled by her appearance.

My stomach hurts.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to do it.

Lie on your stomach on the examination table.

Briggs burned his hand.

I feel we're prepared.

That's what you want to do, isn't it?


The idea that Japanese women are submissive and always obedient to their husbands is a lie.

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They shared the money.

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That's the reason we're here.


I'll go out and see the fireworks.

I sometimes look back on my childhood.

She was taken in by the salesman's smooth manner of talking.

He carried a cane.

Bring her here.

Generally speaking, we Japanese are a little too timid in speaking foreign languages.

It must be very lonely here all by yourself.


I can't tell you why because I don't know why.

We're still waiting for Clarissa to do what he's been asked to do.

Shean told Jill how old he was.


I know I'm getting old.

The financial prospects are excellent.

The judge asked the jury to reach a verdict.


You are human.

Julie told Evan to give him a call after dinner.

Rupert asked Sanche for money.

The professor teaches Czech.

I think that Svante and Penny are in trouble.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has offered to resign.

May I trouble you for the sugar?


Do you take your tea with lemon or with milk?

If thou doest well, shall it not be lifted up? and if thou doest not well, sin coucheth at the door; and unto thee is its desire, but thou mayest rule over it.

He's a bit lively.

I already feel relaxed.

What is the main purpose of this plan?

Children need many things, but above all they need love.

You sent a letter from Algeria.

We won't go out if it doesn't stop raining.

Spudboy has been to Boston three times.

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He was discouraged to hear that.

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Watch it there, Hillel.

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Excuse me, I have to get off at the next stop.

The beautiful French language is lost.

Mason is a martyr now.

I have ten pens more than you do.

I didn't see their faces.

They clearly have something different in mind.

Kenton told Reinhard and her children an interesting story.


We are quick to kiss and makeup. We make sure arguments make us stronger, not weaker.

Some things you shouldn't even say jokingly.

How is the first day going?

They can't swim.

Beetles, butterflies and cockroaches are insects.

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From what material is the jacket made?

Please forgive me for not answering your letter.

Markus knows exactly what he's talking about.

I think Ray is untidy.

Giovanni said Glenn should go.


I've got proof right here.

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I've been waiting for this moment.

Anyone can make mistakes.

Can we talk inside?

The European Anti-fraud Office, known by the French acronym OLAF, is responsible for combating fraud against the EU.

No one is perfect, who does not desire to be more perfect.

You look like you're really tired.

It wasn't Marlena who lit the campfire.

We've got to figure this out.

To upgrade the firmware, you must go to the download page and download the latest version.

It was used only from time to time.

I often visited the museum when I lived in Kyoto.

Diana shut off the engine.

My cat sleeps with me.

Like my new beach shorts?

Can you name anyone that we know who is as talented as he is?

He took an exhilarating walk along the riverside.

Is it true that you wanted to buy a car from Germany?

I will be happy to attend your party.

It was a nightmare.

We've got a lot more than just biceps in our arms, Per.

Put a piece of cake aside for me. I have to go.


They both laughed.

A fast walker can walk six kilometers in an hour.

I'm fed up with it.


Pinching the back of your shoulder should help you to cure hiccups.


Didn't anyone tell you?


I like Ted's attitude.

Claire was an innocent bystander.

This may come in handy.

Go straight, then turn right.

I'm not sure what they want.

I said let them go.

Can you please stop that?

Izzy is an idiot.

Friday is near.

He wanted to swim across the river, but he failed.

Was there a book on the desk?

My brother often stays awake the whole night.

I don't know what's going to happen.


Rob isn't big enough.


George Washington was the first President of the United States of America.

What is missing?

I think you're both right.

Would you guys shut up?

Scot is married to Sunil.