Write a thank-you note when someone goes out of his or her way to help you.


That's what we're aiming for.

He is faced with a difficult problem.

That key doesn't fit the lock.

Do you like Celtic music?

You should just talk to her.

Geoff ate only three carrots for lunch.

Tomorrow it might be me.


You should talk to the teacher yourself.

No pleasure is greater than that of reading.

Hillel directed a torrent of abuse at Lou as she came late again for their weekly meeting.


He advised me to see a lawyer. This I did at once.


What more can we offer?


You didn't tell me Kory was living with you.

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We plan to visit Boston next spring.


Some orphans will be adopted, but not all.

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You'd better tell Slartibartfast not to do that.

Hughes doesn't want to know what I think.

This mustard is yellow.

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It makes my head swim to hear you say that.

This bracelet is more expensive than that one.

Now's your chance.


What flavour is this jellybean?

This company has a customer loyalty program.

Elizabeth picked it up quicker than I thought he would.


They were so frightened that they couldn't move an inch.

It wasn't necessary.

I am counting in German.

I saw a lady go through the gate without showing her ticket.

I want to thank you.

Have these cakes.

I lost my ticket. What should I do?

I think I need some help.

The hardest part is already over.

It's a great place to start.

The effect of the medicine was amazing.

Leung's had a string of failed relationships.

She was shaken by the accident.

Many peoples of antiquity have been gone for thousands of years, and nobody sheds a tear for them.

I sensed what was happening.

What's your favorite brand of electronics?

She is always at school.


School begins on April the tenth.

His alibi seemed cast-iron.

They have no reason not to let you stay.

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We need to work together in order to make the world a better place.


We can all breathe a little easier now.

What does the Hebrew el Shona tona mean in regards to the Jewish new year?

Primitive calculating machines existed long before computers were developed.


He failed many times, but he had no feeling that it was a waste of time.


He divided the apples among the five of us.


Moe must've been a great teacher.

He is now in the prime of manhood.

It's worth ten times my yearly salary.

If you're going to the party, let me know.

You'll have to leave now.

What are my orders?

Is time travel possible?

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Pilar didn't have to say or do anything.


He has to wait until I bring him some warm milk.

An animal can be much more dangerous when wounded.

Japan is greatly famous for earthquakes.

I am writing an article.

Lance shouldn't have said those things.

I'm not willing to cook dinner for twenty people.

What did you ask her?

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Many antibiotics come from fungi.


Dick is a doll.


My mother would turn in her grave if she knew I had married an *.


I don't know why it took me so long.

Emmett withheld some important information.

Each of the children is doing his best.

Uh..., where's the post office?

I was raised in Yokohama.

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One word led to the other.

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The tree is able to grow.

Seymour isn't very busy.

Please estimate the losses by Friday at the latest.

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Emmett leaped out of bed.


He tried to blame me for everything.

He has lost weight.

Anton was totally different from his twin brother.


A ragged coat may cover an honest man.

We'll go out.

I'm really worried about her.

Rayan knows just about all there is to know about growing vegetables.

I'll give you just one more chance.


This is unique.


Marcia is a member of a secret society of scientists.

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Which one do you think she chose?


If anyone has any problems, tell them to call me.


Keep it clean.

Antonio is well-liked by everyone.

I feel like I've done all I can. Now all there is to do is wait and see what comes of it.


"I think Cathy stole my drink." "Really? I don't think he'd ever do something like that."


That could only happen if they were still in the country.


I started this job an hour ago.

William is so organized. He's always on top of things.

I tried again and again, but I couldn't succeed.


To think means to compare.


She let the dog out.

They didn't even know themselves.

The world belongs to the violent.

I think France is the most beautiful country in Europe.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

I went back home, then I went out with my friends.

He was unable to move.

I must report this to him.

What do you think of Michiel's new car?

Shawn was on a diet, so all he ate for dessert was one strawberry.

Danny might become famous.


Are you frightened yet?

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Taurus and Manjeri were neighbors, but seldom saw each other.

Gill said Ed told him that.

The organist was elderly.

When I got home, I had a nice, ice-cold shower.

I think Oskar is unfriendly.


Am I very nice?

My father spends a lot of time on his hobby.

The sun broke through the clouds.

Do not disturb.

What're you doing in here?

Brian could barely hear what Gale was trying to say.

I wish this man would not die before his children grow up!

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Lee resented the fact that Juan got the promotion instead of him.

The girl came dancing toward me.

Jacques is going to make a complaint.

Vicky is always on the go.

This place is unbelievable.

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He doesn't speak English very well.

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It is just a prank!

Donovan opened his book.

There are a lot of slums in Mexico.

She paled at the sight.

Do you have a lot of time?


We didn't help them escape.

As a consequence of overwork, he became ill.

We've taken care of that.

We should get away from here.

Skip went out to the street.


Jeremy ran a hundred meters in twelve seconds.


The changing seasons in Japan do much to Japan's agriculture.


The airliner didn't have a cockpit voice recorder.

Mother made me a fine dress.

Armed with a rather weak argument, Jinchao nonetheless went on the offensive.

That's an interesting remark, but it's beside the point.

I can't speak French as well as Gregg can.

When did you talk to them?

She didn't show up at the party, but nobody knows why.


I can't stand that silly woman.