Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica

Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica Review

It’s been three weeks since buying this replica watch. Well, I’ve to confess, it took me days to decide on the best replica luxury watches to buy. I was looking for an elegant, stylish and comfortable watch. After reading a series of best replica reviews, I finally decided to buy Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers replica watch. For a short period I’ve had this watch, I can say, it’s my best asset so far.

Its blue color makes it versatile wear for me. It can blend perfectly with most of my clothes. I can comfortably wear it to great dinners, corporate gathers, and some casual events. Everywhere I go, people notice the Rolex brand and accord me tons of compliments. In addition to its comfort, this Rolex replica watch I highly durable.

When shopping for a watch, I was looking for a device to give me correct and accurate time readings. I also needed a watch that will elevate my social standing and boost my ego. Of all the Rolex clones on sale, I choose the Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers for its beauty and class.

Having worn this device for twenty-one days, I’m not planning to replace it any soon. I’ve been wearing it anywhere and on every occasion. If you want to buy you, visit and make your order.

Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica
Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica

Why Buy a Replica Watch

Probably you are wondering why I bought this replica watch instead of the genuine Rolex model. Well, first, I wasn’t comfortable ordering a clone watch. However, when my previous watch gave in, I was desperate to replace it. I didn’t have adequate funds to buy an original model. Further, due to its high demand, the delivery may take up to years. I wasn’t going to wait this long.

After reading a couple of Swiss clone watches review, I saw most people were satisfied and comfortable buying a replica model. I thought, why not try one today. Yes, I did, and as it turns out, this was the best decision I ever made.

The manufacturer is very keen on quality. Artistic skills are used in crafting this replica. After a beautiful work of art, it mimics the genuine Rolex watch completely. The exercise is so good that their parts can be used interchangeably. One can’t differentiate between my replica watch and the actual model. That’s why I’m boasting and showing off my new replica watch. I’m sure folks won’t realize it’s an original.

Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica
Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica

Order, Shipment, and Delivery

My biggest fear in placing an order was whether I’d get any value for my money. I had read some stances where buyers had received a wrong product, a damaged product or experienced delays in delivery.

It appears the with whom I placed an order were aware of my worries. In 14 days after placing the order, the package was delivered inside an attractive, sturdy box. I couldn’t hold myself from opening it.

The watch was incredibly beautiful. Its 41mm case was large enough not to be noticed. Its blue color matched with most of my wears. I couldn’t believe I had received so much with its low price.


The roman numerals on this replica mimic that of an original model in every way. Impressive, right? The device is water-proof with a double lock system; these features improves its performance. Three days ago, I accidentally dropped it into the water by accident, well, it’s still functional and in perfect shape.

Its glass is made from scratch-proof sapphire crystals with reflective coatings. These not only improve the aesthetics but also guarantee its durability. It clones the Rolex Swiss movements enhancing the accuracy of its time.

Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica
Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica


The Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers is among the high-quality replicas I came across at  Its stainless steel casing ensures its durability. Further, the finesse coating around this watch prevents any chance of corrosion. Well, I can see wearing this device for long without any need to replace or repair.

Its folding oyster clasps help hold the watch tight enough but still comfortable. Its clasp extension makes it easier to open and lock it without damaging my nails. And its Roman numerals give the uniqueness I’ve been yearning for.

Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica
Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica

Is Rolex Datejust 41mm SS Blue Dial Roman Markers Replica Worth Your Money?

In every purchase decision you make, value for your money is the first consideration you make, right? Well, after a keen observation of this watch and comparing with the ones I’ve had, this is the best model by far.

The manufacturer is determined to make it the best in the market. On top of this, they offer a lifetime warranty service for this watch. Well, if it breaks down, the manufacturer got you covered.

Interested in getting your today, visit kronoswatch and place your order.


Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica


Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica

Truth be told, you can discover much about a person by checking the type of shoes, belts, and watches they wear. Well, the Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica is an exciting and unique Rolex replica in many perspectives. To be honest, I love being classy and stylish.  Well, it wasn’t long when I made up the decision to buy this replica watch. Oh boy! I’m still glad I did it.

See, the demand for Rolex watches is still on the rise and the supply is limited. With the shortage of supply, it may take months or years to get the watch delivered. Even then, the prices are equally high. It’s in this light. I decided to take the Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica watch. A decision I’ve no regrets for.

Who Is It Made For?

Are you in need of classic and stylish watches? Then Rolex brand is your best bet. But, here is the problem. The original brands are rare to find. The shortage in supply means an increase in price. Even where you make the payments, you’ll still need to wait for months to get the watch delivered. With the demand growing at a higher rate than the supply, chances of getting the item grows thin.

However, let not inadequate funds and shortages in supply derail your plan of getting a classic watch. The Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica is made with careful precision to resemble the original design.  In fact, it will be practically impossible for an ordinary person to tell the difference between the two models.

Why Should You Order Yours Today?

Most buyers, I included, wear watches for various reasons. Some do it for fun, prestige, and associate with their favorite socialites and to earn a social status. Where the purchase price for Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum is high, a good replica will work just fine.

The manufacturer exercises caution to ensure there is no noticeable difference between the copy and it’s original. The yacht-master replica features the Rolex maxi-dial design. The thick hands and enlarged markers create an additional surface area, where a luminescent material can be added.

How Does This Watch Vary From the Original Model?

Customers who have bought these Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica watches admit the precision at which they are manufactured. They do not take anything to chances. According to them, the product has to be a complete copy, to the extent that their components become interchangeable. The level of keenness employed means that most folks will not be able to distinguish them. It may take the intervention of an expert to note any difference, if there is.

Iconic Features of Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica

Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
  • Movement

The Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel uses a 3135 caliber, bidirectional that self-winds chronograph movements. It’s paramagnetic blue Parachrom that increases its resistance to shocks and temperature variations. These architectural designs help maintain its reliability.

  • Case

This Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica watch is made of oyster Rolesium- a mixture of platinum and stainless steel alloy. Oyster Rolesium is corrosive resistant, with an exceptional finish to maintain its aesthetics even in the harshest conditions. The screw-down case-back helps improve the compatibility of your watch.

  • Bracelet

This iconic Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica features a Rolesium oyster bracelet. Its design and polished edges help improve its attractiveness. The Oyster safety clasp lock with its Easylink extension helps protect your nails from damage as you open it. With the oyster lock, you do not have to worry about the watch falling off your wrist.

Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
  • Dials

This incredible Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replica watch is an eye-catcher. Besides, it features a blue dial with an enhanced sunray finish. Its chronographs are white-gold with a Chromalight to guarantee a long-lasting luminescence.

Over this design, lies the 950 platinum bezel. The bezel has a smooth, sand-blasted finish save for the raised and polished indices and numerals. Checking the time at night, worry not. The hour markers feature a Chromalight that illuminate off the night giving a steady blue, tinted glow in darkness.

Its oyster case is corrosion resistant and unaffected by the harmful UV rays. The hermetically screwed case back improves the water resistance features.

Where to Buy the Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel

The demand for genuine Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel replicas is ever on the rise. The shortage in supply provides the opportunity to unscrupulous traders to smuggle in counterfeit products. As a buyer, you’ll need to exercise due diligence and authenticate the watch before the acquisition. Even better, choose traders who have a reputation for offering original products to the market.


Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica
Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica

Movement: Automatic 3135 movement caliber

Case: 40×47mm Stainless steel

Bracelet: Steel

Clasp: Steel fold clasp

Dial: Blue

Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold

Rolex Day Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold Review

Rolex Day-date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold watch is a watch with class and commands high-level respect in addition to telling you the time. The Rolex Day-date stick Marker Fluted Bezel 18k Gold features a Swiss cloned Rolex movement correct serial numbers and perfect markings inside out.

Watches are worn to make a statement of seriousness, glam and often to attract the right kind of attention from the right crowd. It is a necessity for a gentleman to have the right accessory that ensures his appearance marks a social and fashion statement that definitely backs up his personality in a way that affiliates you to the success and fashion sense; and that’s where Rolex day dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k comes in handy as your to go to choice.

It is the kind of watch you need to have, the one you’ve been dreaming about. If you have not heard of the Rolex day dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k gold, then you as a man, you are letting the entire male specie down. Moreover, if you are a lady, come on, you can do better than that. Its outstanding unique golden make, well-crafted dial, the to die for design of the bracelet, its accuracy and availability makes it the best accessory of your wardrobe.

Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold
Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold

Who Should Wear It?

Like any other piece that will capture the inquisitive side of the peoples mind to feed their curiosity, this unique piece is for the young, the bold with a spirit of daring to impress, those who understand their sense and needs of their wardrobe. Men who know what they want and ladies who are not afraid to break the rules. The old and the young who have eyes for finer things.

Rolex day date dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k gold is for those who adore the sharpness of striking looks created by an adorned accessory from a brand that are a statement by itself. It’s for those who look for quality for their money.

Why You Should Get Yourself One This Minute

Truth be told, everyone wants the worth for their effort and above all their money. A piece that is adorned and it will on itself strike a conversation that is intelligent. By now, we both know what will get you that besides that besides the comfort of a reliable watch, the glam of well-crafted and unique looking bracelet, an eye catching clear dial and the easy to clip hook. Besides, the polished golden look should act as a huge plus to your wardrobe.

Get your own Rolex day dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k gold this minute to enjoy the luxuries of skilled craftsmanship that allows you to write the statement you need before you even talk at a very affordable price and packaged beautifully just for you.

Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold
Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold

How does this Rolex day date dial vary from the original model?

The Rolex day date dial varies from the original Rolex Day date by its careful artisanship.

The Rolex also features automatic winding quickset and a jewel movement which ensures  leave a good impression in the boardroom, in restaurants, out of town and in adventures.

Iconic Features of Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold


Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers fluted bezel 18k gold has a striking golden dial with silver number markings. The golden minute markers and black writings of the label bring about the color differentiation that should be an eye catcher to everyone with the sense of seeing. Its size makes it as preferable. The clear crystal covers the watch from the tides therefore keeping it safer for longer.


The stainless well-brushed and crafted bracelet is a feature to admire on this Rolex day dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k gold. It’s heavy enough to last long, but light enough to ensure your comfort and care of your wrist which is further enhanced by well-polished edges.  The clasps are easy to handle and made in such a way that avoids nail and finger injuries.

Back cover

The well-polished back cover gives Rolex day dial stick markers fluted bezel 18k gold a nice smooth finish that makes it an admirable masterpiece. The finish also ensures friendly contact with the skin therefore avoiding scratches and bruises besides covering the delicate interior of the priceless affordable piece.

Specifications of this amazing watch

Brand Rolex

Bezel Fluted yellow gold

Case back Sold

Diameter 36mm

Material Yellow gold 18k

Watch Thickness 13mm

Class type President

Crystal Scratch resistant sapphire

Dial color Champagne stick

Gender Unisex

Model number 19018

Movement Quartz

Series Day date


Best location to buy yours today

To order this awesome watch, head over to the website below for checkout at $1295.00 only.

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Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold




Why does Rolex Fully use 904L Stainless Steel among Famous Watches?

904L steel is stainless steel alloy that is more resistant to corrosion than other steel, and is stronger in texture. Its polished watchcase and watchband are more attractive. According to the principle, Rolex 904L Stainless steel is better than other steel as the watch material, so why is Rolex the only watch brand that fully uses the 904L stainless steel so far?

Rolex 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex 904L Stainless Steel

The performance of 904L stainless steel is superior to other steels, but its processing difficulty and cost will be higher than ordinary steel, which is the main reason why many watch brands do not use it fully. In the early days of the brand, like other brands, Rolex used 316L stainless steel, and since 2003, all steel products have fully used 904L steel. In fact, in 1985, Rolex used the corrosive, rust-resistant 904L steel in a few versions of Sea-Dweller. But 904 steel has one drawback. It is difficult to process, so Rolex didn’t use it fully in its early days. In order to make full use of 904L steel in all steel products, Rolex replaced the whole production line’s processing equipment and tools, and the cost of the project is huge. It is estimated that only Rolex with the abundant wealth can do it.

Rolex 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex 904L Stainless Steel

2569798813 is a brand that strives for excellence in quality. Even if it is a small part, it will try its best to do it. Quality, performance and craft are the only standard for Rolex watches, and it is precisely because of its strict requirements that Rolex has achieved the supremacy of watch. Those who know Rolex well must know Rolex parts are almost produced by itself. It has a strong research team which will spend a lot of time and energy in the process of research and development, and is obsessed with improving tabulation technology to make ordinary people enjoy the high-end professional products in daily life, for example, 904L steel is commonly used in high-end domains such as aerospace, ordinary people cannot get access to it, and only Rolex fully uses this material.

Rolex 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex 904L Stainless Steel

In a word, Rolex has good enough quality. It is accurate, durable and reliable, which are all Rolex’s brightest labels. 904L steel is better on material choice, but it is not widely used in the field of watch because the output is not high, and the cost is too big. Now, many kinds of watches and clocks still use 316L steel, so what’s the difference between 904L steel and 316L steel?

904L steel and 316L steel are the name of steel grade in the United States, that is, the standard steel grade of American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM). The metal content of 904L steel (chromium, nickel, molybdenum) is 1.6 times as much as that of 316L. More importantly, 904L steel contains a certain amount of copper, while 316L steel does not contain copper, but the amount of carbon, silicon, manganese and other metals of these two kinds of steel are similar. The differences in strength and hardness between these two types of steel are not large. Their RB is ≤ 95, and the intensity is almost 490MPa. But the higher alloy content of 904L steel with the addition of a small amount of copper makes 904L steel better than 316L steel in corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the 904L steel will be heavier than 316L steel of the same volume, because its amount of molybdenum, nickel, copper is higher than 316L steel, and the proportion of these three kinds of metal is bigger than iron, so 904L steel has more massiness. This is also the brand image of Rolex: steadfast and steady.

What are the advantages of Rolex 904L Stainless Steel?

Modern 904L steel is mainly used in petrochemical equipment, water processor, storage sulfate reactor. This is a superaustenitic stainless steel of ultra-low carbon. The most important feature of 904L steel is corrosion resistance, so it was used in some highly corrosive environments in early period. 316L steel is low-carbon superaustenitic stainless steel added with alloy elements based on ordinary iron, but it has less anti-corrosion capability than 904L steel, so it is only used in medical equipment or household products. It can be said that 904L steel is more high-end than 316L steel. Because of the high cost, it is generally applied in the high-end field.

Rolex 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex 904L Stainless Steel

In 904 l steel, the main components are nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr). In addition, carbon (maximum 0.02%), iron (Fe), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), phosphorus (P), and other elements are lower in content, and the content of chromium is 19%-23%, nickel 23%-28%, molybdenum 4%-5%, copper 1%-2%, and manganese (Mn) is maximum 2%.

On the component elements, 904L steel is the same as 316L steel, but the former has more copper, and the two materials are different, mainly because of their different element content.

The copper element can effectively delay acidic liquids (especially chloride, the most common contact of watches is human sweat) to the corrosion of stainless steel, so 904L steel is more resistant to corrosion.

Carbon content has vital role for the stability of the stainless steel. The higher the carbon content is, the more chromium is consumed, and the weaker corrosion resistance becomes. This is also the reason why 904L steel can only contain a small amount of carbon. The ratio and the content of nickel and chromium can also greatly improve the corrosion resistance of material. The nickel with high content can make stainless steel remain very low corrosion rate in the active state; even in the sulfuric acid, nickel-chromium content of 904L is higher than that 316L, especially nickel, almost double 316L.

Rolex 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex 904L Stainless Steel

In fact, the most common situations faced by the watches we usually wear are abrasion and corrosion. Both 316Lsteel and 904L steel have no problem in terms of wear resistance, and the main problem is corrosion resistance. The electrochemical corrosion caused by sweat and damp air, or diving, will require higher requirements on the corrosion resistance of watches, so the materials of 904L steel are generally more durable.

However, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the watch, 904L steel is used. The cost is too high, and it is estimated that only Rolex, which has been committed to improving the quality fully uses it. Rolex has always been relatively affordable, even though the cost has been raised, so the first choice for many of the people who buy the watches is Rolex. Certainly, if you think the real one is slightly more expensive, you might also consider Rolex replica watch, whose price is only one over ten of the real one, and even lower, but it has good workmanship and quality; it is also a good choice. For 904L steel, I will make no more information about it, so you can go to a website (5072283043) to learn more about it, and the introduction to the watch is very comprehensive.