We took advantage of the day's nice weather to play tennis.

When her neighbors were sick, she asked doctors to give them medical supplies.

They are very interested in astronomy.

Am I supposed to leave now?

He has no children, but he is leading an otherwise happy life.

I'll have to make do with the old car for a while.

"Literary composition is a great achievement that concerns the ruling of a state, a splendid affair of eternal standing".

Did you already have a meal or not?

Mikey had nothing to drink yesterday.

You're our guests.


We haven't had time to do that yet.

This girl I wouldn't take to the altar, at best to the hotel...

Mr. Wang teaches us Chinese.


Dave took out a loan in order to pay her debts.

What do you drink for breakfast? Tea or coffee?

The overall output was tons.


I don't remember Josh very well.

I'll get out of your way.

How can you concentrate?

I'm staying over at my friend's place.

Many young people in Spain are unemployed.


The artist's drawing was drawn with charcoal.


Her words left him uneasy.

Dan served only 15 years of his sentence and is now free, living in London with his daughter, Linda.

I can take care of them.


This is all I've got left.


Boil those potatoes.


Don't lie. Tell the truth.


Whoo! Today's practice is tough - much harder than usual.

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Give Neville the gun.

The hunter aimed a shotgun at the flock of birds.

You're even taller than I am.

We can take this up later.

I tried to kiss Spyros.

Petr's family sold their farm and moved to the city.

He wouldn't stop badgering me.

Swimming is good for your health.

It's a fine day.

It wasn't like Dan to be so late.

A few minor mistakes apart, your writing is good.

Are you in need of help?

Don't say bullshit!

I had him write it.

I'd hoped to convince you to stay a little longer.

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It's nearly midnight in Boston.

This artist died young.

Seenu helped Sho off with her jacket.


Next time I will do it myself.

Yes, he can, if he tries hard.

Those people are amazing.

Will he have the backbone to speak out against the bill?

I came to Boston to go to college.


The picture looks strange because it has no perspective.

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They told their father all that they had suffered, and he was so angry with their step-mother that he drove her out of the house, and never let her return; but he and the children lived happily together; and he took care of them himself, and never let a stranger come near them.

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I'm going to tell you something I've never ever told anyone.


Who knows what else is happening?


The problem will resolve itself eventually.

The agonized spectators gazed on, unable in the least to aid their unfortunate companions, who were being torn to pieces before their eyes.

He can't be single. He's too good-looking.

to give significance to dull chores

They all looked happy.

Are you the runner who escaped the underground city?

She says you'll bring some friends along.


If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.

Glynn doesn't know that Brad is a Canadian.

Everyone's up.

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He rarely gives in, confronted with difficulties.

Phillip was Andrea's girlfriend at that time.

Only those who believe in the future believe in the present.


Christie couldn't see himself ever doing that.


I relied on him.

I've forgotten his name.

I could've been mistaken.


They took off after her.

Zimbabwe is the country with the most official languages, not India.

She goes to her family's home in France every summer.

Languages evolve over time.

Those three years went by like three days, like in a dream!

You don't get to quit.

He has nothing to do.


I've asked you repeatedly to do that.

There was a deep pond there ten years ago.

Let's unearth the potatoes.

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This book was a great bargain.

I am swimming in the lake.

The doctor was sent for.


He can understand but he can't speak.


Millie has green eyes.

Aaron has broken a few things.

Lori was quite inexperienced with girls before he met Kate.

She was already pregnant.

I'm no hero.


It rains a lot here in summer.

I believe it is a genuine Picasso.

Change is inevitable.

Kristian pulled out his gun.

I think you should wait for us.

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Is it true that Joubert can't see very well out of his left eye?

He lives off campus.

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.


Nothing succeeds like success.

That doesn't surprise me much.

Your dad will be proud of you.

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If the elephant is gone, who sulks for the tail?


If it rains tomorrow, we will go there by car.


Howard didn't answer the phone.


I have an audition today.

I read in the newspaper advertisements that there is an apartment for rent near here.

I shouldn't eat food that has sugar in it.

Valeria was nervous, but he knew what he was supposed to do.

There are a lot of stars larger than our own sun.

Let's start at the beginning.

I keep a good supply of stamps to save trips to the post office.

The teacher's young daughter was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes.

Olaf can drive a car now.

Teresa was very diligent.

You don't want me to miss my bus, do you?

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When you think about it, it's all Kenny's fault for being so obtuse.


What am I supposed to do with these?


I'm happy I could help.

I'm probably not as busy as Pedro is.

Do you really think that's a good idea?

There's a new survey.

The first time, she wasn't very firm with him.

You have one minute.

Dick has a son also named Trent.

He was in the seventh heaven.

I'm enjoying myself immensely.

We're going to see her.

Maybe we should talk to Mwa.


He said that you ought to go.

To prevent an invasion, the commander used to patrol the border at least twice a day.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Even the most self-centered people are usually forgetful of this fault.

You know this is wrong.

His health has broken down because of overwork.

You would think that they would knock on the door to get their candy.

Kyle isn't budging on this one.

I knew you'd like that.

It's true that I was madly in love with her.

It has already happened.


Mat left his bag on the train.

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I'm related to you.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I think Jeff probably loves Dewey.

I told you Ritalynne would help us out.

Philip can't run as fast as I can.

I can't ensure that she will be here tomorrow.

We have to find a way to help Shahid.

How long will you be home?

Take us with you, Sundar.

This book is heavy reading.

I hope my new stepfather sticks around longer than the last one.


Little did any of us know that Olaf would be dead within three weeks.

I think you should think about the future.

They were afraid of being overheard.

I'm OK. I'm fine. Right as rain.

I'd never seen Archie cry before.

I had to wait 20 minutes on the phone before reaching the customer service rep.

Perry is a Turk.