US Patent Number 9,151,119

The premium Charger “E-Tool” is an eccentric drilling reamer capable of accurately opening hole to 6 1/8”, while still being able to pass through intermediate casing.
The tool features improved drill-out capability, unrivaled steer-ability and five star hole quality to insure accurate liner installation throughout til TD.
This tool is a 4 bladed twin blade equipped with 36 PDC cutters and numerous tungsten carbide inserts to that offer gauge protection on all blades.

Charger Reamers
US Patent Numbers 9,151,119, 9,297,209, 9,562,401,
9,316,056, 9,428,963, 9,145,746 & 9,470,049
Canadian Patent Number 2,910,616

  • Saving rig time by eliminating clean out runs
  • Reduce the risk of differential sticking
  • Increase rate of penetration
  • One piece construction
  • Control hole deviation
  • Ream out doglegs
  • No added torque
  • Cost effective

Swellable Packers
US Patent Numbers 8,640,770, 8,739,865, 9,267,653, 9,328,566 & 9,611,715

  • AER has 98% success with getting packers to TD with use of our technology and reamer tools
  • AER Understands the interconnected relationship of borehole quality, T&D, Directional Drilling and Swellable Packer Design
  • Several Swellable Packer Patents & Technology - AER Patented
  • End Ring Design



AER Limited LLC is a Nassau corporation developed to more effectively and efficiently handle Alaskan Energy Resources, Inc (AER) international business solutions and opportunities.

AER is an ISO certified company for design , sales and services for drilling and completion products specializing in Ream While Drilling (RWD) technologies.

Through other divisions such as AER Limited LLC, AER Inc covers a global basis with their patented designed and manufactured reamers, swellable packers and centralizers.



Some of our products include:

  • Ream While Drilling (RWD) Technology
  • T & D Reduction Equipment
  • Production Enhancement
  • Charger Reamers



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